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Mafia [Michaeng] by PengCub324423
Mafia [Michaeng]by PengCub324423
Chaeyoung runs away from her Mafia home but encounters Mina, daughter of the boss of a mafia. Started: Nov. 3, 2019 Ended: Nov. 10, 2019
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All About Us (Lisrene) by chURrots
All About Us (Lisrene)by chURrots
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My Dandere | M.Mina FF by WhileATeen
My Dandere | M.Mina FFby ㅅ
What happens when Y/N's favorite anime character becomes a reality? Mina x Female Reader (G!P)
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Hey Manager! || Sana X Reader (Female) by MyBabyNayeon
Hey Manager! || Sana X Reader (Fem...by .
Another manager story 😂 read to find out!
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My Life as a JYP trainee  (Mina x male reader) by Xcisse
My Life as a JYP trainee (Mina x...by Hakaru Sekai
after reading so much fanfics about y/n x your bias in twice . I cant find a long story about you being a JYPE trainee so I made one for you guys. :)
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[ On Hold ] My Sisters From Hell (Yandere TWICE (트와이스) x Male reader) by MoguriHirai2002
[ On Hold ] My Sisters From Hell (...by Leo. 🐱
Your father had recently married to a new woman that is now your new stepmom. Flying over to Korea with him, and your brother, you will soon find out that your stepmom...
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TWICE IMAGINES  by msminatala
TWICE IMAGINES by _sapphire
THIS IS ALL ABOUT GxG cuz I'm gay for TWICE ❤ MEMBERS x MEMBERS MEMBERS x FEM! READERS! crdts to some ideas from : @feelspeciarrr
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'Despair' Mina X Male Reader by jamiee3804
'Despair' Mina X Male Readerby Baby Eagle
Y/n a new therapist and his first patient will they become friends or lovers or end in 'despair' and heartache A big thank you to @KaiSayle Start Date:03/11/19 Finish Da...
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 MY BOSS || saida [COMPLETED] by Pastel_Sohjin
MY BOSS || saida [COMPLETED]by •Sohjin Donuts•
nice to meet you im Kim dahyun, I'll be your boss," hi Ms. Kim," call me dahyun instead," Wow it looks like this is an office romance
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BOOK 2 OF TWICE MEMES YAY READ IF U FEEL SAD, UNWANTED, UNAPPRECIATED, OR UN LOVED!! Jk uhmm this book can provide u unconditional love nd happiness yay :D THESE MEMES...
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Only You | Mina x F Reader by llminaringll
Only You | Mina x F Readerby minaricano 🇵🇭
A fan fiction of Twice Myoui Mina and a female reader. "I really like you since then" Highest ranking #4 - #minaxreader ✔
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KERANA SEBUAH JANJI ; kimtaehyung  by jeonstanley
KERANA SEBUAH JANJI ; kimtaehyung by jeon's-
perkahwinan atas dasar ingin memenuhi syarat di dalam wasiat yang dituju oleh keluarga kim . melibatkan anak angkat bersama anak kandung . tanpa siapa sedar perkahwinan...
What could possibly go wrong? A male reader X Twice fan fic by SGboy03
What could possibly go wrong? A ma...by Kid from SG
What happens when a small city boy heads to Korea for a fresh start only to become the manager for Korea's biggest girl group? Read more to find out!
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Our love is beautiful [Kim Dahyun x Male Reader] by itz_anonymousme
Our love is beautiful [Kim Dahyun...by itz_anonymousme
Kim Dahyun and Kang Y/N are childhood friends, as well as neighbours. However, Dahyun has always had a crush on Y/N. How will she feel when someone else, is trying to ge...
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drunken texts | jeongmo by fabsorrows
drunken texts | jeongmoby ms. goddammit ✨
jeongyeon texts momo while drunk
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Make the cold hearted melt |Satzu by MarleneSoriano9
Make the cold hearted melt |Satzuby Marlene Soriano
sana has a crush on tzuyu ever since but tzuyu keep rejecting her,one day sana and her father went to there house and there house suddenly collapsed and they choose to l...
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trust - jeonghyo by godhyoo
trust - jeonghyoby godhyoo
"trust me." college au: jeonghyo.
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The Reason Why... by MimoRaccoonPenguin
The Reason Why...by 37ミモ64
Twice Story Of Love
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day by week by leestef
day by weekby Stef
each chapter is a week in Tzuyu's life. how will she get the Mina who has been hurt by her own sister chewy to open up to her and love her for who she is?
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Royal Mess | Twice x Female Reader by FriedKoreanChicken
Royal Mess | Twice x Female Readerby CHICKENLIFE
Your Royalty! You didn't know though. Your life is messed up. You are more of a rebel, but one day, you might just change. Credit to Pictures Etc (Female Reader)
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