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30 KILOMETER PER HOUR [Park Jimin X Reader] by hazelhope07
30 KILOMETER PER HOUR [Park Jimin...by Hazel
In a world where a young boy named Park Jimin becomes a police after studying hard.There's a traffic light post just beside the police station he works on.He often sits...
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Falling For The Boss | PJM by jjeeonn
Falling For The Boss | PJMby jk
You never thought your feelings for him would come back especially since he was just a bestfriend and your boss
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My tata, My Alien, My Sweetheart, My Little King by CutebabyTae
My tata, My Alien, My Sweetheart...by CutebabyTae
well I will call you by my name~ And you know the reason why ❤
Physics; p.jm by seokelysian
Physics; p.jmby seokelysian
❝ He's nothing more than a stupid science teacher! ❞ Jimin x Reader © seokelysian
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EU ME LEMBRO DE TUDO                                                        by YOULOVESTORY
Jimin... você se LEMBRA? Já imaginou encontrar bilhetes de uma pessoa que te amou? Isso aconteceu com Park Jimin... um garoto simples q morava em Busan, mas que encontro...
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Skool Luv Affair  by Kim_Niskook
Skool Luv Affair by Kim_Niskook
'Skool Luv Affair' is a Fanfiction of one of the members of BTS "Jimin". You just joined the high school where everyone is new to you..Slowly you settled as yo...
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 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙚 ; 𝙥.𝙟𝙢 by cyqhertm
𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙚 ; 𝙥.𝙟𝙢by 王春华
"promise me you won't forget me" "i promise"
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Tonight by hoseokiworld
Tonightby HøpiWørlð
"My real name is 김태형(Kim Taehyung). Hanja is written as 金泰亨. [亨] means "all wishes come true, everything will be alright even if facing difficult situation&qu...
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Crystal Clear [ NAMJIN] by ofc_yoongi
Crystal Clear [ NAMJIN]by c h e y a
When you just only look at me as crystal as clear of water. Clear of Nothing but friends.
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Forced Marriage [ p.jm]  by bangtanbaby613
Forced Marriage [ p.jm] by BangtanBoys
what would happen if your ex suddenly becomes your fiancé in a matter of time?
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creams and pies  by EOTAUK
creams and pies by ༻ minnie *✧
when seokjin owns a bakery, to meet his love of his life
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T.U.D.B.O.Y.L - m.yg - ON HOLD by EOTAUK
T.U.D.B.O.Y.L - m.yg - ON HOLDby ༻ minnie *✧
'yoongi, we're not gods for no reason, we have a purpose, and we have to save the world, not let it die!' 'yeah, yeah, fuck this world, let's relax, aight?'
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And then we danced by y4zuru
And then we dancedby —
Issa jikkooook bihhh
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Disparate|YoonMin💫 by JiminSecretFangirl
Disparate|YoonMin💫by smoochimin
dis·pa·rate /ˈdispərət,dəˈsperət/ "essentially different in kind; not allowing comparison." "they inhabit disparate worlds of thought." The Four Seas...
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loves notes [K.SJ & K.NJ] - CANCELED by EOTAUK
loves notes [K.SJ & K.NJ] - CANCEL...by ༻ minnie *✧
every day, he gets a love note and a valentine's day gift
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I Can Make It Right | PJM by kookfluff
I Can Make It Right | PJMby kookfluff
Y/N Swift,A British-Korean girl that lives with his gambler father that treats her like a punching bag,Smart and had beauty behind those glasses,Her life was a living he...
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headaches -^*-*^- j.jk - ON HOLD by EOTAUK
headaches -^*-*^- j.jk - ON HOLDby ༻ minnie *✧
Headaches, a usual way to meet somebody, isn't it?
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BTS imagine//Jikook(separate) by natchai_07
BTS imagine//Jikook(separate)by natalie
Follow my instagram (BTS TEXT): @btstext21 ❤Hope you like it❤ 😘Jimin imagine😘 💓Taehyung imagine💓 🐰Jungkook imagine🐰 👀coming soon (smut)👀
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