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Clear as Crystal (Ji Dwi x reader) by AnimePlopPlop
Clear as Crystal (Ji Dwi x reader)by Miyuki Kuzunoha
(Y/n) (L/n) was an abandoned child, until found by her abusive father who treats her as if she was just garbage. Her only friend is Ah Ro, the girl that helps her be acc...
HWARANG- The Visitor by youngjaesclasss
HWARANG- The Visitorby yoitsjeongjan
A story where Agape, a girl from Greece finds the Kingdom of Silla and faces new challenges.. *I don't own any of the Hwarang characters except Agape. *pretend I'm conti...
Secret Revealed (Hwarang Jidwi/Sunwoo) by dawinabieber
Secret Revealed (Hwarang Jidwi/Sun...by taewinterbear96
"Why haven't you kill me yet?" "Why haven't you reveal my identity to the rest?" - Jidwi "Because for now the people still needs their king. I...
Queen of Hwarang by silverdropck
Queen of Hwarangby 唐元静
The princess of two kingdoms, yet you dominate the hearts of many. The Queen of Hwarang, and the fate of the three kingdoms rests in front of you. War will soon break ou...
Like Mother: A Hwarang Prequel by reddragonfruit
Like Mother: A Hwarang Prequelby reddragonfruit
Prequel (short). Queen Jiso announces Princess Sookmyung's therapeutic leave, and it's the hot topic among the people of Silla. She's hidden the king and is now sending...
Hwarang Comedies and Tragedies  by lightlessboy
Hwarang Comedies and Tragedies by Darknessboy
Nine little works, three chapters each one, three couples... At the beginning I will talk about the most common ships ( Banryu x Sooho, Yeowool x Hansung and Sunwoo x J...
Unrequited Love ➳ Kim Ji Dwi by wxnnagxtswxld
Unrequited Love ➳ Kim Ji Dwiby ▹ morgan
unrequited /ʌnrɪˈkwʌɪtɪd/ adj adjective: unrequited (of a feeling, especially love) not returned. "she's been pining with unrequited love"
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The Kinsman: A Sequel to Hwarang: The Saga of the Sooks Book #5 by RainbowRose1414
The Kinsman: A Sequel to Hwarang:...by RainbowRose1414
Dan Se's brother died at his own hand. It was an accident, but he now carries a heavy secret. To make matters worse, he has been betrothed to his brother's intended, a...
Jealous Till Jade: A Hwarang Fanfic by reddragonfruit
Jealous Till Jade: A Hwarang Fanficby reddragonfruit
Two years since the establishment of King Jinheung's reign, the young king orders the rejuvenation of the "wonhwa" ("original flowers") system as a m...
empress || hwarang by GEMOfTheNight
empress || hwarangby GEMOfTheNight
"You are the Empress of China. Never ever forget who you are. From the day you were born, your fate has already been written. To rise as a Phoenix." A tale of...
Hwarang Season 2(ON HIATUS) by jeonchinni
Hwarang Season 2(ON HIATUS)by jeonchinni
This is the continuation of hwarang 2 (I do not recommend reading this book who haven't seen the hwarang drama).Still if you want to read there is a brief explanation of...
The Noble:  A Sequel to Hwarang: The Saga of the Sooks Book #4 by RainbowRose1414
The Noble: A Sequel to Hwarang: T...by RainbowRose1414
Ban Ryu's heart slipped from his grasp the very first time that he looked into Soo Yeon's eyes. But she was the daughter of his father's nemesis. And, therefore, forbi...
Les poupées de la reine by korea47
Les poupées de la reineby korea47
Dans les profondes compagnes, une fille se nommant Jira, voudra accomplir son rêve coûte que coûte mais avec une mère malade et un espion dans sa famille ce ne sera pas...
Even if I die, it's you • Hansung by ismemira
Even if I die, it's you • Hansungby ᴍɪʜᴀ
This damn love, because of you I can't move even if I'm hurt. Even if I die, it's only you... Without you, tears fills up my heart. It's a black Hell To me, that's who y...
I will make you mine (Ji Dwi X reader)  by Bangtanfancz
I will make you mine (Ji Dwi X rea...by Bangtanfancz
Y/n joined the Hwarang house. Not as a doctor but as a Hwarang. She had no friends and no family.But her life changed when she met the faceless king. Is Y/n going to fi...
Timeless Ballad (Jinheung Fanfiction) by Hermioneeatsbooks2
Timeless Ballad (Jinheung Fanficti...by Hermioneeatsbooks2
"You want to describe me as a person? Go ahead. I am all ears." Jinheung let out a chuckle. "You are like snow. When snow falls, the environment becomes w...
Hwarang: Angel In Disguise by crazy_lychee
Hwarang: Angel In Disguiseby crazy_lychee
Angel, Saint, Fairy, I've heard it all. I mean, when you're a doctor that saves everyone, you're bound to get some pretty impressive names. With the title of 'the most...
The Voice: A Sequel to Hwarang: The Saga of the Sooks Book #1 by RainbowRose1414
The Voice: A Sequel to Hwarang: Th...by RainbowRose1414
King Jin Heung is fighting for his throne. While nursing a broken heart. But one day he meets a beautiful and mysterious creature in the forest. Could this unusual wo...