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The Secrets We Keep - Taekai  by ChiT00
The Secrets We Keep - Taekai by ChiT00
Kai and Taemin had their secrets. And each other happened to be one of those secrets. There was only two people who truly knew about them, and neither Kai nor Taemin wan...
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jongtae by Malec-lover_23
jongtaeby sekai fangirl
jongtae are so cute together
I pulled a lil sneaky on ya by SuperWhoLockian79
I pulled a lil sneaky on yaby Jungkook69
A Oneshot book about a bunch of random ships... I am writing it with another person, I will put who wrote the chapters and the ships in the title of the chapter... Okie...
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A Double Dose of Love by zhanelovely01
A Double Dose of Loveby MINKEY 🥰
Roommates who've struggled to find love get a strange awakening in the form of two beautiful men
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Jongtae Oneshots by jinmiinie
Jongtae Oneshotsby ♡
☾ Because I'm fucking whipped and soft for jongtae. I love and miss them both so much ☽
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As Your tears fall by LeeTaeTae
As Your tears fallby Tae Tae
Minho cheated on the cute boyfriend Taemin with the fashonista Kibum. Since then Taemin doesn't know what to do with himself. Can Jonghyun help the boy he's in love wit...
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Something New (OnHo) by Gerard_Ampora
Something New (OnHo)by Sammy
Sometimes, you have to take risks, and moving into the city is a risk Jinki has always wanted to take, but maybe it was a lot riskier than he thought. When people start...
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Besitos [JongTae] by Stereopony_
Besitos [JongTae]by STEREOPONY
Donde Jonghyun recibe besos en cada parte de su cuerpo.
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Path by jongkey90
Pathby Jonghyun ♥️
Sequel to "My Favorite Teacher" Kibum is back In Korea, where it all began. Things aren't the way they used to be...but that isn't a bad thing...right? #6 Jon...
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SHINee☆OneShots by SoyOnDorito
SHINee☆OneShotsby shinee in the house
just a collection of my midnight shinee thoughts 《Requests Open °•.•°》 . . . . . (the cover fanart belongs to its respective owner)
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Gli SHINee e la tecnologia by vlavla13
Gli SHINee e la tecnologiaby Vlavla13
Gli SHINee amano molto la telecnologia, ma molti di loro non capiscono twitter, ecco che si destreggiano tra doppi sensi e prime volte!
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Reality.   |•JongTae•| by DysphoricDespair-
Reality. |•JongTae•|by モナコプシス
I never realized how much I needed you to be there until you couldn't anymore.
💙The meaning of beauty💙 by Spxingrxses
💙The meaning of beauty💙by 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫💷💸💸💸
I worked very hard plz read if u don't want to then u don't have to-w-
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what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas| shinee by xxkingjxscxrx
what happens in Vegas, stays in xxkingjxscxrx
Co się stanie jeśli pracowałeś na coś całe życie i stracisz to wszystko w ciągu jednej chwili? Przez jedną błędną decyzję? Jeden zły ruch?
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Memory || JongTae ‧₊˚✧ by strawberryjjong
Memory || JongTae ‧₊˚✧by paris🍓
after jonghyun's death taemin is a complete wreck, but what happens when taemin stumbles upon jonghyun in the middle of the night? and what does he do when he finds out...
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Rose (Onho) by TeddyShawol
Rose (Onho)by Teddy
Onew and Minho are friends when Minho breaks up with his girlfriend Onew and Taemin think of a plan so Onew could ask Minho out. But one night Taemin knocked on their d...
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My Overprotective Bully by Sugas_Swag_Fairyy
My Overprotective Bullyby ❣️MiMi❣️
Taemin has went all his high school years being bullied by one of the most popular kids in school. He can't wait to get through this last year in this school and graduat...
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Caricias Robadas by flores_de_menta
Caricias Robadasby flores_de_menta
*finalizado* OnKey JongTae El amor es magia y la magia del amor, bla bla. *la curiosidad hechizó al gato*
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one-shot!! jonghyun and taemin : in which taemin is innocent and jjong is not ._.
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