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SHINee Smuts (BoyxBoy) by JjongsWifu
SHINee Smuts (BoyxBoy)by JjongsWifu
title says it all....
  • jongkey
  • ontae
  • jongyu
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Something New (OnHo) by Gerard_Ampora
Something New (OnHo)by Sammy
Sometimes, you have to take risks, and moving into the city is a risk Jinki has always wanted to take, but maybe it was a lot riskier than he thought. #1 in Onho 😊💕
  • minkey
  • key
  • taemin
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The Perfect Mistake UPDATING by pab0panda
The Perfect Mistake UPDATINGby Pab0Panda
A millionaire's son isn't supposed to marry a gang leader. A gang leader's son isn't supposed to marry a minister's son. That's the way the cookie, right? Bad is to be...
  • minho
  • bts
  • maturethemes
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Mi Pasión (SiChul) (Super Junior) by TintasDeSangre
Mi Pasión (SiChul) (Super Junior)by Tao_Zhi♥
Heenim es una princesa Siwon es un emperador Heenim huyé de Siwon, pero todo un limite
  • kangteuk
  • eunhae
  • zhoury
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His Secret~a Jongkey fanfic by Jjongkey
His Secret~a Jongkey fanficby Aga <3
Kim Kibum is a 21 year old college student. He lives in the US. One day he meets this strange guy Jonghyun and falls in love with him. But there's one thing he doesn't k...
  • fanfic
  • shinee
  • gay
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Recuerdo (YeWook) (Super Junior) by TintasDeSangre
Recuerdo (YeWook) (Super Junior)by Tao_Zhi♥
Ryeowook ya estaba casada, pero siempre recordaba su infancia feliz, hasta aquel dia, desde entonces no sabe nada de su antigua familia
  • zhoury
  • yewook
  • hentai
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BxB Kpop Smuts 😉💦 by Jjong_Heenim
BxB Kpop Smuts 😉💦by Jjong_Heenim
This is a BxB Kpop smut but I will do GxG and GxM If you do request but just not 2 people from different groups, for example Lisa and Jungkook.
  • xiuchen
  • jongkey
  • jikook
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2min 10th anniversary  by Radheator
2min 10th anniversary by Radheator
flash fiction and drabble for 2min 10th anniversary. Sometimes I write in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  • jongkey
  • key
  • shinee
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A Somewhat Different Fairy Tale by pab0panda
A Somewhat Different Fairy Taleby Pab0Panda
Once upon a time... ...Cinderella tried the shoe on, it fitted perfectly. So Cinderella married the Prince and they lived happily ever after. Bullshit. The truth was... ...
  • 2min
  • shinee
  • jinki
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High School isn't so bad (a JongKey fanfic) [Editing] by Nikki_Chambers
High School isn't so bad (a Linae Chambers
Kibum hated going to school until he met Jonghyun
  • jongkey
  • taemin
  • kimjonghyun
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La Cruz Pesada (SiChul) (Super Junior) by TintasDeSangre
La Cruz Pesada (SiChul) (Super Tao_Zhi♥
Heechul era el doncel más hermoso del pueblo, pero su corazón le pertenecia a un hombre prohibido, el sacerdote casto Siwon. Cuando el pecado se junta, algo cambia entre...
  • chanbaek
  • jongkey
  • layho
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Tras 25 años (KangTeuk) (Super Junior) by TintasDeSangre
Tras 25 años (KangTeuk) (Super Tao_Zhi♥
El secuestro, la sangre, el dolor ha unido a los Imperios Kim, Cho y Choi. Teukie fue alejada de donde vivio feliz y ahora tras años lejos anhela volver a ver a Youngwoo...
  • exo
  • shinee
  • superjunior
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El Testig@ (2Min) (SHINee) by TintasDeSangre
El Testig@ (2Min) (SHINee)by Tao_Zhi♥
Taemin se ocultó de chica para salvar su vida de un asesino a sueldo. Pero Minho sabe bien y recuerda bastante la cara de aquel cabo suelto
  • jongkey
  • yaoi
  • mpreg
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Secret ASIAnts by jadeskye
Secret ASIAntsby Kelby Heinz
Jonghyun and Taemin are best friends and ninja assasions who have been sent on their next mission where they must attend college, become friends with Minho, Key and Onew...
  • death
  • chicken
  • boyxboy
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One For Me *JongKey Fanfic* by Shineelovestory
One For Me *JongKey Fanfic*by Shineelovestory
  • shineekey
  • kibum
  • jongkey
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Candy Kisses (A SHINee Fanfic) by jann-itionary
Candy Kisses (A SHINee Fanfic)by Jannjay
Juliette is a thriving new girl group in the SM family. One day they meet SHINee and their worlds are changed. Love is found, lost and tested as these girls face the cha...
  • key
  • story
  • teen
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Age is just a number || 2min by taemed_in
Age is just a number || 2minby SHINee5
Taemin is a fanboy of 9 years older Minho. That didn't matter until Taemin got a chance to meet him in person. Warning: Age gap
  • taeminho
  • jonghyun
  • exo
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shinee groupchat by jinkisthighs
shinee groupchatby taeil
shinee's groupchat (i.e: shinee gc. a mess. forgive me) -rly spaced out updates-
  • 2min
  • jonghyun
  • onho
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your mine, 2min♥ by hannahcoxires
your mine, 2min♥by hannah nixon
When Taemin finds out Minho likes him things change .... things get steamy, kinky, rough, and romantic. Taemin always loved Minho but was afraid to tell him, he finds ou...
  • boyxboy
  • jongkey
  • onew
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Ojos Negros (Kangteuk) (Super Junior) by TintasDeSangre
Ojos Negros (Kangteuk) (Super Tao_Zhi♥
Siempre ame sus ojos negros - dijo Teukie a una de sus hijas - siempre, pero su egoismo ocasionó todo esto
  • kristao
  • zhoury
  • kangteuk
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