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The Mafia Assassin by cocoJazzz
The Mafia Assassinby Jasmine Merdez
Valeria Frye is a 24 year old assassin who is amazing at what she does. She has never failed a mission, and did I mention she the just might be the baddest bitch ever...
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His Nerd *Completed* by SirEllious
His Nerd *Completed*by Ellena
Editing! Have you ever unravelled the secrets behind a bad boy? Have you ever pretend to be his? Have you ever felt so broken that you turned to the devil himself for...
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Uniquely Normal  by KM_Sutton
Uniquely Normal by Keyana
|Editing while updating new chapters| "You know Skye," he looked up at me as he tapped his pen on the notebook in front of him. "You are very weird."...
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My Smutty Kitty chat noir x reader.  by BumbleBee_huny
My Smutty Kitty chat noir x bzzzzzzzz🍯
a lonely gal and her corgi tino living in a unholy place at her abusive parents. but then her aunt helps her escape and take care of her but her aunt always seems to be...
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Lost Angel ☁️ ( Poetry )  by theicarianguy
Lost Angel ☁️ ( Poetry ) by 𝔪𝔢𝔡✨
In the city of angels, where love is on the open market, where all the souls are looking for a place to call home, for someone to call love. For some, these bright light...
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Death and life by xxTheangel232xx
Death and lifeby xxtheangel232xx
There is a difference between death and life. When put inside a question, most of us would choose to live, right? It should be an easy question to answer....that is, unl...
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Little Deeds, Big Smiles | A Kindness Campaign by IAmStrong-
Little Deeds, Big Smiles | A ProjectIAᴍSᴛʀᴏɴɢ
A campaign where humanity wins over all. Where even a small deed can ignite joy in someone's soul, happiness in one's heart, faith in one's life and a big smile on the...
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One Shots by AshlynMinter
One Shotsby Ash
"They departed, following their separate paths home. Despite the breaking dawn, they knew this wouldn't be the last time they meet in this place, for the sun never...
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REGRETFULLY YOURS by 444clementbefirst
REGRETFULLY YOURSby Clement Githinji
The challenges that I encountered when the time comes for me to choose between my mistress and my wife,both of them gave me what was a real love and I couldn't survive a...
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Yandere Todoroki by Vocaloidgirl44
Yandere Todorokiby Vocaloidgirl44
Todoroki didn't really care for others that much but ever since the tordorment between him and Midoriya he sees there's more to himself then he thought but only feels th...
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Zainab(finish In September Squeal To Start Two Days After) by ZainabShaibu
Zainab(finish In September Zainab Shaibu
Being edited Plenty errors In less than 2 hours to my wedding I heard shouts from outside so I decided to check it "innallilahi wainnallilahi rajiun Mohammed is d...
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Natsuki sweet and cutesy by Captainjim125
Natsuki sweet and cutesyby Captainjim125
you the reader meet Natsuki and you both fell in love with each other and you promised to protect her. you will make her the happiest girl alive. You and natsuki will al...
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Hourglass  by DeathlyPoetic
Hourglass by BlueRoses
The sand runs through bitter cold hands Time slips away And the life that we had known Has been lost this final day Poetry for the deepest souls, who know that time...
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My Anthology of Poetry by Doglover55555J
My Anthology of Poetryby ThatPoet
An Anthology of Poetry :)
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Love Conquers All::Book II:: Lost Friendship by TwilightSparkliz
Love Conquers All::Book II:: E.M.Hawkins
((🌹Wattys 2019🌹)) After twenty or more years after the departure to Flash Sentry's mission, the alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle, waited for her love for twenty years...
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my conclusions  by svptxmber
my conclusions by Abs
sequel to my depression
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Dear Bully by Snowflake101504
Dear Bullyby Kaitlyn G
Dear Bully, We were best friends. Then that all went away. Has it come back now? Do I want it to come back? #660 in Husband #756 in Dangerous #393 in Excited #46 in J...
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❝ give me back my glasses you freaking hoe! don't you know that i couldn't see anything?! ❞ ❝ anything? not even my handsome face? ❞ ❝ stop talking nonsense and give th...
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Waves of Melancholy by littlemisscrow
Waves of Melancholyby Miss Crow
A compilation of poems and letters
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MY COLLEGE FRIEND! by sweethey15
This the story about two friends who met in an engineering college and then slowly became close as they had similar habits and they understood each other very well. Here...
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