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Mdzs watching the Grandmaster of demonic cultivation  by Irishdianne23
Mdzs watching the Grandmaster of d...by Irishdianne23
A year after the event at Guanyin temple the whole cultivation world wakes up in an unfamiliar place, and sees the people that are supposed to be dead. "The Grandma...
Gege ai ni! {MDZS Chatfic} by Chen_Wenxin
Gege ai ni! {MDZS Chatfic}by XWC 鑫文陈
GEGE AI NI! 《MDZS BOYS Chatfic》 Starring in the main chat: -Jiang Cheng -Wei Wuxian -Lan Wangji -Xue Yang -Song Zichen -Xiao Xingchen -Nie Huaisang -Wen Ning -Jin Zixu...
The Twin Prides of Yunmeng Wake Up In The Past by HarukiUsagi46
The Twin Prides of Yunmeng Wake Up...by Rika
After the dual between Wei Wuxian and Jiang Wanyin, the two of them doesn't know that when they fall asleep that night they don't know what is about to happen to them. ...
Our Agreement {MDZS} by Chen_Wenxin
Our Agreement {MDZS}by XWC 鑫文陈
(MDZS modern school AU)。 我们的约定· 。。。 。。。 "Hey... Lan Zhan. Can I... eat you??" "!!!" "Hahaha!! You should have seen your face! Relax! I don't thi...
XiCheng Oneshots by DontTakeMeToChurch
XiCheng Oneshotsby DontTakeMeToChurch
A bunch of fluff oneshots for XiCheng!
Just Let It Out | | MDZS Fanfic | Hiatus by Lilyrotasu9002
Just Let It Out | | MDZS Fanfic |...by Lιʅყ
Pairings: Platonic Chengling (Jiang Cheng & Jin Ling) Xicheng (Lan Xichen x Jiang Cheng) Zhuiling (Lan Sizhui x Jin Ling) Background Wangxian (Lan Zhan x Wei Wuxian) ...
Mending What Was Once Broken (A Broken Soulmate Book 2) by HarukiUsagi46
Mending What Was Once Broken (A Br...by Rika
This is a sequel to "A Broken Soulmate" <<<<read this first before reading this one. After 16 year of waiting for Wei Wuxian to return....Lan Wangj...
the ff version of mdzs by SristiSharma2
the ff version of mdzsby aarvi
What if wei ying gets what he deserves? What if madam yu was not that bad? What if wei ying has another identity? What if wei ying and lan zhan had already met in their...
Jiang Wanyin Fix His: Mistake by HarukiUsagi46
Jiang Wanyin Fix His: Mistakeby Rika
After the death of his father, mother, sister, Jin Zixuan and Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng felt like there is no one left that in his family beside Jin Ling who is sleeping n...
Our Story (XiCheng fanfiction) by jiangs_supermacy
Our Story (XiCheng fanfiction)by Yunmeng Trio
Jiang Cheng is the youngest sect leader, just the age when he should be getting married, and the elders know this. A day a meeting is gathered because of the fierce corp...
Grande Amour by AhnRieJin
Grande Amourby ❤️Fungus🤍[Closed❌]
๑On-Going๑ Wei Ying roamed the streets of Yiling. Desperately calling for his mother and father as the blood on his arms drip. Bumping into a trash collecting Gege and h...
Past Mdzs React by Shipper_simp
Past Mdzs Reactby Wǒ ài nǐ :)
So this is where they are gonna react but it's they're actors as they're next life au ©Shipper_simp
Deja vu [Book 1: You are a star painted with a left hand] by Rubi_Rupa
Deja vu [Book 1: You are a star pa...by Rubi_writings
Rubi, a Chinese-Korean kpop global sensation star, a world famous idol, soloist of Sm, then later Hybe entertainment, dies on a car crash at the young age of 30. 'Finall...
The Fake and Real Wei Wuxian  by HarukiUsagi46
The Fake and Real Wei Wuxian by Rika
What happen if Wei Wuxian drop his fake personality when Yu Ziyuan try to whip him with Zidian? He use his fast speed and went to slashed Wen Chao women across her thro...
What if W(h)en by AhnRieJin
What if W(h)enby ❤️Fungus🤍[Closed❌]
Closed What if... Wen Ruohan received news that his bestfriend Cangse Sanren had died and infront of him right now was her son. A thin and dying boy who was being carrie...
Wanyin and his wolf {XICHENG} by Chen_Wenxin
Wanyin and his wolf {XICHENG}by XWC 鑫文陈
☆★彡 Human cultivator Jiang Wanyin had stumbled upon an injured wolf. Purple Lotus Hood brought the wolf home. Alas, if only it was that simple. Snow wolf demon Lan Xi...
You've Changed | Wangxian | by inevitably_broken
You've Changed | Wangxian |by ...
"What happened to you?"... "Why are you so cold?"... "Who hurt you?"... Wei Ying is missing, the sunshot campaign is struggling and on the...
The Future Meets The Past //WANGXIAN // IRREGULAR UPDATES by peerless2cucumber
The Future Meets The Past //WANGXI...by PAPAPA AT FINEST
i remember drinking my favorite coffee when a light surrounded me w-what is going on??? a/n : this story takes place 10 years after burial mound seige 1 where wei ying...
[MDZS] The Dragon and the Fox by EthromaValkarino
[MDZS] The Dragon and the Foxby Ethroma Valkarino
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me, except for the story. Credit to the original artist for the cover art: @KiitsuneRose on Twitter, @IzabellaFehr4 on Wattpad. Credit to...
our Happily Ever After by MaissaBiaa
our Happily Ever Afterby Marinette Cheng
the the cultivation world they will see how is wei ying life in the Gusu clan. the timeline is before Wei ying come back . they will see the future and they will know so...