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La hija de ricki Martin by alesil90
La hija de ricki Martinby ale Silguero
Mi nombre es Roma Martin tengo 18 años y vivo en loga ecuador con mi mejor amiga Emma Pausini nosotras somos muy unidas pues nuestros padres son buenos amigos. soy de e...
  • fantasy
  • rickimartin
  • joelpimentel
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Jizzie as in Highschool by Jess_shipper
Jizzie as in Highschoolby Jess
When Lizzie gets and unusually grade on a test and asks a shy nerd to help her, will something spark between them This are real people, all of there names go with their...
  • lizzie
  • smallishbeans
  • love
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Past and Present || CNCO by EiramVelez
Past and Present || CNCOby Eiram Reoux
"Why can't it be? Why can't it be the two of us again?? Please Y/n, I want you back." He seriously asked. "We can't be together again, I'm sorry." D...
  • labanda
  • joel
  • christopher
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suicide note//c.z.k by playboi-kuwonu
suicide note//c.z.kby 🌚yazlin🕷
just read the damn story to find out🤷🏽‍♀️
  • lee
  • nick
  • joel
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Light in the Dark||TLOU||Joel x Reader  by TwistTheKaleidoscope
Light in the Dark||TLOU||Joel x NerdyFangirl❤️
Joel never expected to have to trek across the quarantine zone, escorting a young girl by the name of Ellie. He especially never expected to be led by a firefly. And he...
  • thelastofus
  • joel
  • joelxreader
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Just a bet | A Jizzie Story| by RauraKLMJizzie
Just a bet | A Jizzie Story|by JizzieBabyy
Lizzie an 18yrs old girl just moved from America to England. She schooled in a well-known school in England called England Academy. On her first day, everyone was lookin...
  • jizzie
  • fanfiction
  • lizzie
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Hold On • The Last Of Us • by ssbybkta
Hold On • The Last Of Us •by ssbybkta
ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴀsᴛ ᴏғ ᴜs ғᴀɴ ғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ "Liz just hold on a minute." "You don't get to tell me to hold on! Your bitterness is what drove me away! I needed you the mos...
  • thelastofus
  • clickers
  • joel
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💟 Mi Dulce Regaló 💟 by Arycncowner3
💟 Mi Dulce Regaló 💟by Aylin Hernández
Los obstáculos siempre han sido parte de mi vida desde que me declaré gay... pero también me han brindado él amor puro y verdadero que encontré en él...Erick siempre me...
  • richard
  • deseo
  • erick
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Instagram (erick brian colon y tu) by mbarColon1
Instagram (erick brian colon y tu)by MurielAguilera
Erick brian colon y ___ Gómez se conocieron por una red llamada "Instagram" y se enamoran poco a poco ¿ Sera que ellos se conocieran? ¿ Serán felices? Descúb...
  • erick
  • zabdiel
  • cnco
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Attack Of The Peanut Butter by Jaroddddd
Attack Of The Peanut Butterby Jarodddd
Joel is a 12 year old in Lincoln Caps Middle School, he makes a decision that he will regret.
  • charles
  • ripjoel
  • joel
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100 Questions  &  Answers About HIV And AIDS [PDF] by Joel E. Gallant by hikynepo33131
100 Questions & Answers About hikynepo33131
Read 100 Questions & Answers About HIV And AIDS PDF by Joel E. Gallant Jones & Bartlett Learning Listen to 100 Questions & Answers About HIV And AIDS audiobook by Jo...
  • questions
  • pdf
  • gallant
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The Infinite Tortoise [PDF] by Joel Levy by seninila54235
The Infinite Tortoise [PDF] by seninila54235
Read The Infinite Tortoise PDF by Joel Levy Michael O'Mara Listen to The Infinite Tortoise: The Curious Thought Experiments of History's Great Thinkers audiobook by Joel...
  • infinite
  • levy
  • tortoise
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Seduceme II Joel y tú II by EstefaniaOrtiz3
Seduceme II Joel y tú IIby Gossip_Girl
Merecía la pena romper todas esas reglas por un chico como él. R. número 1: Nada de citas a ciegas. Después de haberse enfrentado a muchas obligada por sus amigas , ____...
  • richard
  • erick
  • secret
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The Uchiha of Olympus by Lizardboy22
The Uchiha of Olympusby Lizardboy22
This is a story mixed with the story Pegasus by Kate O hearon correct me on my spelling and I do not own the characters or the Uchiha/sharingan. I do own the Uchiha cha...
  • joel
  • olympians
  • madarauchiha
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Extreme Conservation [PDF] by Joel Berger by cypykoma68701
Extreme Conservation [PDF] by cypykoma68701
Read Extreme Conservation PDF by Joel Berger University of Chicago Press Listen to Extreme Conservation: Life at the Edges of the World audiobook by Joel Berger Read Onl...
  • pdf
  • joel
  • conservation
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Salad Bar Beef [PDF] by Joel Salatin by nuruputo66202
Salad Bar Beef [PDF] by Joel nuruputo66202
Read Salad Bar Beef PDF by Joel Salatin Polyface Listen to Salad Bar Beef audiobook by Joel Salatin Read Online Salad Bar Beef ebook by Joel Salatin Find out Salad Bar B...
  • pdf
  • salad
  • joel
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CNCO Imagines🔥❤ by sweetnsalty_
CNCO Imagines🔥❤by CNCOwner😍🔥
just a random girl who writes CNCO imagines to bless ur little hearts😍REQUESTS ARE OPEN❤ I can write in any genre.. ENJOYY😊
  • relationship
  • cncowners
  • cncosmut
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Effort by uchiha_chiaki
Effortby uchiha_chiaki
Christopher has feeling for Joel for years already but he don't know how to tell him. He would do anything to make sure Joel stay single such as snatching every girl Jo...
  • zabdiel
  • joel
  • boyxboy
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Jizzie Supernatural World by jizziefan101
Jizzie Supernatural Worldby jizziefan101
This book is about the supernatural (werewolves vampires and witches) one day a vampire was walking alone the woods looking for something to eat. The moon was just setti...
  • joel
  • werewolf
  • smallishbeans
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Mi princesa  by Ziencioufav
Mi princesa by cncosexy🔥
Descubre la historia de ____ Álvarez y Christopher Vélez aquí ❤
  • rayita
  • cnco
  • erick
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