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The Rough Beginning (A SuperCorp Fanfic) by SuperCorpHeadquarter
The Rough Beginning (A SuperCorp F...by SuperCorpHeadquarter
Kara'a never had an easy life. After finding out the truth about who killed her aunt and the drama with Mon-El, she falls apart. She starts slacking at work, and as Supe...
Supergirl one-shots   by fireponey432
Supergirl one-shots by fireponey432
Just some short stories and ideas about the show supergirl. This will mainly be based around the Danvers sisters but I'll be accepting some requests of other character r...
Legacy by Camphalfblood4evr
Legacyby Carmen Jackson
A punch landed itself on the mans face, followed by three more. "Tell me where he is. The one who looks like me." Another swift punch landed on the mans face a...
The Cat and the Bullet by CalliopeWayne
The Cat and the Bulletby CalliopeWayne
Clark Kent's world comes crashing down when somebody snaps a degrading photo of Superman with America's favorite daughter. One thing leads to another and next thing he k...