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Write Me Off | ✓ by brandywrites
Write Me Off | ✓by brandy 🌞
Abby Ryan has her whole life planned out, up until graduation that is. As a journalism major at Washington State University, she has one goal in mind for her last semest...
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Mimeomia | ✓ by violadavis
Mimeomia | ✓by cate
The princess saves herself. Over and over again. wattys 2018 longlist; #8 CL © 2017 caterina george // all rights reserved
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Definitely Interested  by Hijabi-Princess
Definitely Interested by Anonymous Writer
Sequel to definitely not interested
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Worth The Risk by brandywrites
Worth The Riskby brandy 🌞
Sequel To Write Me Off - WMO SPOILERS AHEAD! | Abby Ryan has always dreamed of attending NYU for graduate school, but even after she gets accepted to her dream school...
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Tales From New Jump City by dizwikz
Tales From New Jump Cityby fizz
Emi is a school journalist whose life gets turned upsidedown one day when a normal commute back home gets interrupted by a local gang and a mysterious stranger carrying...
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Wicked Wick by DebraCastaneda
Wicked Wickby DebraCastaneda
A supernatural mystery unfolds in a small Northern California town. Teenage girls are found burned to death and the authorities are baffled. When it looks like two girls...
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Empire Love by AJivanji
Empire Loveby Alifia Jivanji
What happens when Stacey Elmwood goes for an interview? Does she get her dream job? Or is she offered something else? ~ "We are offering you fifteen minutes of fam...
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falling for you. by thebeautyinmelanin
falling for 𝓶𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓬
"i- i think i like you...." she confessed. it was unreal for her to confess this. what is going on with na-ri?! this is a fluff I hope you enjoy reading it as...
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Scandal‌ by aengelic
Scandal‌by 🤍
Meet Han Areum, the president and creator of the journalism club in her college. Having parents as journalists, the girl naturally inherited their passion. As days passe...
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What We Once Were: A Bughead Fanfic by Lward14
What We Once Were: A Bughead Fanficby Lward14
---Completed--- Almost five years ago, Betty Cooper took off and fled the town of Riverdale. Rumors were spread and the townspeople whispered about why she might've left...
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Pink Ivy by JJ-Rose
Pink Ivyby Jill J.
Marcy's life isn't complete yet: She's definitely an optimist and dreamer, but after graduation, she never found her spot in the world. After moving in with her brother...
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Estranged Lovesongs by RaphaellaKalo96
Estranged Lovesongsby Raphaella Kalo
Ben Paisley, a 26 year-old musician, has just released his second, best-selling album and has became a worldwide phenomenon. He is known particularly for writing and com...
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Loving Him is Grey (50 shades fanfic-PG-13) by MaddiMellark
Loving Him is Grey (50 shades MaddiMellark
A cleaner version of 50 shades of Grey. Anastasia Steele is a new journalist, falling for the mysterious, attractive CEO Christian Grey. What happens when two very diffe...
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MANAN-The badass nerd by lotus_dream
MANAN-The badass nerdby lotus_dream
"I will definitely help you in finding the murder mystery of Varna. Hariharan. I promise I will help you..." why can't Manik leave me to myself. I know he help...
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His Suicidal Girl [Completed] by Pinkie_Glimmer
His Suicidal Girl [Completed]by K - c h a n
Highest Rank Achieved ➡ #54 in Teen Fiction . . . Synopsis: ❝I met the guy with his smile when my pen started to phlebotomize and my fate has begun writing a new story.❞...
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Rescuing Percy (Lesbian stories): Rehabilitating Percy Sequel by ToyaJustina
Rescuing Percy (Lesbian stories) TJ Williams
"I'm going to hurt you. Very badly. I want you to know it's nothing personal. But his pain is all I care about right now." {The sequel to Rehabilitating Perc...
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Missing His BadBoy Ways [Book II] | ✓ by Sabrinaaxxo
Missing His BadBoy Ways [Book II] ☼ S A B R I N A ☼
A year of pain and heartbreak from losing someone you love Christina is trying to cope being a young adult . Living in New York to attend Columbia to complete her journa...
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Korrespondent (Completed) by DX25Micah
Korrespondent (Completed)by Frau Frappe :/
What it feels like to be a news correspondent? Would you rather fear of being killed at your job, falling in love in the wrong time, or risk your life for the sake of pu...
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Can't stop Loving You by Preetx
Can't stop Loving Youby Preetz
One of the reasons Chennai based doctor Samridhi Ganesan hates her life is because of of Dhruva's presence. Dhruva's passion for martial arts or his resolve to follow he...
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HAMMER OF REVENGE by Heart_of_melody
Camp Eden. A lovely place to be. All the kids aged are having fun until................ A girl has been murdered during a water park fun day. Paige, her brot...
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