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Inner Thoughts by Janineramos25
Inner Thoughtsby Jajareigns
Compilation of One shots, poems, prose, rants and monologues. So yeah, just a random thing.
Resurrect Thy Heart (Supernatural-Romance) by JMFelic
Resurrect Thy Heart ( Master's_Pet
Rank #815 in Romance, February 14, 2017 ---- Marcus chose to stay away from her, standing in the mattress with his hand tightly gripping the wooden beam. The whole time...
My Love From The Star  (lesbian) COMPLETED by WriteMyHeartForYou
My Love From The Star (lesbian) A
[ENGLISH] HIGHEST RANKING! #17 04-11-18 HUMOR Hera Parker, the rebel of the family. Popular lesbian of her school. Save the Campus Nerd from a two strangers. Asteria Ha...
Taming Tempest (Wattys 2016) by BlackLily
Taming Tempest (Wattys 2016)by BlackLily
Prologue Katulad ng bagyo, hinagupit ni Gertrude ang puso ni Gerry nang dumating ito sa buhay niya. Katulad din ng malakas na bagyo mataas ang casualty. 30 times na...
Dangerous Level by mmhelik_hedea28
Dangerous Levelby Mmhelik_hedea28
This story is about a human... who encounter a not so ordinary alpha. Sounds an ordinary story? Wait until you flip the page. but i am warning you.... Once you read th...
Lost Game (Taglish MalexMale) 2016 by runesaito
Lost Game (Taglish MalexMale) 2016by Rune
In a distant place called Glaru, lies every definition of magical powers and beasts who conquer most of those magical powers. Glaru has many magical elements inside it...
On the Wings of Love (one-shot) by Miss_JWriter
On the Wings of Love (one-shot)by Ms. J Writer
My version of OTWOL's finale.
Prologue by MifuneYuki
Prologueby You Never Know
i fall in love with the same girl for the 2nd time
Food Is Love! by Gen-Rin
Food Is Love!by 🍊Mikan Duo🍊
Which is better: Fast food or Homemade Food? This question had set a rivalry between the fast food frycook Alexander "Alex" C. Ramos and house chef Alice Flonn...
Mahahanap Ko Din Si Future  by nannethgarlando
Mahahanap Ko Din Si Future by Nanneth Ocampo Garlando
lahat ng kwento ng buhay ay may umpisa at wakas.. lahat daw na mangyayari sa buhay ng isang tao.. may isang kwento kung paano nag simula.
I Love You From The Start by Ligaya0514
I Love You From The Startby Ligaya0514
How will you love? Will you love to forget the pain? Will you love to fill in the emptiness? Will you love to be true to yourself?
Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love? (one-shot) by Miss_JWriter
Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love? ( Ms. J Writer
Here we go again Hurting each other for no reason Wondering why we keep repeating The same mistakes Seems the more we give The more we're disillusioned Baby, what is it...
You Captured My Heart by kathacgr
You Captured My Heartby One Direction
He left. I stayed. I wish I was there when he needed me. I wish i can help him. Oliver Skyes was missing. So Ivy Woolridge is going to find him. But what if she meets th...
All of Me (on-going) by Miss_JWriter
All of Me (on-going)by Ms. J Writer
Cards on the table, we're both showing hearts. Risking it although it's hard... ***** They were "just friends"... not because they did not like each other, not...
Race Track of Love by princessasrah
Race Track of Loveby Sarah
Mitch Pauleen--a back to back NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, an heiress who has nothing to lose and who is at the top of her game but nobody knows how vulnerable sh...
21 Gifts by LittleEmpireGirl
21 Giftsby PusoKalyeGirl
While Alden travels to Dubai, Maine opens a box of surprise gifts he had left behind for her.
Falling For Sundae by malfoyjneen
Falling For Sundaeby janeen epril
She was his mystery girl. The girl who never missed her sundae routine. He was okay watching her from behind the counter.. But Nathaniel Santos is definitely falling...
Brushed-off Feelings (Hiatus) by ea_alvarez
Brushed-off Feelings (Hiatus)by Erleen Alvarez
Two different brush strokes, one blank canvas... Two hearts that used to be one, will end the past at last. Erin thought she could get away from her past when she went t...
A Clandestine Affair (An AlDub Fanfic / AMACon Entry) by wuthie16
A Clandestine Affair (An AlDub wuthie16
UPDATE: Just edited some items in it. Story is still the same. :) Hope you give this one shot a try. :D She had always captivated him. Always. The way she moved, th...
Love at its shortest time by HarleneJaneMayordomo
Love at its shortest timeby Lulujin Mayordoma
When you thought everything is possible...but there are things not meant to realize change.