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Pokemon: Forever You and I by NickyZaizen
Pokemon: Forever You and Iby Nicky Zaizen
Meet May. A young woman who just dumped her boyfriend because her boyfriend is caging her, not supporting her dreams. She is gifted with a goddess voice that everyone wa...
Pokémon Journey Through the KANTO REGION! by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
Pokémon Journey Through the εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
Pσƙéɱσɳ Sҽɾιҽʂ: BOOK 1 Meet Yuna Destiny Mew Ketchum, a young girl who has big and amazing dream and goal to achieve and complete in the World of Pokémon. Yuna starts ou...
Seeking Adventure: A Male Reader x Pokemon Story by Bluebleo
Seeking Adventure: A Male Reader Author Man
Y/n Ketchum is the brother of Ash Ketchum, and a lab assistant to Prof.Elm over the summer. He' also incredibly lazy. But hey, he tries. He's so lazy, that on his tenth...
Pokémon Journey Through the JOHTO REGION! by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
Pokémon Journey Through the εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
Pσƙéɱσɳ Sҽɾιҽʂ: BOOK 2 Another journey is about to begin for Yuna, family and her friends, as they enter the next region of the Mystery World of Pokémon; the Johto Regi...
[ON HOLD] Takuya Aurora Sky Pokémon Adventures! by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
[ON HOLD] Takuya Aurora Sky Poké εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
See as the story starts of as Takuya Aurora Sky a 5-year-old girl, and her mother goes on a vacation in the Kanto Region; Orange Islands known as Kumquat Island. But dur...
[OLD] Luna Mew Light Johto Journey by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
[OLD] Luna Mew Light Johto Journeyby εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
Xx BOOK 2: Sequel to 'Luna Mew Light Kanto Journey' Xx Xх Second FanFiction Story! хX Luna Mew Light is a young girl who dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master, when she w...
Pokemon Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz x Readerby Remus Hisahoshi
Guess who's back Back Back Back again Again again All joking aside hello my favorite little victims! Or as you prefer to be called: Readers. My name is Evangeline Hisah...
Platonic by YouDontKnowShipping
Platonicby •YDKS•
May and Drew begin their new adventure together in the Johto region! However, things aren't as they seem. Something is going on under the surface. Can Drew protect May w...
Golden Time | Gold x Reader [Pokémon] by luna_5oo
Golden Time | Gold x Reader [Poké я_кσgαмι
A young man was badly injured after getting into a car incident and was immediately brought to the hospital; treated, but that wasn't enough. You - Y/N L/N - are in char...
Pokémon Trainer One-Shots & Scenarios (Discontinued) by withered_lycoris
Pokémon Trainer One-Shots & withered_lycoris
My dearest apologies although this book has been discontinued due to lack of motivation. - Welcome to Pokémon Trainer One-Shots and Scenarios! Here, you can request for...
Pokemon: Travelling To All The Regions Book 1 by serezdipity
Pokemon: Travelling To All The ✨🎀🌸🎀✨
5 years after their kalos journey, Ash returns to meet up with his friends and have decided to travel once more , but this time it's all over the world. They will be tr...
Pokemon Boiz, Gurlz, And Non-Binary Peoplez x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz, Gurlz, And Remus Hisahoshi
Guess who learned how to write stories for EVERYONE regardless of gender or sexuality! (Because I stopped being in denial and came out as pansexual) This gurl right here...
[Punch to the face] Pokemon Bea x Male Reader by KaboomKook0
[Punch to the face] Pokemon Bea Kaboom Kook
Y/n a 20 year old boy from Galar Region has traveled all over the worlds with his trusted partner Mew. How you think we'll it started by accident Y/n walk up to a mounta...
Pokémon one-shots by Sylveon12
Pokémon one-shotsby Chloe
(It might as well just be a book about FerrisWheel at this point tbh) I tossed around the idea of this book and decided that I'm gonna try and make a Pokémon one-shot bo...
pokémon trainer scenarios/oneshots! by lavenderxdreams
pokémon trainer scenarios/oneshots!by lav 🔮
pokémon trainers x reader! characters will be from both the games and the anime! requests can be made on page 1!
Ash's Pokémon Journey by lara1388
Ash's Pokémon Journeyby Laura Emily
This Story is about how I think Ash's journey through Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova should have been. With more pokemon. Smart, Psychic and Aura...
Someone Like You - Pokemon ♡Soulsilvershipping♡ - Complete by _LisaNguyen_
Someone Like You - Pokemon ♡ ღLisa Nguyenღ
[Will be edited eventually] I couldn't wait to go on a journey and become Champion of Johto. It would've been a dream come true, achieving a goal some people couldn't do...
Pokemon S&M: A travel through the past by Gygan_9835
Pokemon S&M: A travel through Gygan_9835
Ash and his friends were having a normal class of battle practise, as the topic was to enhance the usage of the Z-moves... but on a weird situation, Ash starts to feel w...
Johto Dex by AimeeCope
Johto Dexby Aimee Cope
In this attempt for Johto, we will review each piece of information for every Pokemon, including evolution charts and sprites, along with the addition of Max Moves!
Pokémon - Ship it or Rip it by fallen_soldier_evie
Pokémon - Ship it or Rip itby ☘︎︎ ᴇᴠɪᴇ ☘︎︎
This is the place where I'll write down a bunch of my unpopular opinions on Pokémon ships. Requests are welcome! Well, this book could contain swear words, but I'll try...