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☆ JJBA ONESHOTS ☆ by enihilo
☆ JJBA ONESHOTS ☆by enihilo
{ Requests are currently: OPEN } ☆ No minors here, please, thanks ☆ Read {REQUEST PAGE} for more info ☆ Don't own any of the characters or artworks mentioned in the s...
Jojo daughter scenarios by PirateQueen14
Jojo daughter scenariosby PirateQueen14
In this book your the daughter of a Jojo or Dio. This book includes. Jonathan Joseph Jotaro Josuke Jolyne Giorno Dio (I don't own the picture used for the cover and I d...
JOVATAR:The Legend of Korra by Etyion37
JOVATAR:The Legend of Korraby The Alpha and Omega
Basically Legend of Korra,but with Jotaro on it. (Disclaimer:I don't own JJBA or Legend of Korra.)
JJBA headcanons *Occasional Editing* by Zellyroo
JJBA headcanons *Occasional Zelly
This will include parts 1-7 so there will be spoilers! Also of course, I don't own any of these characters, Jojo's bizarre adventure was made by Araki Hirohiko. :) #1)...
Jotaro Kujo X Reader   -「 The Calm before the Storm  」 by Fanfic_writing
Jotaro Kujo X Reader -「 The Fanfic_writing
An aspiring marine biologist meets a surfing fanatic. What could go wrong?
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jjba lemons by natalie9875
jjba lemonsby natalie9875
!! this book is extremely nsfw, please be warned will contain lots of sex so if you're uncomfortable please don't read this :) look at chapter one for rules and such!
The Leviathan: A Polnareff x Reader by quoteoftheday
The Leviathan: A Polnareff x Readerby Heming-waste
You and Polnareff don't exactly see eye to eye... at first.
Little Stars | jjba reader x kid jojos by Elvisa88
Little Stars | jjba reader x kid Elvisa88
You wake up to realize your memories are gone and you have to look over five very special boys. (Fem! Reader)
My Amore ( Caesar Zeppeli X (Fem) Reader ) - JJBA by Squidriso
My Amore ( Caesar Zeppeli X (Fem) abandoned account
(You, (Y/N) are the daughter of Lisa Lisa and the unknown younger sister to Joseph Joestar). In 1938 (Y/N) finds out the news about her mothers new Hamon student who wil...
The Platinum Hunter - RWBY X Male Stand User Reader (Discontinued) by Super761
The Platinum Hunter - RWBY X Super761
Y/N was nearly broken by his family, until one day he escaped from them thanks to someone who he called Star Platinum and he was found by a man called Joesph Joestar. Al...
Work With Me -Bruno Buccellati x Reader- by its_amboo
Work With Me -Bruno Buccellati x ~angel~
The job of Capo came with a lot of pressure, and not a lot of free time. A life of infinite wealth and power awaits Bruno Buccellati, if only he could keep his papers in...
JJBA X Reader + head cannons  by darkcioccolata
JJBA X Reader + head cannons by Kujo Jotaro
Just some head cannons :)) Just some one shots that I thought of...some of them will be lemons because Im hOrneeey Also it's a jjba x female reader sorry guys I love u d...
-Jjba oneshots- by Im_a_jojo_ref
-Jjba oneshots-by Im_a_jojo_ref
Oneshots of jojos bizarre adventure characters. These are mostly going to be x readers. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!
I like you, stupid! (Ghiaccio x Reader) by SVasques17
I like you, stupid! (Ghiaccio x SVasques17
You are part of La Squadra, one of the most famous assassination teams of Passione. You've always had an enormous crush on Ghiaccio. So, you were very surprised that the...
T͛h͛e͛ t͛r͛i͛l͛o͛g͛y͛ o͛f͛ D͛i͛o͛ s͛t͛o͛r͛i͛e͛s͛ by Aniiilam
T͛h͛e͛ t͛r͛i͛l͛o͛g͛y͛ o͛f͛ D͛i͛o͛ 𝓢𝐮𝐳𝐢 𝓠
Dio X reader stories I don't want to either make a book about or don't want to post on my yandere book. These range from anything, angst, fluff, yanderes (if I don't wan...
Traveler (A JJBA x Reader Fanfic) by KoolKat42
Traveler (A JJBA x Reader Fanfic)by Birdmaster
(Y/N) (L/N) is an intelligent, curious, and somewhat cowardly girl who is a big fan of an anime called Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. She likes anything related to JJBA. She...
That Time of The Year Again by Teardropwolf
That Time of The Year Againby Teardropwolf
Here another Jotaro x reader fanfic. it's not gonna be what the date is, and there are 14 parts because of February 14th. Enjoy it
New To Me (Jotaro x Female!Reader) by HetaliaAmore
New To Me (Jotaro x Female!Reader)by Sara
You and your mother had just moved to Tokyo. There, you almost immediately met a boy named Jotaro Kujo. He introduces you to the world of stands, teaching you how to use...
Numb (Mista X Reader) by NonBunary_
Numb (Mista X Reader)by NonBunary
ON INDEFINITE HIATUS You were just suppose to live a normal life, then you had to go and get snatched. Now the people who helped you go free want them to join their gan...
Zodiaco de JJBA by LuLuShinoda
Zodiaco de JJBAby Alex Shinoda
~♥~ Solo un Zodiaco de este sexy anime ~♥~