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Tentacle love by JoeyDurborow
Tentacle loveby JoeyDurborow
Samantha has moved to a new town with her mother. She is fascinated by tentacles and has always wanted to know what it feels like being held by them. Her mother works in...
Space station alien lust.  by JoeyDurborow
Space station alien lust. by JoeyDurborow
Andrea lives on a space station that researches alien species. She has lived on this space station for several years and has studied many alien creature species. But one...
My Tentacle lover by JoeyDurborow
My Tentacle loverby JoeyDurborow
Jessica is a 26 year old woman who is crazy about tentacles. She loves to fantasize about having sex with a tentacle monster and falling madly in love. In her apartment...
Python love in captivity  by JoeyDurborow
Python love in captivity by JoeyDurborow
Kaley was kidnapped when she was 12 years old by her father after her parents divorced and he was denied visitation with her. Her father took her to a house in the middl...
Summertime tentacles by JoeyDurborow
Summertime tentaclesby JoeyDurborow
Ashley has just finished her second year of college. It's been a stressful year and she is ready to relax and unwind and maybe find love. her aunt and uncle live in a be...
Tangled with an octopus  by JoeyDurborow
Tangled with an octopus by JoeyDurborow
Kelly is a gorgeous redhead who would love nothing more then to have her family's vacation go smoothly. But sadly her family trips are always ruined by her younger broth...
Hermione Granger and the tentacle beast of the dark forest by JoeyDurborow
Hermione Granger and the JoeyDurborow
Hermione granger returns to Hogwarts for a special assignment from former professor Minerva Mcgonagall. She is assigned to take care of a tentacle beast who lives in a s...
Halloween tentacles  by JoeyDurborow
Halloween tentacles by JoeyDurborow
Kerri was sick of always taking her sister out trick or treating on Halloween. But this year It was even worse. Her friends have invited her to a Halloween party but unf...
River and the tentacle monster by JoeyDurborow
River and the tentacle monsterby JoeyDurborow
River is an 18 year old woman who has been shipped off to Japan by a vengeful aunt and uncle following the tragic death of her parents. While she is living in Japan, she...