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I Learned From Pain by tortoise_girl
I Learned From Painby Whovian
Nina Is a young thirteen year old girl. She has no friends and is resented and abused by her pack-mates. Even the alpha and her parents hate her.. What happens when...
Just a Little Something by summersnowflake_
Just a Little Somethingby altheia ⛅️
While Asha was about to leave the cafe, she noticed a black wallet on top of the table near her. No one was there and obviously, the owner has lost it. Being the good Sa...
Just A Fan// Rye Beaumont by peytona_beau
Just A Fan// Rye Beaumontby Peyton Seavey
Rye Beaumont as Rye (RT band member) Maggie Lindemann as Peyton (fangirl) Crankthatfrank as Frank (Peytons bestie) Cole Sprouse as Cole (peytons brother) Eva as Eva (Fra...
The girl who didn't speak; a Red Band Society fanfiction by searchhorcrux
The girl who didn't speak; a Red Elliot☀️🦈
The red banners are asked by Nurse Jackson to befriend a mute patient. They want to know her illness so they sneak into files and do the most mischievous things to figur...
This Road Called Life (Red Band Society) by alexa_343
This Road Called Life (Red Band Alexa
Please watch Red Band Society before you read! It will be hard to understand what's going on if you don't. -------- So, what did happen after the finale?
Adore You(Ongoing) by DameArtemis
Adore You(Ongoing)by AlylyRiego
Does long distance relationship relationship work? "It hurts not having you close, but it would hurt even more not having you at all" Yan ang paniniwala ng isa...
Hackers Without Shame {WATCH_DOGS 2} by wethegay
Hackers Without Shame { Big G McGee
Alias: Rapture (r4p7ur3) Occupation: Hacker Started?: high school freshman year Other: new programs, new fire walls Alias: Serpent (s3rp3n7) Occupation: Hacker Started...
Jordi Chin x Reader by fanfic_magistrate
Jordi Chin x Readerby PMEV
Jordi Chin of the Watch Dogs series x Female Reader. When hired Fixer, Jordi Chin takes a job to eliminate his client's fiancee-things take an unexpected turn. Forced in...
Red Band Society: Perfect-ish by bunnysr
Red Band Society: Perfect-ishby mrsgould
Hey! Welcome to my life! My name is Sabrina and I'm anorexic and now my parents put me in therapy for it. I've met some friends but I guess you will have to read this to...
Run Away by loveforfandoms_
Run Awayby loveforfandoms_
Post Ergo Ego. After Jordi leaves the roof, he runs to the elevator and out the hospital doors. He missing from the hospital for a day when he suddenly breaks his leg...
And I thought it was gone by loveforfandoms_
And I thought it was goneby loveforfandoms_
Dr. McAndrew adopts Jordi. After about 4 months Jordi goes into remission and gets to go home cancer free. All goes well for about a year and half when he starts to fee...
Red Band Society by MeganePosey
Red Band Societyby Megan
My fanfiction of Red Band! This is narrated by Charlie. I hope you guys like it. I added my own character in it. This story is about: Surviving, Friends, Romance, Boys a...
Admiration | Collin Dimaculangan by all4upisbt
Admiration | Collin Dimaculanganby marayah
; you can't never be really free if you admire somebody too much - Yasmin Amor. Collin Isiah Dimaculangan Epistolary
(Red)Banded By Love by racheltveitbriggs
(Red)Banded By Loveby racheltveitbriggs
The life of a new nurse at LA Ocean Park hospital is changed by her coworkers and patients.
Best Friends by AimeeLayson
Best Friendsby FunOne34
Hi my name is Kaitlyn some people call me katie in this story i will be playing the part of a 15 year old girl named Emliysa Smith some people call her Emily she has an...
Lost In Essex by jorlla_x
Lost In Essexby jorlla_x
I was travelling to Essex, then I got lost but somehow got found by my idols Mum...
Home (A Red Band Society Fanfic) by foreverafangirlll
Home (A Red Band Society Fanfic)by foreverafangirlll
Emma must make a choice between the two boys who mean most to her. In the end it isn't about friendship, but love. Who will make her feel at home?
Ocean Park Hospital Gets A New Paitent. (with a secret)  by KynzieAlex97
Ocean Park Hospital Gets A New Kynzie Lopez Martinez
Natalia Leona Stiles was 11 years old and lived across the street from this boy named Leo all her life. They've been bestfriends since PreK until he got cancer so he had...
Amnesia (Overload Book 1) by BAMitsOverload
Amnesia (Overload Book 1)by Courtney and Alisha
How would you feel if, one day you woke up and couldn't remember anything. Not your best friend, boyfriend mother or father. Perhaps not even remember or recognise who y...