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||From Hate To Love|| - [ Lams ] by MadyPalm-Writer
||From Hate To Love|| - [ Lams ]by 🐢The-Turtle-LOVER🐢
John Laurens, a Teenage that is shy, doesn't talk, is a nerd, and a nobody with depression, is able to love? No, not really. Alexander Hamilton a Teenage that is popula...
What It Means To Be Accepted//kings college//hamilton AU// by ariealynn
What It Means To Be Accepted// Evan
Its Alexander's first year at Kings college and it's not like he can say hes excited about it. But when a new student transfers up from South Carolina to attend school i...
I'll Tell Your Story by hxilii
I'll Tell Your Storyby Author~Chan
**DISCLAIMER** The characters in this story are all real people. Historical and dead, yet real people. However the events were tweaked to be as gay as possible. Enjoy
Space boy || Lams AU {rewriting} by no0braincells0here
Space boy || Lams AU {rewriting}by Ur mom
A boy who loves space more than himself and a boy who can't stop staring.
Teacher, Teacher (LAMS Modern AU) by emandem0205
Teacher, Teacher (LAMS Modern AU)by hamoltun :)
Alexander Hamilton is a young 20 year old professor who teaches at King's College. One day, John Laurens, a student in his class, comes in on the first day of his new jo...
What Will You Fall For? ~ Lams by infinity_circle
What Will You Fall For? ~ Lamsby k
Alexander Hamilton didn't know what he was doing when he came to America. All he knew was he had to do something great, for himself, the people who fought for him and hi...
||Can I be Loved?|| - Lams [Soulmate AU] by MadyPalm-Writer
||Can I be Loved?|| - Lams [ 🐢The-Turtle-LOVER🐢
Every person has a bracelet on his left harm, and when you find your soulmate puts the thing that they love at most. John Laurens a 19 year old teenager who was kicked o...
Fluffy / Smutty Oneshots & Prompts {LAMS ; REQUESTS OPEN} by bub-bles
Fluffy / Smutty Oneshots & jay
A book of fluff and smut, with everyone's favorite founding father and lovely best friend. I hope you enjoy! Leave me any prompt you'd like to see! {LAMS} smut ; fluff...
A Spell They Didn't See Coming (A Hamilton Hogwarts AU)  by I-Can-Suck-Your-Dick
A Spell They Didn't See Coming ( 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 𝓭𝓾𝓼𝓽 💞
John Laurens is a 1st year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His parents are muggles. He expects to be sorted into Hufflepuff when something he doe...
Letters From my Lover (a Lams Fanfic) by BabyTato467
Letters From my Lover (a Lams BabyTato467
Alex has always been a nice, honest kid. Until he meets John. That's when the lies begin. What would his mother think? What would his Uncle George think? He can't tell t...
|| john x alex ||   by Meneerth
|| john x alex || by Meneerth
it's basicly a fanfic just to bully my friends, i wanted to post it on here cuz it took me like an hour to write, so it would be sad if the only purpose of this was bull...
Lams A Hamilton Fanfic by lolpatton433
Lams A Hamilton Fanficby Circuit Fryer
Alexander is coming back from a trip to France. He brings a nice mysterious boy with him, Jefferson, little does John know that Jefferson also has a crush on Alex. After...
The first time I saw him by M1lkl0rd
The first time I saw himby M1lkl0rd
He's mysterious. Works in silence. John notices him and immediately takes a liking to the boy. Will it work out in the end? Or will their relationship take a turn for th...
Unexpected || Lams by AddieAsid
Unexpected || Lamsby AddieAsid
||Lams College AU|| Alexander Hamilton is entering Kings College. When Alex goes to his dorm he finds out his roommate is his high school best friend the one and only...
peach scones || lams by seasickaneta
peach scones || lamsby aneta
[oh, you got a man? are you in love? if so, what type?] dear diary. maybe it really isn't meant to be.
: Night Runner : --LAMS-- by marrowcloud
: Night Runner : --LAMS--by uwu owo
Films about life in the law enforcement agency aren't as accurate as you'd expect. Alexander Hamilton works for the CIA, and he is part of a forensic team of high intell...
freckles & bullets by My_fandom_feels
freckles & bulletsby Ravioli
alexander hamilton killed john laurens. but alexander hamilton is in love with john laurens. (i was thinking to maybe make this into an actual story if anyone would read...
Photograph. - Lams by The__Bumble__Bee
Photograph. - Lamsby ♡Honey♡
"We keep this love in a photograph, We make these memories for ourselves Where are eyes are never closing, hearts are never breaking, time's forever frozen still...