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Josuke's Bizarre Day in Morioh!                (A jojo Fanfic)   by supremespaghetti3
Josuke's Bizarre Day in Chris
Josuke gambles. Need I say more?
STEEL BALL RUN! x Male!reader by BrunosLeftFoot
STEEL BALL RUN! x Male!readerby 𝐋𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐬 ✧
Slow updates! Y/n, a very popular horse rider, decides to join the Steel Ball Run.. simply because his younger sister wanted all the money! It's probably best if you've...
(Dragonball)||Book1||Dragon Force||+Oc insert||Completed|| by BluePaint6
(Dragonball)||Book1||Dragon Force| Ikea
Just read to find out! Or not. Who am I to say~ Start: Nov 22, 2021 End: April 11, 2022 Edited June 11, 2022 Cover, Art, and Oc's by me Script by... Um... The Manga tran...
Uzumaki Y/N: Naruto Male reader insert by TBWL195
Uzumaki Y/N: Naruto Male reader TBWL195
You got reincarnated into Naruto as his twin brother (not identical) so you decide to mess around
Demon Slayer: BEYOND TIME (time stopping demon user x demon slayer) by Dbombre
Demon Slayer: BEYOND TIME (time Dbombre
Demon slayer fanfic where y/n is stabbed by a burglar at the age of 15, he is then found by Akaza and is turned into a demon
Senior Florida Man uses powers to Isekai Japanese guy to hell by Mahmosi
Senior Florida Man uses powers Mahmosi
Cid's schizophrenia is finally gone!
(OLD FIC) insert creative title here (Solo x reader) by DsmpHater730
(OLD FIC) insert creative title CEO of Sex
This is a deconstruction story, I kinda referenced diamond in the rough but other than that this is just your average SSBU isekai fic with a bunch of other weird shit
No Storm Lasts Forever, a DND inspired story, by Allan Concillado by KABAPTBH
No Storm Lasts Forever, a DND Wicker
Something strange is happening on a remote island. Giants have appeared and are attacking random towns for no reason. Monsters have became more active and fewer adventur...
My Star •A Jotaro x Reader• by mkaycoolbruh
My Star •A Jotaro x Reader•by dylan 🐸
Will you be the Yare yare to my daze? • Work in progress • I don't own Jojo's Bizzare Adventure all ownership goes to Hirohiko Araki, and all other rightful owners.
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Shadow X Shrek - Highschool Days by knorkles
Shadow X Shrek - Highschool Daysby knorkles
Me ( and @codesonicthehedgehog made the cover. Code did Shrek and I drew Shadow. (We're both on instagram) This was made in a discord call and we along with...
Arknights: The Final Reach by VioAndBio
Arknights: The Final Reachby VioAndBio
An Arknights fanfiction, plus, original characters. ______________________________________________________ Confused and mystified. The emotions felt by a young-looking...
Leone Abbacchio's Bizarre Adventure by Squidshat
Leone Abbacchio's Bizarre Adventureby Squidshat
A man, tall, with long smooth silky silver hair sips tea and travels throughout anime correcting the wrong and meeting the new.
No Fight No Life by Xottos
No Fight No Lifeby Xottos Your God
Zachary Abravich and his sidekick, Nadja, have been assigned a mission with Ms. Agnew's team to take down the leader of the neighboring country, Laoughlin. Little do the...
le bizzarre avventure di jojo: lista stand  by giaragothicvaso
le bizzarre avventure di jojo: tete<3
ogni stand verrà elencato citando lo stand user e le proprie caratteristiche e abilità
~My love will come back like a boomerang~ {Jojo Siwa x Reader} by doritoYeeto
~My love will come back like a Joe mama
You known Jojo Siwa for all of your life especially because she was your step sister, But you couldnt help but fall in love with that childish 17 year old. P.s. This who...
Welcome to Humanity by Char_LatteSNK13
Welcome to Humanityby Char_Latte SNK13
These are two different pieces of the same universe/story kinda. I might write a full book but this was an idea for a TV show in art design class anyway. The full story...
Tripocalypse by MrNate2015
Tripocalypseby MrNate2015
Three Demigods. One big crazy world. That goes well together doesn't it? In a crazy world where gods, monsters, and whatever disgusting eldrich creature exists, Three de...
~The tragic tale of the crying emoji~ by jmjanee
~The tragic tale of the crying me
Crying emoji x Reader (angst smut)
Diavolo's Deaths by bi_blanket
Diavolo's Deathsby 🌚
the title - that's it