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| Chuyển ver | | ParkJihoon | Ngoan, Đừng Chạy  by Reve_Damour
| Chuyển ver | | ParkJihoon | Ngoa...by Gia Hân
•Tên truyện: Ngoan, Đừng Chạy •Số chương: 100 chương (70 chính văn + 30 NT) •Thể loại: Hào môn thế gia, sủng ngọt, thanh mai trúc mã •Nhân vật chính: Han Eunseo( Imag...
accidentally pregnant by my enemy︱Park Jihoon treasure by soobxlux
accidentally pregnant by my enemy︱...by soobxlux
wow nice one kim y/n! congrats on being fired from ur job, getting pregnant by ur enemy and now you r marrying him! i really hate him but we both decided marrying becaus...
traitor | p.jihoon ✔️ by y0ursfea
traitor | p.jihoon ✔️by » fea «
inspired by traitor - olivia rodrigo with a little bit of twist. ↪lowercase intended ↪the ch gets longer further into the story [ like super long ] ↪tw : death ↪super c...
UNEXPECTED // P. JIHOON by eternitee
kaia is in her early twenties and starts a new chapter in her life. a new job, appartement and friends. she even meets a nice guy but little does she know her relationsh...
t໐xi¢ || P.Jihoon by noliotomi
t໐xi¢ || P.Jihoonby mazinger
"she's gonna choose me cause I'm his husband" "Ouh really but don't you mean ex husband"
Leave the Final Step to the Universe [unmei eng Vers] by HidAeMe
Leave the Final Step to the Univer...by HidAeMe
⚠ use of English that may not be appropriate ⚠ . . . //duk// a ball hit her head, Gina crouched holding her head wincing in pain, heard footsteps approaching her, Gina t...
Yedam OneShot ff by Asahihihi_Sami
Yedam OneShot ffby Deez nuts
idk how to describe the story, just read it yourself- [Note: this oneshot was posted on Treasure Amino, I did not copy or steal it, I'm the one who published it there, a...
She Knows - Jihoon/Haruto/Reader love triangle by 3beuntreasure
She Knows - Jihoon/Haruto/Reader l...by 3beuntreasure
Vampires and werewolves? Everyone thinks that Vampires and Werewolves are enimies. What if one kind of creature was against each other? Park Jihoon Haruto Watanabe Lee S...
December Hope || Kim Doyoung Treasure by re_bluexx
December Hope || Kim Doyoung Treas...by Bluexx
"I hope before this year end, i can healed from my past" Their first encounter didn't left a good impression. Just like another cliche story, fate has been mad...
^^FIRST LOVE  2^^(TREASURE FF)(MALAY FF)(C) by hiraischaa
^^FIRST LOVE 2^^(TREASURE FF)(MAL...by hiraischaa
(Season 2) Please support 2nd story ni. Seo Hana adalah perempuan yang sangat pandai dan baik tetapi selalu dibuli di sekolahnya.Biasalah kalau lemah,ramai orang buli.Ba...
YOUR VOICE | HARUTO by cherry_kookiies
YOUR VOICE | HARUTOby .。゚+..。 𝖇𝖆𝖙 ゚+..。*゚+
Choi Hyeonhee, your average high school girl who's kinda shy. Despite that she has a best friend that she feels comfortable with, he is Park Jeongwoo. He's always with h...
Mate || Jihoon || ✔️ by rhadinarahma22
Mate || Jihoon || ✔️by Rhadin's Rahma
"Park jihoon, jodoh aku?! Gak, ini pasti mimpi buruk." "Biasa aja kali, gak pernah ya dapat jodoh ganteng kaya park jihoon." Kisah seorang gadis be...