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Crushed || HEAVY EDITING by Violetta_Vargas
Crushed || HEAVY EDITINGby ಎಲ್ಲ💛
❝baby don't cry when I'm gone when you were the reason I left in the first place❞ | award top #2 best jortini book 2016 | | award : winner of the best jortini fanfictio...
the nanny || jortini by allyouneedistinix
the nanny || jortiniby allyouneedistinix
Jorge Blanco is a single father of three and owner of Blanco Records. He hires a nanny: Tini. © 2015 allyouneedistinix
True Feeling's - A jortini fan fiction by Paulina__15
True Feeling's - A jortini fan Paulina Goń
I ended up on the floor with him on top of me with both of his arms on either side of my face. My heavy breathing turned ragged as I stared into his beautiful green eyes...
The Prince and his Princess  by Adorkable_Lynch
The Prince and his Princess by Adorkable_Lynch
[ONE OF MY FIRST STORIES, MY WRITING HAS CHANHED SINCE I MADE THIS] Martina (Tini) Stoessel lives by her bestfriend Lodovica (lodo) Blanco. Lodo is Princess of Argentina...
The Footballer by jortiniiiiii
The Footballerby 🌴
You first have to read before knowing it... ;) WARNING: There are a lot of spelling mistakes, but hey? I'm only human after all❤
Jortini,Leonetta & Violetta One Shots by tacolover213
Jortini,Leonetta & Violetta One Rose
These are one shots about Violetta,Jortini,Leonetta,Naxi & other characters. I will be taking requests and this book will be updated every Thursday Rankings: #7 Naxi #7...
Life with stars (a Violetta Fanfiction!) by Denia4VLover
Life with stars (a Violetta Denia4VLover
A fanfiction story about Jortini and not only... For Violetta as well! I have not decided yet for what exactly I will write about, but you will figure it out soon! My g...
one shots - Jortini & Leonetta by writingblanco_
one shots - Jortini & Leonettaby Cem
jorge blanco and martina stoessel imagines #3 > jortini
one-shots ||  bughead + sprousehart by tiniftlili
one-shots || bughead + sprousehartby tiniftlili
one shots, varied stories. for your fluffy bughead hearts and your loving sprousehart souls. sprousehart & bughead <3 (they get better while you read on lmao)
Leonetta's Forevermore 2 🥰❤️: After On Beat Studio  by leonetta_stories
Leonetta's Forevermore 2 🥰❤️: leonetta_stories
In this sequel of Leonetta's Forevermore, there are some things that are different and some things that never change. It's been 5 years since the incident with Tomas, an...
Fake It by SanneLuykx
Fake Itby SanneLuykx
Just think about it, you're the only girl, dumped somewhere in Greece with your broke father in the middle of a reality TV- show. Not such a big deal right? Having to sh...
Leonetta's Forevermore 🥰❤️ by leonetta_stories
Leonetta's Forevermore 🥰❤️by leonetta_stories
A twist on the popular Latin tv series, Violetta. The book details the daily trials and tribulations of Violetta and Leon through the major milestones of their life's jo...
Incurable Love... *EDITING* by kieraM1999
Incurable Love... *EDITING*by ....
Martina stossel is a world famous popstar Jorge blanco is a specialised doctor. What happens when two people from completely different world meet other and realise that...
Time by xjortini_storywriter
Timeby ♡
"I thought travelling in time will be fun. It is, until you show your feelings." Martina is living a quite ordinary life. What happens if her own mistake makes...
Hurt by Tinita_Jorgito
Hurtby Jortini is real!
He made her cry,she forgave him. He made her smile, she loved him. He made her happy,she had hope. ~ But then... He made her dying by his every single word. He made her...
The new guy {leonetta} by joejoejoee
The new guy {leonetta}by joejoejoee
It's an leonetta fanfiction about Leon who enters the studio as the "new guy"
The Big Change- Leonetta Fanfic by Tinista_siempre
The Big Change- Leonetta Fanficby Tinista_siempre
-Paparazzi...the press...all of them following my every step...I can't. I just can't take it anymore. They are acting like I am a doll. Like they can control me and take...
Messages[Completed] by irisine
Messages[Completed]by JBlanco❤️
JORTINI/LEONETTA Just random messages between Jorge Blanco and Martina Stoessel. Leon Vargas and Violetta Castillo
Believe by SweetHeartMartina
Believeby SweetHeartMartina
The endless love from Violetta and Leon
Mistaken Pregnancy by SanneLuykx
Mistaken Pregnancyby SanneLuykx
My life used to be just like any of yours It was fun, simple, easy or even better just fine in my eyes. But just imagine how one mistake could change the way people look...