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Becoming Scarlett | ✓ by Ashley_Mariex
Becoming Scarlett | ✓by Ashley Marie
❝She's one of those girls you just can't walk away from. One of those girls you will never forget, no matter how hard you might try.❞ BOOK ONE OF THE SCARLETT CHRONICLE...
Chained To The Devil (Completed)  by Sarah_Adel2
Chained To The Devil (Completed) by Sarah Adel
Cara Michele was an angel. An angel who was changed to a werewolf. She was so kind, caring, supporting, loving, and a lot of others. She was the definition of an angel...
(Completed) My Best Friend's CEO [Min Yoongi x Reader] M.YG  by Kinsanityy
(Completed) My Best Friend's CEO [ Kinsanityy
#988 in Fanfiction on 11/11/2017 [Completed] Ever wondered what it's like to date a man that is so mysterious, yet makes you feel like the most special woman in the worl...
Secrets ✔ by o__marcella__o
Secrets ✔by •Marcella•
*Highest rank #10 in Short Story* (Featured By Wattpad) By the end of the night two teenagers were dead. Mason Dale was killed. His throat slit by a beers broken glass...
The Girl Who Is Silent (#Wattys2017) by cellowarrior13
The Girl Who Is Silent ( Karsen Williams
*WINNER of the "Best Romance" category in The Summer Awards 2017* *WINNER of the "Best of the Best Romance Book" in The Summer Awards 2017* *SECO...
Mumble by therealmystique
Mumbleby A. D. Robinson
Meet Ozzie Blue, a nineteen year old with way too many problems for his age. Anxiety. Paranoia. Depression. Those just scratch the surface. But when Ozzie witnesses the...
Her Piercing Words by sunina_s
Her Piercing Wordsby sunina_s
❝You invaded my heart like a storm in the sea, But you left me with waves and broke the barriers in me, I looked for you till blindness overwhelmed my eyes, Did you not...
The Middleman | ongoing by trapdoctorx
The Middleman | ongoingby - ̗̀ trap doc ̖́-
❝You think I'm a bounty hunter?❞ Well that surely wasn't how Leia Kar imagined her first conversation with Quinn Carter would go. Hell, she didn't think they would ever...
Chasing Grey | ✔COMPLETE by sydneybennettt
Chasing Grey | ✔COMPLETEby Sydney Rae
Completed april 14th 2017 Second place for cover in the Realist Awards! Highest ranking: #364 in chicklit I didn't think it was possible to fall for my best friend. And...
A Swim In The Storm (#AStormOfFanFiction) by Jolly214
A Swim In The Storm ( Jolly214
There are many Ambralilly moments we have seen and been through together. I have imagined many more and wondered how their life would turn out. One moment I'd like to sh...
Project: Resurrection by Red_Leasia
Project: Resurrectionby BrightStar
The fruits of a barely known secret project are coming to bear... #Nanowrimo2017 (Part 2, Part 1 is the "Immortality Virus, or "Project: Immortality" stil...
Yuri !!! At Hogwarts by KateBlades
Yuri !!! At Hogwartsby KateBlades
"Viktor !" I exclaimed a bit too loudly. What am I doing ? I tought. He stopped at my table. He looked down on me and smiled. "Well, hello there. I thin...
Alpha Storm // Slow Updates by Ara_McKenzie
Alpha Storm // Slow Updatesby A.M.
~#390 in werewolf - 1/7/17 ~#4 in What's Rising in Werewolf 2/7/17 ~ #1 in What's New in Werewolf 27/6/17 2nd Winner of *The Purple Apple Awards 2017* - werewolf genre ...
In Another Lifetime by suddenlyobsessed
In Another Lifetimeby Sarah Sohn
The Heartfilia-Dragneel rivalry is the biggest in all of Fiore, so it's no wonder Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel can never seem to get along. So when Lucy and Natsu...
Cursed || H.S. by stylestifaction
Cursed || Stylestisfaction
300 years ago, the Prince was cursed. An entanglement of lives from different centuries, an evil witch, heartbreaks, secrets, hatred. How can love save you when you don'...
wife of a billionaire heir  by salmerh1497
wife of a billionaire heir by salamerh samaila
He doesn't smile at me his silence is killing me what will I do now that I have falling in love with him I know this was a fake marriage but each night I lay with him on...
Deadly Sins (A Supernatural/Vampire Diaries Story) (Deanlena) (On Hold) by DakotaForsyth
Deadly Sins (A Supernatural/ Dakota Forsyth
Sam and Dean Winchester are hunters. Not deer or bear but, monsters. Shapeshifters, Wendigos, Rugarus, etc. When Sam finds a case involving vampires, Sam and Dean head t...
Disaster Ever After by megs328
Disaster Ever Afterby megs328
Kendall Evans and James Covington meet and their worlds collide. Can an ER nurse and a Hollywood actor make a life together? Are they willing to make the sacrifices to m...
I'm His Beloved? by erinGOwild
I'm His Beloved?by ErinGomez
Michael Blaize Efron, has everything, power, wealth, influence, immortality and special gifts of abilities no one can ever possessed. He was the ruler, the king of whole...
Goldilocks and the British Accent by the_icecream_goblin
Goldilocks and the British Accentby Icecream goblin
NOTE : Read in a British accent. "And then I see her, bustling through the crowd in a flurry of gold hair and yellow glasses. She seems to be looking for somethin...