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Supergirl Imagines by Fangirl_Fanatic_
Supergirl Imaginesby Ellie💗
One shots of Sanvers and Supercorp mostly, but I take requests. Send me an idea if you have one you'd like to see.
How one kiss changed everything.  by LesbianTales
How one kiss changed everything. by 🏳️‍🌈
Lena and Kara have to run away from CADMUS and they end up kissing. Shows the progression of their relationship and what happens after the kiss. ;)
The past will have have it by XxLynnxX_
The past will have have itby XxLynnxX
All And Nothing by canarysirens
All And Nothingby Freckles
SuperCorp soulmate AU when your soulmate gets hurt flowers bloom on your body where the wound/cut/bruise is. Kara has been covered in flowers since she arrived on earth...
A Super Messy and Complicated Relationship (A SuperCorp Story) by hq2019
A Super Messy and Complicated XxSuperCorpXx
My very first Super Corp Story. It's about Kara and Lena trying to become more then friends but SuperGirl, Mon-El, and Eve all get in between Kara and Lena's relationshi...
Young Again. {Supergirl Story} by breebee23
Young Again. {Supergirl Story}by Silent.Mushroom_
After Supergirl was subjected to yellow kryptonite, it affected her bloodstream immensely. It transformed Kara back into the 13-year-old from when she first arrived on E...
I STILL NEED YOU  by Melwoodfan2345
Two years ago when Monel left for the future after confessing his feelings for Kara. Kara was devastated and it was difficult for her to easily move on. She never though...
Crazy Love  by caitlinneil7
Crazy Love by caitlinneil7
What if when Alex realized she was gay it wasn't because she liked Maggie, but instead she was in love with her adoptive sister Kara? What if when she came out to Kara...
Supergirl And Her  Boyfriend by hq2019
Supergirl And Her Boyfriendby XxSuperCorpXx
This is going to be my one and only story with Supergirl x Mon-El. This story was a requested one.
The One That Got Away Part 2 by RunYouCleverGay
The One That Got Away Part 2by SpongeBoob
After everything that happened in Seattle, Alex came back to National City and had to act like she didn't miss her old family even more now. Little did she know she hadn...
Can't Fight Destiny by xen5345
Can't Fight Destinyby xen5345
Lena had to live her home in Ireland when she found out that Lillian and Lex that was in jail have a plan to take over earth and kill every alien on it.
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Not Enough Time  by beautifulmylovely
Not Enough Time by beautifulmylovely
What if Kara hadn't woken up? Brainy couldn't get her out in time. She was dying and there be nothing anyone could do about it. It's been 4 months and they decide to tak...
I Love You To Krypton (Supercorp)  by YuuZor-El
I Love You To Krypton (Supercorp) by Shin Yuu
Yeah well what's written on the first chapters ain't the plot just yet. I'm sorry if I upload like months per chapter, I've been kinda like really busy this year Hope y...
Danvers Sister Stories (read description) by Haunteddays
Danvers Sister Stories (read Ghost
Stories mostly about the Danvers sisters, non romantic. These are multiple stories, in one book. I am working on the second one. #1 in Danverssisters 15/4/2019 Story 1:...
I'm a Failure by nonameIegend
I'm a Failureby nonameIegend
Slow Updates(every 1-4 weeks)!!!{Disclaimer} may have triggers and spoilers do not read if you are not up to date with the Supergirl and maybe to all of shows in the ar...
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The best thing that ever happened to me  by xkaramelwood
The best thing that ever 💛
- It's been two years since Kara Danvers last showed up at Catco - Two years since Supergirl was seen last - Two years since anyone saw Kara Danvers - Two years since K...
Crossover Story  by whatever1401
Crossover Story by T3L14
Barry Allen aka The Flash went to National City working with Supergirl aka Kara Danvers or her alien name was Kara Kor-El from Krypton. Kara has her own new panther and...
Supergirl~ Texting by Karamel_supervalor
Supergirl~ Textingby Karamel lover
Text messages between the characters on Supergirl. Please comment which people you want a chat between and what it can be about. As your opinions are much appreciated. A...
I Can Be by not-an-echo
I Can Beby be a voice
In all the time she had known him, Kara had always the need to protect Mon-El but now when she is faced with a whole new kind of evil it is time for him to show her what...