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The Destiny Ocean Liner by JenlisaBender
The Destiny Ocean Linerby JenlisaBender
Jennie Kim has decided to go on The Destiny Ocean Liner. A three-month-long cruise to explore the Caribbean and Europe with her best friend Park Chaeyoung or Rosé a famo...
BLACKPINK oN cRaCk by rosiezavocadoo
BLACKPINK oN cRaCkby Pasta
Yeongan! As u can tell by reading the title.....pinks are on crack (made this book cuz I was bored, lol) Ok bye.... Highest Ranks - #1 in Jisooturtlerabbitkim #3 in bl...
We Meet Again [A Lisoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
We Meet Again [A Lisoo Story]by You or Me
Jisoo saved Lisa from a situation with her ex. But after that, they meet again as Lisa is the new CEO of her late mother's company and Jisoo is the new secretary for her.
Complicated Feelings [A Lisoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
Complicated Feelings [A Lisoo Stor...by You or Me
Jisoo is a new student in the school. Lisa welcomes her with open arms and starts to have feelings for her at the same time. An incident occurs in the school which cause...
Jisoo x Lisa [Unexpected Love] Lisoo by FANFICL0VER222
Jisoo x Lisa [Unexpected Love] Lis...by You or Me
Jisoo and Lisa has been friends for over 2 years, their other friends Chaeyoung and Jennie knows that Lisa has liked Jisoo for a while already. But, an unexpected accide...
A Lisoo Story [Troubles] by FANFICL0VER222
A Lisoo Story [Troubles]by You or Me
After Jisoo's father dies, she is forced to live with her abusive stepmother. She meets a kind and beautiful girl who helps her through all of her troubles. What will ha...
Any Second [A Lisoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
Any Second [A Lisoo Story]by You or Me
Lalisa Manoban is an undercover FBI agent trying to find the drug kingpin in a high school. In her journey, she meets another girl called Jisoo and starts falling for t...
Alone [A Lisoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
Alone [A Lisoo Story]by You or Me
Jisoo is living in an apartment with his alcoholic and abusive father who is unemployed. She struggles with handling with her father and hiding her bruises and scars. Bu...
Is This What True Love Feels Like? [A Chaesoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
Is This What True Love Feels Like...by You or Me
Jisoo finds out that Jennie was cheating on her. Her overprotective friends Chaeyoung and Lisa helps her through it. But little does she know, Chaeyoung has a crush on J...
Like The Waves [A Lisoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
Like The Waves [A Lisoo Story]by You or Me
Lisa and Jisoo's friends Chaeyoung and Jennie invites them to go sailing with them. Lisa and Jisoo secretly likes each other, but is too afraid to confess. What happens...
BLACKPINK oN cRaCk - 2 (Discontinued) by rosiezavocadoo
BLACKPINK oN cRaCk - 2 (Discontinu...by Pasta
Yeongan! Book 2 of BLACKPINK oN cRaCk... Highest Ranking - #3 in Jisooturtlerabbitkim #3 in Rosieposie #20 in Jendeuk
Surgery For Your Heart [A Lisoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
Surgery For Your Heart [A Lisoo St...by You or Me
Lisa Manoban is a new surgeon in the Hospital of Seoul. She meets a beautiful surgeon who teaches her all the things she needs to know. But that's not the only thing she...
A Bullet For You [Lisoo] by FANFICL0VER222
A Bullet For You [Lisoo]by You or Me
Korea has had a disagreement with Germany and troops are attacking. Women and men are forced to join the military as they are short of recruits. Jisoo and Lisa have both...
Multiply [Lisoo, Chaesoo, Jensoo] by FANFICL0VER222
Multiply [Lisoo, Chaesoo, Jensoo]by You or Me
Jisoo is new at YG school. YG school is a boarding school for very prestigious students. Jisoo recently got a scholarship there. What will happen when different people s...
My Forever Support [A Lisoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
My Forever Support [A Lisoo Story]by You or Me
Jisoo is a quiet and introverted girl at a new school. She meets the trio of Lisa, Jennie and Chaeyoung. Chaeyoung is the nice one, Lisa is the fun one while Jennie is t...
Jisoo x Reader [Someday] by FANFICL0VER222
Jisoo x Reader [Someday]by You or Me
You enroll into a new school. People don't really like you and you get bullied a lot, it is hard for you. Until, somebody steps in and protects you.
Explore With Me [A Chaesoo Story] by FANFICL0VER222
Explore With Me [A Chaesoo Story]by You or Me
Chaeyoung receives an invitation to explore a newly discovered piece of desert with a few other explorers. But during her trip, she starts falling for one of the explore...
WHEN WE MET | Namsoo by chusarxc
WHEN WE MET | Namsooby rev
i've learned to stop rushing the things that needs to grow ~ kim Jisoo Kim Jisoo a new transferred student in the Taejon International School in South Korea, (Daejeon)...