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One of the Boys by maurscar
One of the Boysby BlackOrchids
• she was never seen as competition • she grew up with five brothers and a single father • park sooyoung was not a girl other girls would be jealous of or fear, after al...
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we don't know love yet. | bangtanvelvet by blueberryssi
we don't know love yet. | blueriri
the best love story always comes at the most unexpected moment.
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One shot Compilation (JoyJin) by MeeNa_21
One shot Compilation (JoyJin)by bbyushipxrvts
One shot compilation of JoyJin. My ship that will only sail here :3 Where only Love connect to both of them. 1. Love Line -A cute and sweet love story between two strang...
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Bring It || BangtanVelvet by PySha1002
Bring It || BangtanVelvetby Pop10
Cold Red Velvet meet Playful Bangtan Boys = Playful BangtanVelvet Started : 18/01/2017 Finished : --/--/---- The photos not mine, credit to the owner :)
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btsvelvet;imagines/smuts by mimiela1
btsvelvet;imagines/smutsby hyerin’s pastel
"Just a bunch of imagines from btsvelvet"
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back off, sns | bangtanvelvet by blueberryssi
back off, sns | bangtanvelvetby blueriri
just a bunch of rich people hooking up with each other on social media
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Oneirataxia | BTS X Red Velvet by Nabi_Rhiz
Oneirataxia | BTS X Red Velvetby Rizzie Jae
Oneirataxia (n.) The inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. And just like with fantasy and reality, we tend to fantasize more than to think of what is rea...
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SOME LOVE  by omorfoplasma
SOME LOVE by omorfoplasma
BTSVELVET loveshots💕 but mostly JUNGRI, WENGA, JOYJIN
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Theory | lisa ff ✔️ by whatsupnikkie
Theory | lisa ff ✔️by N
Hunch Book 2 | Here's the story about the girl who's still figuring everything out by continuously texting the phone number of her already dead classmate.
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Velvet Life by Kimanbongssi
Velvet Lifeby Kimanbongssi
About five ordinary girls living their ordinary life and bunch of typical spoiled rich boys happen to enter the girls ordinary life Cliche story First time writing, Bro...
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BTSVelvet Instagram | bts » rv by -sseoulgi
BTSVelvet Instagram | bts » rvby ˗ˋˏ 花 ˎˊ-
Instagram posts from BTS and Red Velvet Started: July 28, 2017
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BangTanVelvet: Oneshot by starlight_joy
BangTanVelvet: Oneshotby starlight_joy
BangtanVelvet; one of the popular ships. Even if you don't ship them, you may have probably heard of them ¤All these stories are all written by me so if there is any...
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Insta•Btsvelvet by Thesatangelique
Insta•Btsvelvetby Satangelique
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beyond it all | seulmin by fantasm
beyond it all | seulminby fantasm
❝Beyond it all, beyond all our flaws and imperfections, there's probably a reason why we're alive and why we must live through hardships. I miss someone, but here's the...
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RAGE HOTLINEby s i n n e r
❝Hello, this is Yerim from Rage Hotline, what's your issue today?❞ ❝My girlfriend's being a bitch.❞
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FIRST LOVE (WenGa) by MeeNa_21
FIRST LOVE (WenGa)by bbyushipxrvts
Because of a dare, Yoongi was forced to make Wendy, a chubby girl with golden heart fall inlove with him, not realizing that she was his first love. Can he make her stil...
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the red dating agency  by bbyogurt
the red dating agency by yogurt
where five talented ladies work together in orchestrating every romantic scenario for their clients. the number of steps are planned and words are scripted but what hap...
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BTS & REDVELVET one shot💕 by blacknvlon
BTS & REDVELVET one shot💕by Flareblack
This is a btsvelvet one shot book! Main ship Seulmin Vrene Jungri Wenhope Joyjin Etc..
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oneshots | btsvelvet by taecansteponme
oneshots | btsvelvetby semi-hiatus
i write whatever i want whenever i want and i don't take requests!!
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Really Bad Boy \\ Jungrene by beajoohyun97804
Really Bad Boy \\ Jungreneby Btsvelvet12
Irene is the daughter of the CEO in Korean however no one else know who she was. She was transfer to Seoul High school. She like to disguises herself as a nerd so no one...
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