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A Morning Jog is Good for Your Health by Cherikella
A Morning Jog is Good for Your Tᴜʀɴ ᴜᴘ ᴛʜᴇ Cʜᴇʀɪᴋ
Charles is late for a meeting so he takes the shortcut through the park where he meets a shark-grinning jogging man who just won't take a hint and let him be. Cover made...
  • x-men
  • erik
  • xavier
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Moving On by candyaple101
Moving Onby Vanessa .
Stacey is 15 turning 16 when she discovers a secret that turns her life around. She is forced to move from sunny California to Houston,Texas. She doesn't even know her m...
  • california
  • alchohol
  • high
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True Love~ Markipier  by MajesticSmith5
True Love~ Markipier by Majestic Smith
one day you meet a handsome man you never seen before in a coffee shop and he asked you to come over? what will you do
  • coffee
  • markiplier
  • rose
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Dear Diary by makeyoumine13
Dear Diaryby Al-ki
Posible ba na mahalin mo yung tao na hindi mo pa nakikita?. Yung tao na kahit boses ay hindi mo pa naririnig?. Maging pangkaraniwang impormasyon ay hindi mo alam. Pangal...
  • diary
  • tree
  • jogging
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My Jogging Buddy (slow updates...) by SooyuWrites
My Jogging Buddy (slow updates...)by SooYu
Audrey Greene, a nineteen-year-old new yorker finally moves out of her not so worth staying and boring hometown near Rochester to New Haven, Connecticut, to attend Yale...
  • drama
  • teens
  • love
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End of a Jogger by trevorburt
End of a Joggerby Trevor Burton
Short humorous story of an office worker who is transformed from one time charity jogger into a Marathon runner.
  • running
  • londonmarathon
  • charityrunner
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A Modern Day Romeo and Juliet Story by xDontJudgeMe
A Modern Day Romeo and Juliet Storyby Leah [or Lenny/Lozer ;)]
Jennel Carter never thought something as simple as ice-cream would lead her to her own tragedy. Let’s rewind a bit, shall we? At age sixteen, Jennel has never been kisse...
  • pierre
  • squirrel
  • story
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Earphones (Tagalog) by JustAWriter4033
Earphones (Tagalog)by JustAWriter4033
"She is cute. She is intelligent as well. Isa siya sa mga taong masasabi mo na hindi man mayaman sa ngayon, ngunit yayaman sa hinaharap. Not only that I like her, I...
  • tamangpanahon
  • jogging
  • tagalog
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Death, Lies, and Revenge- The Lies Series. Part 2 by Dramaxxur
Death, Lies, and Revenge- The Alan
Sequel to Gossip, Lies, and Secrets. April was found not guilty of killing Shelly due to lack of evidence. Lisa got sent to the hospital and got surgery. Everything is f...
  • mental
  • end
  • moving
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Nyx elemental, boarding school by angelshocker
Nyx elemental, boarding schoolby angelshocker
Sapphire Lynnette is special and she doesn’t even know it. She’s a freshmen about to go to boarding school for students who can control different elements Earth, Fire, A...
  • suspense
  • dizziness
  • jogging
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My Life Is A Mexican Soap Opera by JinIsMyLife1
My Life Is A Mexican Soap Operaby JinIsMyLife
Annaleah was content with her normal life, until everything changes, and it turns into anything but normal. The father she assumed for some reason is dead, comes back...
  • broken
  • linebacker
  • victorias
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Catch Me if You Can by thousandpapercranez
Catch Me if You Canby Aurelia North
If you love running, raise your hand! If you want to lose weight, raise your hand! If you want to build strength, raise your hand! If you don't think you can do it, but...
  • jogging
  • running
  • walking
Flowers Near the Window by KaliM27
Flowers Near the Windowby YoungWoman2001
A love story between a Korean-American man and an American woman who have different, but similar lives from one another, who both go jogging every day in the morning.
  • love
  • scorpio
  • writer
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The Ripple Effect by taintedheartbeat
The Ripple Effectby taintedheartbeat
Cara has always felt like she did not belong. No matter how much she tried to blend in and be the perfect daughter, friend and sister. There was something making her fee...
  • twins
  • loveatfirstsight
  • house
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The Words I Never Said by hisimperfectangel25
The Words I Never Saidby Charlie C. ∞
Alex Night is your normal teenager who's part of a band that no one really ever listens to. He writes all their songs, and they're all inspired by one girl: Emily Summer...
  • what
  • screaming
  • concert
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