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Supernatural gif imagines and preferences by Anothergir1
Supernatural gif imagines and Another Girl
Just some gif imagines and preferences of the spn people we love so much This will include Dean Winchester Sam Winchester Castiel Jack Kline
  • gif
  • samwinchester
  • imagines
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supernatural imagines // request closed for now by supersaxy_gracie
supernatural imagines // request grace :)
yes, supernatural imagines/one shots!! i always take request. down below is a outline of what your request should look like when you send me a message. @supersaxy_gracie...
  • winchesterbros
  • supernatural
  • xreader
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Supernatural images by kelsi_marie
Supernatural imagesby kelsi_marie
Will do any type of images. Taking requests. Any character just ask.
  • supernatural
  • jointhehunt
  • images
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The Song Remains The Same by amfryed98
The Song Remains The Sameby April
Katherine Sutton vowed to never return to hunting the supernatural after watching her mother die before her eyes. It's been two years, and so far, she's kept that promis...
  • wattys2014
  • supernatural
  • samwinchester
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In the eyes of an Angel by Itsyapineappleboi
In the eyes of an Angelby Sir, fuck my ass
what happens when an angel and a demon have a kid? Meet Bella Novak, daughter of Castiel and Crowley, as she discovers the Winchesters, the Apocalypse and more, meeting...
  • gay
  • supernatural
  • background
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Special (DeanXReaderXSam fanfic) by Fanfic_Lunatic
Special (DeanXReaderXSam fanfic)by Fanfic_Lunatic
She was ordinary. That's all she ever thought of herself needless to say. A boring life with little to no special events. What she didn't know is how special she actuall...
  • deanwinchester
  • lucifer
  • supernatural
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A life with the Winchesters by fashionbella329
A life with the Winchestersby •Justwicked•
Includes language and graphic sheet. LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!
  • jointhehunt
  • supernatural
  • winchesters
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Death Toll by oakleyflopsivan
Death Tollby Connor
Dean and Sam were out, both of them trying to live normal lives. Sam tried finding girls and Dean had Castiel. They both swore to never go on a hunt again until someone...
  • samanddean
  • spn
  • supernatural
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The Lines by lilbouf
The Linesby j. breneman
  • jointhehunt
  • supernatural
  • castiel
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Super Natural by SacrilegiousDebutee
Super Naturalby Do I fit in yet?
It's gonna be a sprntrl fan fic I swear. There's this girl, her name is Leila. She an angel, even though she doesn't realize it till Dean and Castiel show up to her scho...
  • shapeshifters
  • sprntrl
  • dean
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Carry on My Wayward Girl by Pastel_Crime
Carry on My Wayward Girlby Kailey
A girl who has been bullied, beaten, tortured, had her mum die at a young age, doesn't know where her brother is or who her dad is, and who has felt like shit her whole...
  • whinchesters
  • samwinchester
  • jointhehunt
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Supernatural Imagines by katelynsepticeye
Supernatural Imaginesby katelynsepticeye
Images about supernatural. (REQUESTS ARE OPEN). Sorry if they suck I'm not good at writing so hope you enjoy this book.
  • dean
  • sam
  • jack
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Supernatural Imagines by ChyBuffington
Supernatural Imaginesby Chy Buffington
Put yourself in the story! Follow the footsteps of your favorite Supernatural characters!
  • jointhehunt
  • crowley
  • winchesters
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Mystery Spot by gabriel_thearchangel
Mystery Spotby gabriel_thearchangel
Sabriel fanfiction
  • spnfamily
  • sabriel
  • archangel
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The Path to Heaven Runs Through Hell// A Supernatural Fanfiction by winchexter
The Path to Heaven Runs Through S P N
The young girl, Paxton Caldwell (Pax) wanted her life to be a story. She wanted for someone to recall her name in the next generation and say, "Her story is fantast...
  • dean
  • jointhehunt
  • supernatural
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Woman In White by TinkerbellBleu
Woman In Whiteby TinkerbellBleu
Supernatural ~ Alternate Timeline: The Ties That Bind Season 1: Episode 1 Obsessed with avenging the brutal murder of his wife at the hands of paranormal forces, John Wi...
  • mostlycanon
  • jointhehunt
  • alternatetimeline
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Phantom Traveler by TinkerbellBleu
Phantom Travelerby TinkerbellBleu
Supernatural ~ Alternate Timeline: The Ties That Bind Season 1: Episode 3 Obsessed with avenging the brutal murder of his wife at the hands of paranormal forces, John Wi...
  • jointhehunt
  • sam
  • spn
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All In Your Mind by _mishapocalypse
All In Your Mindby _mishapocalypse
Dean, the tough, extremely gorgeous, funny and not to mention badass new kid happens to find himself in yet another school and meets Cas, the smartest and not to mention...
  • supernatural
  • spn
  • johnwinchester
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One In The Same (A Dean Winchester Fan-Fiction) by AHSTRANGE
One In The Same (A Dean AHSTRANGE
Hannah Kyle has a dark past. At the age of only fifteen, she was possessed by a demon, and was forced to watch as her own hands murdered both of her parents. The Demon m...
  • dark
  • fan-fiction
  • samanddeanwinchester
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