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Forever Young 영원히 젊은 Park Jimin by PastelPinkCookie
Forever Young 영원히 젊은 Park Jiminby Hyemi
Cheon Gaeil, better known by her stage name Gale, is a member of YG's newest girl group: BLACKPINK. This is the story of how she lives her life as an idol, and how she f...
Not Just A Fan  by TaeCasKook
Not Just A Fan by BTS_ARMY❤️
Kim Taehyung never thought he would ever meet BTS. So he chose to go to Korea instead with his friend Breigh (sorry that's my name.) but he gets sat next to the most une...
When We Meet Again [JJK×OC] {Unicode+Zawgyi} by ShweYamin173
When We Meet Again [JJK×OC] {Unico...by JJK
*ဘဝမှာ... အချစ်နဲ့ပိုက်ဆံ ဘယ်အရာကပိုအရေးပါတယ်ထင်လဲ... တစ်ခါလောက်နှလုံးသားနဲ့မစဥ်းစားဘဲဦးနှောက်နဲ့စဥ်းစားကြည့်လိုက်ပါ အချစ်မရှိဘဲလူတွေနေနိုင်ကြပါသေးတယ်..ဒါပေမယ့် ပိုက်ဆ...
Number neighbours :: pjm by mochistetic
Number neighbours :: pjmby MIA ♡¡¿
-'๑'- In which, Park Jimin texts his best friend's number neighbour by mistake. OR In which, Kim Jinky...
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𝙼𝚁.𝙹𝙴𝚁𝙺 🖇|| 𝚁𝙼 𝙵𝙵 by ItzSedraArmy
ophelia > PJM by ayoontae
ophelia > PJMby yoontannie
As a rebellious and motherless child, Ophelia is taken into Elsinore Castle by Queen Gerturde as one of her most trusted ladies-in-waiting. Soon enough, Ophelia captures...
Remember Me by writtenlegacy
Remember Meby writtenlegacy
Zara learns that her fiancé, Jimin, is cheating on her, and all she wants is to go back to a time when the two of them were happier. An accident lets her live her fantas...
Wishful Thoughts || Kim Namjoon FanFic by Bangtan_1025
Wishful Thoughts || Kim Namjoon Fa...by Bangtan_1025
When you already have a great life and amazing friends, you didn't think it could get better. Well, it did. It all happened when seven new guys moved to your school and...
Blood, Sweat, and Tears by Buttercup-Rosie
Blood, Sweat, and Tearsby Buttercup Rosie
Areum Min is the most popular girl at the Seoul National University, but all those fakes after her family's money don't matter to her. She's working hard to take over th...
Untitled, 2018 by writtenlegacy
Untitled, 2018by writtenlegacy
Not your average romance. In which a chance meeting changes everything for a disillusioned star and a spunky girl studying abroad... who happens to be a fan. The two of...
Burnt Skies || PJM by yoonglesj
Burnt Skies || PJMby La Juls
"Well, you look put together." "You look like a hobo." I'm never saying anything nice to him again. "Fuck off."
"Don't go falling for me Park Jimin," I say with a flirty smile. He leans in closer as if closing the distance between us, "As long as you don't fall for...
Stop or my Jiminie will shoot by dietkola
Stop or my Jiminie will shootby Rilean Walters
This is a mlm BTS story. If that makes you uncomfortable then don't read it. This is purely fictional and just for fun. Seriously pls don't take this seriously. I only w...
heather | p.jm ✔︎ by stan-bts-txt
heather | p.jm ✔︎by ʜᴏᴘᴇ’s ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ
In which she's in love with him; but he's in love with her sister. inspired by heather by conan gray very short chapters [lowercase intended] trash; terrible story not m...
Protecting You by TaeHopeWinchester
Protecting Youby TaeHopeWinchester
Five Ex-Mafia members. Five college students. Yoongi, Arya, Jungkook, Simi, and Sofia left their past life behind to try and start over. But they knew one day it would...
Love is pain |Yoonmin| by fanfic-originals
Love is pain |Yoonmin|by MESS
If you weigh the pros and cons of love, the pain that love causes will make you back out of everything.
Lost Usb-stick | Jimin x oc by Seraluice
Lost Usb-stick | Jimin x ocby Seraluice
Hi this is a fanfic for my friend. It's still in progress. Im planning on editing it when im finished and changing some characters and i might turn it into an x Reader :...
A PJM Fanfiction: Whatever happens...happens by _lotteworld_
A PJM Fanfiction: Whatever happens...by lotte
when a girl whose chances of being successful in a country like Korea are slim, but still achieves her goals. lower case intended pjmxreader
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V for Vengeance by 2K-Aus
V for Vengeanceby Kay and Lexi
V for Vengence But what? Somi travels to Korea to meet her internet friend only to find out the truth. What happens?
butterfly ;; -- p.j.m by hyorly
butterfly ;; -- p.j.mby Jo
Her; He's beautiful. His laugh. His eyes. His moves. His lips. Him; She's beautiful. Her smile. Her scars. She's so fragile.