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Just A Stage Kiss by itsmedonnie
Just A Stage Kissby adonis
not my story, a repost from this story is by wellwishes on "Jeez, Vega, it's only a stage kiss". Tori and Jade are partnered once...
Night Time (victorious) by Olive_E_Noir
Night Time (victorious)by Olive
Tori's a new werewolf, and she just found out that Jade's a vampire. Explains a lot, doesn't it?
A Jori Story by ErikkahsWorld
A Jori Storyby Erikkah
What happens when Jade is in need of some help and Tori is her only option?
The Challenge  by itsmedonnie
The Challenge by adonis
not my story. this story is by katieblack129 on
Trouble (EDITING) (Lesbian Story) (Jori)  by SoulessObsession
Trouble (EDITING) (Lesbian Story) Mono No Aware
Tori and Jade's fights are famous at Hollywood Arts. They fight in the morning, they fight at lunch, they fight in the evening. When they get a drama assignment together...
Jori and jade west one shots <3  by notgodsfavouritee
Jori and jade west one shots <3 by Not god’s favourite
iParty Again (iCarly x Victorious) by sampucketts_fav2021
iParty Again (iCarly x Victorious)by
Coming together at another party at Keenan's house that Andre planned, the iCarly Trio (and Spencer, of course) and the Victorious Gang finally meet again. But rumors fl...
I Liked It (Jade x Tori) by pissonthefloor21
I Liked It (Jade x Tori)by pissonthefloor21
Jade and Tori never got along. But what happenes when they do? Will Jade admit her feelings or will she run? This is loosely based on I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry, whi...
Fate Fixes Tori & Jade - A Victorious Fanfic (Jori) by jovialwonders_
Fate Fixes Tori & Jade - A Bri
A playoff of Nickelodeon's hit series "Victorious" and the episode "Tori Fixes Beck & Jade" with a different sequence of unfolding events that I wish...
My Girl by ggirl999
My Girlby Gem 999
Jade has a thing for Tori, but will she like her back? Is Beck really a bad guy? Will Tori recipricate her feelings? I do not own any of the characters.
Hurricane-Jori by sampucketts_fav2021
Over a visit to LA while on break from work, Jade West comes across someone special from her past. And in a quick turn of events, she finds herself in the middle of a si...
The missing one ELITORIA! by JoriVestISEndGame
The missing one ELITORIA!by JoriVestIsEndGame
Liz hosts a feast for all her cast mates. But what happens when someone is always on her mind?
Behind Enemy Lines  by DeathlessReaper
Behind Enemy Lines by DeathlessReaper
How Yerba changed everything. JORI. By wikster
Liz Gillies GIFs [GxG] by rebeccasobsessed
Liz Gillies GIFs [GxG]by rebecca
readerxlizgillies oneshots
Why do you hate me? (Jori) by RandomLoser17
Why do you hate me? (Jori)by RandomLoser17
Tori Vega and Jade West are infamous for hating each other. While Tori can be more soft and forgiving of the scary goth girl, Jade shows no mercy. What nobody seems to r...
your shelby marx!?! by breebree354
your shelby marx!?!by breebree354
tori Vega is just a normal goody two shoes at school, but what her friends don't know is that Tori has been keeping a huge secret from them ,she's Shelby marx the famous...
How To Save A Life (Jori) by Crazy_CamrenShipper
How To Save A Life (Jori)by Crazy_CamrenShipper
Sure, Tori seems like a goody goody, always happy and smiling, helping others when they're in need. But Tori has a secret, one she's kept from everyone she ever loved. W...