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hometown glory - wroetoshaw [✓] by -trashytozier
hometown glory - wroetoshaw [✓]by saffie
the pair meet under far from ideal circumstances, yet apollo finds comfort in the man who saves her one night. [harry lewis x oc]
Sidemen Imagines And Prefrences by babiemartini
Sidemen Imagines And Prefrencesby Babieee
Basically what the title says ;-)
Second Impressions  [Miniminter/SDMN Fanfiction] [COMPLETED] by siriuslykayla
Second Impressions [Miniminter/ kayla
After studying in Leeds for two years, twenty year- old Mallie decided to move back to her old town in her new apartment where she would live on her own. It was only wh...
memeulous imagines by victorzsaszismylover
memeulous imaginesby victorzsaszismylover
wagwan piffting whats your bbm pin ;)
Secret // W2S fan fiction by xi_x_spam
Secret // W2S fan fictionby pexchyjzl
Veronica Bradley has shied away for to long. Her brother decides to take her out for a meal and meet the rest of the sidemen. Her eyes soon fix on Harry Lewis.
Josh Zerker's little sister ( Sidemen- miniminter ff) by fayeee101
Josh Zerker's little sister ( bad decisions
Charlie Zerker is Josh Zerker's younger sister by 3 years. She had wanted to move out of her mum and dads house as soon as her close brother was kicked out of home 5 yea...
just a fan;; minizerk by sirhuening
just a fan;; minizerkby 정여진
a case where simon comments on all of josh's posts-whether that's twitter or instagram. he wouldn't call himself a massive fan boy, he just liked josh's content. but he...
Just friends?? - harry lewis  by youtubexo21
Just friends?? - harry lewis by youtubexo21
chloe lived with her bestfriend willne(will lenny) and is in a relationship with Stephen tries but when she meets Harry Lewis her whole world changes...
Sidemen OneShots and Imagines  by KitWidmerOfficial
Sidemen OneShots and Imagines by Kit Widmer 📝
Just some idea's that I have, most are pretty shitty not gonna lie. There are a few ships in here, some aren't said directly, but kinda foreshadowed i guess. Ships Inc...
Alone - Miniminter by dreamyyyx_
Alone - Miniminterby <3
"Why'd you leave April," "Someone told me I couldn't have what wasn't mine...." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "She's dead Tobi, she isn't comin...
Marshmallow by FunckyFunnyBunnies
Marshmallowby BangtangOppa <3
(An X Reader) (Y/N) is the type of person who will go out late at night for no apparent reason but it's usually to catch Pokemon or to enjoy the scenery with a hot drink...
Tangled Love (A ChrisMD Imagine) by chrismdxix
Tangled Love (A ChrisMD Imagine)by chrismd10
You met a guy named Chris. First met on an event in London. But you felt something is wrong between you and Chris, you were disappointed in him. Why Chris, I don't unde...
My Boyfriend's Best Friend by SchoolDramaQueen
My Boyfriend's Best Friendby SDMN XIX
Stephanie is a 19 year old university student. She has led an average life until she meets JJ, will he be the one for her or will she fall for someone very close to him?
sidemen one shots by arcee232
sidemen one shotsby avalon jones
a book of one shots containing the sidemen and some ships maybe some of the pack along the way
My yellow - Tobi brown  by LarrysDearest
My yellow - Tobi brown by Tobiiiiiiboi
hello, read to find out. 🥴✌️ #BlackGoalie 💋