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Ti Amo da Lontano // Johnnyboy by ponyboysmiles
Ti Amo da Lontano // Johnnyboyby nikki //
"Ti amo fino alla luna e ritorno," he whispered. I couldn't help but smile. // Jonathan Cade is the new kid at school. He's an Italian immigrant, looking for a...
My One And Only // {Johnnyboy} by yogurt_male
My One And Only // {Johnnyboy}by devannn
~{Johnnyboy}~ This is the truth about what happened during The Outsiders. No, neither Johnny nor Pony were straight. DISCLAIMER: All of these characters belong to S.E...
After Outsiders by gabbykoniecny
After Outsidersby gabbykoniecny
I sat down and picked up my pen and thought for a minute. Remembering. Remembering a handsome, dark boy with a reckless grin and a hot temper. A tough, two-headed boy wi...
Pb+J  by Thelesbiannextdoor_
Pb+J by Sayge💞🧸
Basically it's johnnyboy 😗✌🏻 *AGES ARE UPDATED*
We're Forbidden-Johnnyboy by greaserbabes
We're Forbidden-Johnnyboyby it be that way
C O M P L E T E D "Tell me he forced himself on you Ponyboy!" Soda yelled desperately. Pony looked at Johnny who was wide eyed and shaking with fear in Dalla...
zenosyne | johnnyboy one shots by x_leoji
zenosyne | johnnyboy one shotsby todd & pj
we both love the outsiders and johnnyboy so why not write oneshots about them?! the au we're going to mostly be using is that they're living in our time (still the same...
Lost & Found// Johnnyboy [𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕝𝕖𝕥𝕖𝕕] by futureria
Lost & Found// Johnnyboy [𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕡 ria
An abused boy runs away from everything he's ever known, desperate for sanctuary elsewhere. How lucky for him, that there's another boy waiting, aching, for somebody to...
Anxiety Problems ➸ Johnnyboy by -TellMe
Anxiety Problems ➸ Johnnyboyby Lynn
❝I also wear baggy pants to cover my hips since they've gotten more feminine.❞
Sometimes Silence is Golden  by Jay_isnotokay
Sometimes Silence is Golden by I’m in all fandoms
"Why don't you ever talk, Johnnycake?" "Because, sometimes silence is golden. Especially when I'm with you." 🌸A Johnnyboy fic 🌸
Johnnyboy shit idfk by jjohnnyboy
Johnnyboy shit idfkby trash
I'm bored and it's summer ok idk what I'm doing //I do not own nor am I associated with The Outsiders or any of the The Outsiders characters. All credits and rights go...
Only you - Johnny x Ponyboy by JohnnyCadee
Only you - Johnny x Ponyboyby Skyla
My name's Ponyboy Curtis. I live with my brothers, soda and Darry. I'm just like any other greaser; I keep my hair nice and greasy. Accept, I'm different. I like my best...
Just friends, best friends -Johnnyboy  by januarycade
Just friends, best friends 𝓳𝓪𝓷𝓾𝓪𝓻𝔂 <3
Johnny and Ponyboy are soulmates no doubt, but they have to live in fear from a cold and hate driven town. So many things get in their way, will they stay faithful?
My Ships one-shots. (Completed!) by Multi_Fandom07
My Ships one-shots. (Completed!)by erika hart
Just all of my favorite ships and one-shots of them. My ships are gayyyyyy (like me 🤠🤓), but maybe once in a blue moon (a request) there will be a hetero ship. But unt...
the outsiders oneshots by discojizz
the outsiders oneshotsby derek
"cause you and i, we were born to die" | gay oneshots of the outsiders
the outsiders! by tobiosmilkTM
the outsiders!by multifandom
the title lol various ships
Johnny X Pony (The Outsiders) by Books-of-murder
Johnny X Pony (The Outsiders)by Fanfic-book-person
IF JOHNNY GOT BETTER FROM THE FIRE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN MY HEAD!!Johnnyboy is one word to describe this I think. Every chapter a new twist, JOHNNYBOY!!!!!!!!! I do no...
Golden Sun ( Johnny x Ponyboy ) by CorgiDorki
Golden Sun ( Johnny x Ponyboy )by CorgiDorki
This is based off if Johnny did survive the fire! This is slightly fluff but there will be no lemons. ( Slight cursing warning ) As a greaser life is tough. A few days...
A Kind Of Love (Johnnyboy) by larryboobear_1
A Kind Of Love (Johnnyboy)by larryboobear_1
Johnny and Ponyboy have been in a secret relationship for a while now. They loved each other more than their lives. Everything was perfectly fine, until... !! I'm stil...