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Chaos ; Joker x Reader  by audreywrites720
Chaos ; Joker x Reader by Audrey
A world of chaos surrounds (Y/N). She hears stories about the Batman, the mob, the Joker, the GPD. The Joker begins to take over Gotham city. He robs a bank with a few g...
Blinded  by Alpha-KC
Blinded by KC
17 yr old Kasie Stewart,.was. bullied all her life, she was a very depressed and unique child. she was kept in foster homes all her life after her parents died. when s...
Jokers Daughter Imagines  by Jokers-Sweethearts
Jokers Daughter Imagines by Daisy
All single imagines about the daughter dating & Joker being a jealous/possessive father
The Joker x Reader Imagines 💚 by DiYunho
The Joker x Reader Imagines 💚by DiYunho
Achieved: #1 in JokerFanfic, Joker, JokerFanfiction, DCU, Villain, Gotham, JokerLeto, JaredLetoJoker, Joker x Reader, 30stm, #202 in Fanfiction. Hi guys, I've been writi...
Toxic by therealhothead
Toxicby Miss Thing🍒
"I told you to find me a business partner, not a wife." Why he chose you? Well, it was an easy choice. How you fell for each other but still managed to be eac...
A Trick For My Treat. 《Jokerxreader》•Complete• by Attack_on_slasha
A Trick For My Treat. 《 Oskar Willson
(Y/N) = (your name). (E/C) = (eye colour). (S/C) = (skin colour). (Y/A) = (your age). Etc. (Y/N) knows she's a little different from every one else at her school. She cl...
Joker imagines by Pandalion23
Joker imaginesby Pandalion23
joker is one of the most psychotic or better yet the MOST psychotic DC villain's in comic book history. And yet so many of the female population have become obsessively...
The Suicide Squad - Strange Voodoo by Louisa532
The Suicide Squad - Strange Voodooby Louisa532
A different evil is coming to Gotham. First, Lucy Quinn, the daughter of Harley Quinn, Is thrown in a room under lock and key alongside the children of the other members...
Just kidding by JelsaSnowflakes1
Just kiddingby JelsaSnowflakes1
Mr j ruthless rich powerful and madly in love with you even though he dosnt show it much he dose he would kill anyone for you he bends at youre every will but he also ha...
The Wildcard| Joker x reader (Being re-written) by HayleyLHeureux
The Wildcard| Joker x reader ( Hayley L'Heureux
Y/N Night is a girl you don't want to play against in poker. You might as well fold or loose everything you got. She was from a home that was abusive physically and emot...
My Fault || Joker  by pplsss
My Fault || Joker by yellow
"What makes ya think you're just my toy?" "You don't care about me, you've said it before." Joker x Reader Foul language, trigger warning. Jared Leto...
Joker X Reader Confused Love by U2Makailaball
Joker X Reader Confused Loveby U2Makailaball
what happens when you get locked up in a cell next to the man with the scars himself and a bet that leads to much more is ruled.
Joker x reader drabbles by PreachBread
Joker x reader drabblesby Annon
Small Drabbles I have saved. Mostly just joker x reader but may be more idk Notes: I don't own of the artwork used, most are going to be female but there will be male, m...
Bad Luck! Yandere various DC x reader! by xXYandereWriterXx
Bad Luck! Yandere various DC x Yandere writer
"Oh Baby, Bad luck is in my blood!" What happens when Dc Heros/Villans fall under an obsession for this new Villain?
My Redemption by LittleDarlinIMissYou
My Redemptionby LittleDarlinIMissYou
JokerxReader The chaotic clown is out and about one night when suddenly he is the hero and teaching an evil-doer a little something about honor. (Y/N) was just a normal...
The Work Wife by DiYunho
The Work Wifeby DiYunho
You've been working for The Joker for the past 10 years: you speak and act for him and no matter the circumstances, Y/N is always there to take care of everything he nee...
My girl joker x reader by glaciem_animarum
My girl joker x readerby glaciem_animarum
You fall in love with the joker from suicide squad You're also a gamer on YouTube
Joker Smutty One-Shots by FeelingTooEasy
Joker Smutty One-Shotsby FeelingTooEasy
A few various one-shots I've written (Originally posted on my tumblr: burythatsound)
You Don't Own Me - Joker x Reader by AnimeMemeMistress
You Don't Own Me - Joker x Readerby AnimeMemeMistress
Just as it happened to be, you walked into the wrong place at the wrong time.
Hey there dollface (jokerxreader) by deadly_flower_
Hey there dollface (jokerxreader)by Hello Dollface
Y/N, has lived and worked in the outskirts of Gotham her whole life. Living with different people her whole life she's finally ended up back with her dad, who spend more...