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just girls. | matty healy by haarryystyless
just girls. | matty healyby s. ♡
I was desperate to know him. Every second away from him was spent thinking of him. He was a magnet, slowly drawing me in until I was close enough that his force would sn...
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nymphette ↣ afi x jmk by cherryxcalum
nymphette ↣ afi x jmkby violet
"it was like she was written into life by nabokov, and i am going to make her mine" --- "she knew that it was lust at first glance, but she never thought...
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The Not So Random Book by msmorenita
The Not So Random Bookby jade
just random pile of short stories, rants, random facts about me, the strange world or my odd friends lol. enjoy the cringe. I use Joanna Kuchta a lot as cast, I am dyin...
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imbécil by fracasaditxs
imbécilby fracasadas but picantes
donde dos mejores amigas gustan del mismo chico. /// k pazara? alv sigue leyendo:v xdxdxd
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internet friends // LH by xxxElectraHeartxxx
internet friends // LHby dora the explorer
Hemmo Boy: have you ever heard of 5 Seconds Of Summer? (read) Joanna is queen: oh yeah, that one boy band! (read) Joanna is queen: my favorite member is harry styles. (r...
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Madison v.s Evie ➳ jack gilinsky ➳ instagram -en pausa- by nate-sbabygirl
Madison v.s Evie ➳ jack gilinsky ➳ ♡
➳La ex de Jack, Evie y la actual novia, Madison pelearan por el
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DARK OUT by youuths
DARK OUTby honestly 5 yrs old
"Careful, a pretty girl like you shouldn't be in a place like this when it's dark out." - BEGAN 20 OCT 2016 , THURSDAY -
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The Librarian •H. S by AurouraMoon
The Librarian •H. Sby MIRI
Harry is a young, horny teenager. At the age of 16, he finds himself sexually attracted to his school's librarian, Miss. Kuchta
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pure by Luke_Wyd
pureby Snow.
"Take My pure" she sang as I watched her, she is so beautiful.
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distance (antoine griezmann) by LOSBLANC0S
distance (antoine griezmann)by ally !!!
❝the lines stitched into highways; the never-ending seams, on roads that are less travelled, dividing you and me. i wish i could unravel, the fabric in-between, and tea...
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loving charli; DISCONTINUED !! by jeepthroat
loving charli; DISCONTINUED !!by baby love.
"she had a face straight outta magazine." all rights reserved © 2014 ;; by tyra
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PROMISE'S by romanticpoetry-
can't keep holding on to secrets.
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stepbrother » sw ♡ by alltimeali
stepbrother » sw ♡by alltimeali
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Grier's Mistake by oohcookies
Grier's Mistakeby oohcookies
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masks ⇒ 5sos by sarah-fanfics
masks ⇒ 5sosby sarah
"So you had your face masked your whole life and you're still wondering why people dont like you?" "Yeah pretty much."
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Obsessive by floralcluhb
Obsessiveby ू(•ᴗ•ू❁)
“I’m a little way too obsessive with you, I’m sorry,” I say to a picture of him I had snapped, printed and pasted on my bedroom wall.
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Scarlett • 5sos by mukesturtle
Scarlett • 5sosby Mäððïè & Ćëíłī (^O^)
"So,you like Flowers?" {fanfic} ALL RIGHTS RESERVED {2015} •• MADDIE/MUKESTURTLE
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Vitiated - c.h by Arivzona
Vitiated - c.hby Ophelia Pryce
Where a rich girl and habituated to get everything, falls in love with a boy which doesn't consider her. Italian Story by ClaviaButera English version by Arivzona [Clav...
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his - lrh by iconicdrugs
his - lrhby iconicdrugs
"i guess im his."
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“Ashton, what did you dream about last night?” “Her.”
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