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Opposites attract - Dally Winston by Writergal1500
Opposites attract - Dally Winstonby Write4life
"You don't know where I come from, and I don't know where you come from. So lets just put aside our differences... for the gang" - Gracie Trying to get away fr...
Gold Grace  { Johnny Cade FanFic } by TulsaGreaserz
Gold Grace { Johnny Cade FanFic }by TulsaGreaserz
"Well, uh, for me, personally, that was probably the best moment of my life. Just throwin that out there." I say mighty with awkwardness. He lightly laughs a...
all you, only you 'The Outsiders' by tuulsa
all you, only you 'The Outsiders'by y'all
After getting in trouble with guns and money, Cher Winston ditches New York. She makes her way down to Oklahoma and coincidentally finds herself in none other than Tulsa...
His sister (Johnny Cade x Reader) by Rosey1013
His sister (Johnny Cade x Reader)by flor mallorquin
Sup, I'm (Y/N) Matthews and my older brother Keith, but I call him Two-Bit. Anyways, Two-Bit introduced me to his gang and some of them are jerks but one of them seems p...
BabyGirl  by dancing_darry
BabyGirl by Jill
Dallas Winston Fanfic! In this Johnny Cades little sister, Ashley, finds herself falling in love with her brothers best friend. Although they don't get along at first, w...
My Enemy by multistories12345
My Enemyby poop
There was this boy named Ralph in my High School that I hated with a passion. Something about him just doesn't sit right with me. He's been with me for elementary, middl...
Caring for Y/N by SierraBall6
Caring for Y/Nby Sia
Y/N meets a stranger in the lot and becomes best friends with him and his gang. One day, she goes for a walk and gets jumped. Will she survive, and will anyone protect h...
Along Came Johnny by Ascool_114
Along Came Johnnyby Adrienne Smith
Bella James and Johnny Cade have been best friends throughout the worst of times to the greatest. They have shared amazing memories along the way. People always ask them...
Forever - Johnny Cade by Writergal1500
Forever - Johnny Cadeby Write4life
Kinsley, a sixteen year old with a rough home life is about to give up from the pain and torture life suffocates her with. But when she meets seven guys, they change her...
Dally's Doll by cancer-st1cks
Dally's Dollby cancer-st1cks
When Dallas Winston meets and falls for a beautiful girl, things don't just go smoothly from there. They are polar opposites, but something different is there; a spark...
Johnny's Girl by _theoutsidersfangirl
Johnny's Girlby abbymacchio
This is a story about The Outsiders, but if you were in the gang!
Brothers best friend Dallas winston X reader by tombboyforlife
Brothers best friend Dallas Liz
Y/n Cade, Johnnys younger sister. Nobody sees her cause she's always locked away in her room to avoid her dads beatings. When Y/n does get face to face with her dad Jo...
Oakley Curtis by CSZ2011
Oakley Curtisby CSZ2011
Oakley Curtis is the non-verbal, 11 year old sister, who had autism. Since my one autism book was a huge hit, I decided to write this book. I'm writing this in modern da...
𝐵𝑎𝑏𝑦 𝐼𝑡'𝑠 3 𝐴𝑚. ponyboy curtis  by bellalovesmadi
𝐵𝑎𝑏𝑦 𝐼𝑡'𝑠 3 𝐴𝑚. ponyboy bella
y/n and ponyboy have been best friends since diapers day until they reached highschool when ponyboy became popular for his looks and for being the captain of the track t...
Dally's Baby Sister//Ponyboy Curtis by angelkoala23
Dally's Baby Sister//Ponyboy Curtisby 🌹CRYBABY🌹
"No! Don't shoot!" I screamed. Dally directed his attention to me as he was shot again. I made my way to him, but I heard another shot go off and I felt an exc...
Superhero→ Ponyboy Curtis by brokenpausebutton
Superhero→ Ponyboy Curtisby brokenpausebutton
❝her parents always told her not to play with fire. you'll get burned.❞ copyright @ b r o k e n p a u s e b u t t o n
sign language | the outsiders by -Iovegood
sign language | the outsidersby ⁺˚*・༓☾ ISA ☽༓・*˚⁺
she sees him every day when he gets back from school. she smiles, he smiles. she waves, he waves. one day she tries to start a conversation. [ johnny cade ]
C C - dallas winston [DISCONTINUED] by blsunley
C C - dallas winston [DISCONTINUED]by :))
[ a book in which charli cade discovers her older brother, johnny, as well as his friends. particularly, dallas winston ] [WARNING - THIS IS A VERY SLOW BEGINNING, BUT I...
We're Forbidden-Johnnyboy by greaserbabes
We're Forbidden-Johnnyboyby it be that way
C O M P L E T E D "Tell me he forced himself on you Ponyboy!" Soda yelled desperately. Pony looked at Johnny who was wide eyed and shaking with fear in Dalla...