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Abused - a Maddie Ziegler Dancemoms / Dance Moms Fanfiction by dancemoms-
Abused - a Maddie Ziegler dancemoms-
Maddie Ziegler has been abused by her parents for over 8 years, after the passing of her little sister Mackenzie. When Maddie finds herself falling for the popular boy...
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one true pair ↠ dance moms [c.e.l] by jubilationbells
one true pair ↠ dance moms [c.e.l]by dance moms
chloe and josh are the perfect couple. everyone at school knows them, but then a decision is made that could separate them forever. will they ever get a second chance? ...
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The New Girl  by -Starbursts_
The New Girl by Cassie
Alex Wretchford one day gets a call saying she got a spot on the ALDC or Dance Moms. She is so excited but will be all she expected?
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Tough Love - Sequel to Abused (A Maddie Ziegler Dancemoms/Dance Moms fanfiction) by dancemoms-
Tough Love - Sequel to Abused (A dancemoms-
Trust is such a valuable thing until it is broken.
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Unpredictable Love Story ~c.e.l~ by -dancemoms-
Unpredictable Love Story ~c.e.l~by -dancemoms-
Chloe Lukasiak has come to LA to make her dreams come true. She promises herself that absolutely no one can get in the way of her career. All promises cannot be kept, th...
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Broken by perffaldcs
Brokenby perffaldcs
Chloe is 16 living with foster parents since the age of 5 after her parents died in a car crash even since then she's been forced to dance been hurt bullied and abused s...
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The third Ziegler  by Violette_199
The third Ziegler by violette_/199
When a family tragedy strikes the Ziegler household the zieglers discover they have a little sister.....
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We're Broken (Paige Hyland) by mkmk066
We're Broken (Paige Hyland)by mkmk066
"God, leave me alone!" Paige screamed. "Paige, sweetie, I-I'm, sorry." Their father said. Brooke sat there, staring at a wall with tears in her eyes...
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Dance For Your Heart by Maddy13rocks
Dance For Your Heartby Mads
In this Dance Moms story, Paige and Brooke Hyland invite all the girls to their house for a sleepover. Unfortunately, their annoying brother Josh interrupts them with hi...
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Kiss by Maddy13rocks
Kissby Mads
Five times they kissed, And the one time it mattered.
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Heartbroken By The Heartbreaker by dmfanfictions12
Heartbroken By The Heartbreakerby dmfanfictions12
16 year old madison ziegler with her best friend paige hyland and her boyfriend josh hyland. maddie thinks her life is perfect. she has her best friend and boyfriend and...
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Diary of a Dead Girl by JennyLHX
Diary of a Dead Girlby JennyLHX
Chloe Lukasiak had a great life until bullies turned it upside down. Sucked into a state if depression, she leaves the world. The only thing left of her is a diary she k...
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Dance, Love and War - C.E.L - by alsckweenz
Dance, Love and War - C.E.L -by Milly :)
A Chloe Lukasiak Fanfic. When Chloe gets the duet of her dreams with heart throb, Josh Hyland, her crush since forever and her best friends brother, will the duet let t...
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captive ∙ c l by zeeglur
captive ∙ c lby xx
" a child weaned on poison considers harm a comfort. "
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Blinded by dancemomsfanficstho
Blindedby Dance Moms Fanfics❤️
Will she get the answers she really deserves?
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Peppermint Kisses by Maddy13rocks
Peppermint Kissesby Mads
"Somewhere between seeing each other at the coffee shop across the street to leaning out the windows to talk to each other, you two idiots fell in love." Maddi...
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Miss Abby's Diary. by Faith5by5
Miss Abby's Faith5by5
When Kenzie stumbles upon Abby's diary she discovers the real meaning of the phrase "Sometimes the saddest people wear a smile."
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Why? (Dance Moms FF) by LiveLoveDancerGurls
Why? (Dance Moms FF)by LiveLoveDancerGurls
Maddie and Mackenzie's father is abusive
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Coach's Daughter (dance moms fanfic) by literaturedm
Coach's Daughter (dance moms literaturedm
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The Gf or the Bf (dance moms fanfic/dancemoms fanfic/cosh fanfic/ mosh fanfic) by thatweirdfanficfreak
The Gf or the Bf (dance moms thatweirdfanficfreak
Josh Hyland, Chloe Lukasiak and Maddie Ziegler have been friends since the age of 3, they are now 16 and Josh and Chloe have started dating. Josh loves Chloe, and Maddi...
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