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Ryden Oneshots by t1axdd
Ryden Oneshotsby :-)
There's quite a bit of smut so if you are uncomfortable, don't read this :) *!THERE IS A SECOND ONESHOT BOOK! *
Your Face/// ryden by ryden4lifexoxo
Your Face/// rydenby a
After years of being arch enemies, and Brendon being bullied constantly for his sexuality, Ryan and Brendon's hatred for one another turns into a budding romance. Read...
emo quartet kik by schayisgay
emo quartet kikby potato
band members from MCR, TOP, FOB and P!ATD in a kik groupchat. all chats are the same storyline unless it states otherwise. all members are in high school, some are in co...
Here and Now // Ryden by trickygabe
Here and Now // Rydenby ☹mika☻
"Show them all your not the ordinary type..." He whispered into my ear, still trapping me against the wall. A smirk was played onto his lips as chills were sen...
Hate to Love You [Ryden] by oneandlonely47
Hate to Love You [Ryden]by Kati
Due to the R rated scenes in this book, you'll need to follow me in order to read it, if you aren't following me already.
Ryden Snapchat Story DISCONTINUED  by AnnabethChaseFannnnn
Ryden Snapchat Story DISCONTINUED by Bden Ross
Ryro added you as a friend! major cringe warning✨ Tw homophobia, child abuse, bullying, rape
coffee by livejournalryden
coffeeby livejournalryden
Summary: Ryan is a misanthropic Starbucks barista who is a tired insomniac and just wants to be left alone. Then Brendon moves in. myheartradio on livejournal
Send Me One Last Kik (Peterick) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Send Me One Last Kik (Peterick)by Skittles
In this third and final installment of the "Kik Me Sometime" series, we get to see the life after marriage for Pete and Patrick, as well as, how things have ch...
prick | ryden [completed] by -smileyross
prick | ryden [completed]by k ✰
"jesus christ, are you ever not an annoying prick." or where brendon meets his new neighbor, ryan, who always finds a way to annoy him highest ranks; #1 in jo...
Gay 2 -kik- The Sequel by HomosexualHobo666
Gay 2 -kik- The Sequelby I sit on a throne of bread
Sequel to Gay -kik- Multiship kik fic includes frerard joncer jalex ryden rikey peterick kellic joshler gawsten etc etc Lots of memes and crack
Folkin' Around (Ryden) by Rosevest0
Folkin' Around (Ryden)by Samantha
17 year old Ryan Ross was just a normal kid living in Las Vegas until he fell for his new best friend who also happened to be his bandmate. When their band, Panic! At Th...
Love is not a choice || Joncer by curlytop132
Love is not a choice || Joncerby Meg
Completed :D NO SMUT/SEX/NASTY STUFF But: there is swearing occasionally We ain't about to live that life , but there might be kissing ;)) Spencer has recently moved t...
kik ~ joncer by urie-miranda-
kik ~ joncerby just call me ty
Spencers: Ryan you should totally date Brendon Jonnyboi: idk who you are and I'm not Ryan but true Spencers: shit I'm sorry wrong person Jonnyboi: it's fine, but don't l...
If You Like It Or Not {Ryden}  by GibsonPancake
If You Like It Or Not {Ryden} by 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖊𝖘
"You will love me. If you like it or not." Love is something beautiful, but behind beauty hides danger and jealousy. The most innocent looking person can turn...
Replacement//Ryllon by RyanJamesParker
Replacement//Ryllonby Bleach Boy Vevo™
After Ryan left Panic! he decided to get in contact with the members that replaced him. But specifically Ryan wants to get close to the new bassist, Dallon Weekes. Start...
Ryden Oneshots by WickedSinner35
Ryden Oneshotsby JayD
Sad oneshots over the members of Panic! at the Disco. Highest Rating: #25 Ryden
Hold The Pose (Ryden, Joncer) [by zarah5] by theacademyisnot
Hold The Pose (Ryden, Joncer) [ read bio !!
In which Brendon cleans the apartment of published author Ryan Ross to finance his college studies, and Spencer opens up an Indian style café and hires Jon to brew his f...
Imagine Knowing Him (Ryden) by ThnksFrPrttydd
Imagine Knowing Him (Ryden)by ThnksFrPrttydd
Ryan Ross is a famous singer and Brendon Urie is his biggest fan. Fortunately for Brendon, they live in the same city, but LA is big. What happens when Brendon acciden...
Nothing At All || Ryden AU by babiesuson
Nothing At All || Ryden AUby nix // ia
Ryan laughs, "No, we're just friends. There's nothing between us," Brendon's smile wavers the slightest and he forces a laugh, "Yeah, nothing." Des...
mad as rabbits; multiship group chat by march-22nd-2013
mad as rabbits; multiship group .
just a bunch of weird teenagers who are all in a group chat that needs holy water -- !! recontinued !!