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Blessed by queengillianporter
Blessedby Serenity
This fanfic is about Gillian Cobbler as a royal, but something is off about her... something... evil? The character belong to the amazing Jen Calonita except for Kit. St...
Wolfstar 🐺🌟 by I_Luv_SPN
Wolfstar 🐺🌟by I_Luv_SPN
I am horrible at descriptions so I'll just not add anything... sorry, just read if you like Jilly, Wolfstar, and Fluff! I do NOT own any of the fanart or the character...
-FTRS Oneshots- by the_blessed_child
-FTRS Oneshots-by marissa mclean
Ever wondered what it's like to see Jocelyn singing? Ever wondered what limits Kayla goes to for one dress? Ever died internally because I crushed your heart in one of m...
A war no one wanted(FTRS & RAR Olivia return) by IHeartJk189
A war no one wanted(FTRS & RAR Oli...by Ilovemyself
This book is somewhat so linked to A Fairy Tale Reform School and Royal Academy Rebels tale. But instead, this book features interesting theories about everyone. But als...
the marauders one shots by plutobugz
the marauders one shotsby plutobugzz
sirius x remus, james x lily, smut??
A Time Turner Tale - The Marauders ✔️ by lyssybear8
A Time Turner Tale - The Marauders...by 112112321
Lily Evans has a time turner, but soon it falls into the hands of the famous James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, transporting them to 1996 (Harry's 6th year!). F...
Return by Hufflepuffmarauder
Returnby Em
What if everyone Harry cared about killed by Voldemort/ his followers returned after Harry killed Voldemort?? How will Harry handle his parents, who missed most of his l...
Jilly Stories (ON HOLD) by leyani143
Jilly Stories (ON HOLD)by ✨Leylani Porter✨
FTRS/RAR oneshots and other stuff Updates are every 2-4 days sorry if I'm late Character's are 16-17 The stories are not related, unless said by me Jilly, Kollie, Acelyn...
The Jilly Files by TheAnalogyQueen
The Jilly Filesby Spring has sprung :D
Jax x Gilly from Fairy Tale Reform by Jen Calonita. Jilly one-shots :) Beware this book is originally from Wattpad.com. If you are reading this on any other website you...
Harry Potter and the Returners by VigilanteWh0re
Harry Potter and the Returnersby PercyJackolantern
BEING REWRITTEN AS RETURNED (IN MY PROFILE) 8 years after the 2nd wizarding war is finished people start coming back from the dead, how will everyone react when they rea...
Wolfstar & Jegulus Oneshots {Complete} by Doodlexi
Wolfstar & Jegulus Oneshots {Compl...by Doodlexi
This book is going to be a bunch of Fluffy Wolfstar oneshots and some side Jilly/Jegulus!!! It will NOT have any Smutt or Angust, just Fluff! Disclaimer: I do NOT own Ha...
FTRS Short Story by KaylaFTRS
FTRS Short Storyby The Dancing Book Alien 0-0
Gilly and her friends are finally not chasing villains, or the other way around. All of Gilly's friends now love teasing Gilly and Jax. Even with all of them teasing her...
RULED: A Fairy Tale Reform School Short Story by Gilly_2
RULED: A Fairy Tale Reform School...by Gilly 2
Eight years after the events of the Fire Moon, the famous FTRS gang (Gilly Cobbler, Jax Porter, Maxine Hockler, Kayla Wingtip, Ollie Funklehouse, Jocelyn, and Allison Gr...
The story of James and Lily by un-named04
The story of James and Lilyby un-named04
----UNDER EDITING---- The story of how Lily Evans and James Potter grew up to become the potters, parents of the boy who lived. This starts at the beginning of 7th yea...
An Unexpected Love by nias_notes
An Unexpected Loveby ~~
*edited* Aliza Potter (twin sister of James Potter) is starting her first year at Hogwarts after being expelled from Beaxbatons school for mischievous behaviour. She mak...
Everything Has Changed: A Jilly Story (FTRS) by FanGirlIgLol
Everything Has Changed: A Jilly St...by FanGirlIgLol
This is an FTRS Jilly (Gilly and Jax) Au where the gang is 15-16ish but the story starts a few weeks after the actual series ends. Gilly and Jax were best friends. They...
Wolfstar's Instagram by Evvy1190_
Wolfstar's Instagramby evelyn
Main: Wolfstar Backgrounds: Jilly ,Mauraders, Alice and frank, Dorcas and Marlene THESE PICTURES ARE FROM PINTEREST
Curious (Wolfstar AU) by AlexsLeatherJacket
Curious (Wolfstar AU)by Sirius Lupin
One day Remus receives a random text from an unkown number, what will that lead to? Wofstar Muggle AU This is my first time ever writing fanfiction, so if you have any...
The Life that Never Lived ? (Philosopher's Stone) by bookhater95
The Life that Never Lived ? (Philo...by bookhater95
Harry is lost back in time with four people he felt he really should remember...with no memory and only seven books to find out the truth of his life, before it's too la...
Forever by brisbreezywife
Foreverby breezyxtyga
A Chris Brown and jilly Anais love story 😍❤️