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Dancer~راقص  by Hopistan33
Dancer~راقص by hopistan3
"تلك الشعله التي نركض إليها وسط ضوضاء ظلامنا المتخبط تلك ليست إلا أن داخلك منطفئ ولن يشعله أحد" "Yoonseok" "Vhope" "Namjin" &qu...
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🔹Blue Blood🔹 by anna_savage
🔹Blue Blood🔹by anna_savage
🔹Blue bood... The rarest blood of them all🔹 Jeon jungkook a fox hybrid. is abused by his father and hated by his mother. what happens when one day he decided to...
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My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungkook × You • BTS  [✔️] by wowwhangel
My 1st Class Jerk Husband | Jungko...by 🌟Angel🌟
"Jungkook, I'm warning you...Don't dare to touch me...! " You half yelled at him. His smirkfull but handsome face right an inch toward you as his hot breathe...
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Bts as father♥ by ssk_jungkook
Bts as father♥by jimin_pabo
Bts as father
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بَديِل _ جونغ هوسوك  by MArooHEel
بَديِل _ جونغ هوسوك by X Keeli X ✔️
-قالت لي أمي ، أن من يكذب مرة ، يكذب مئة مرة ، ليٌخفي كذبته الاولي - ماذا سيحدٌث عندما يتم أستبدال جونغ هوسوك ، عضو بانقتان بعضو أخر ..!! Alternative _بَديِل _جونغ ه...
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ROOMMATES || KTH[FF] by bighitvkookie
ROOMMATES || KTH[FF]by キム・テヒョン
"T..tae what are you d..doing p..pls stop" You stuttered taehyung smiled at how cute you were with a smirk on his face
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BTS as BABIES SCENARIO!!!!(slow updates) by ssk_jungkook
BTS as BABIES SCENARIO!!!!(slow up...by jimin_pabo
Bts as babies
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sweet love-kth  by filyafiranti
sweet love-kth by fil
•tentang kisah cinta sepasang remaja labil Kim Taehyung dan jeon Shin ho warning ❗️15+
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Lap Puppy | A PJM SICKFIC by joonie_b
Lap Puppy | A PJM SICKFICby joonie b. jones
"Jimin doesn't answer, just adjusts himself to turn on his side and tuck his socked feet between Hoseok's thighs." Seven times Jimin has sought out a member's...
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We are 8 (Si Estuvieras En BTS) by NinnaW
We are 8 (Si Estuvieras En BTS)by Nina W
Historia y situaciones si estuvieras en BTS! Tengo pedidos abiertos! Mandenme por mensajes!
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Bulletproof Soul by KaraVee
Bulletproof Soulby Kara Vee
Nell is a normal high school girl, whose bff Taehyung introduces her to an old friend, Jungguk. From here Nell discovers that life can be tricky. Having a soul that's...
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The VEB Group by amor_fic
The VEB Groupby amor_fic
نام فیک: گروه وی ای بی ژانر: اکشن، جنایی، تخیلی، انگست، رمنس، اسمات کاپل: چانبک، مارکسون، ویکوک، کایهون، جی جی پروجکت، هوپمین، یومین، نامجین، نئو نویسنده: ارماند چنل: @A...
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VAMPIRE HEART | Kim tae hyung • bts by wowwhangel
VAMPIRE HEART | Kim tae hyung • btsby 🌟Angel🌟
" Promise me.... don't Kill her....." That female voice was running in his memories. Referring the past. " You know that I can't keep promises ...."...
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✨ by jojikookbamjae
by WriterJ
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Dead End ff Jungkook by Sweetpea27tae
Dead End ff Jungkookby naz.
is it about love? or a bad relationship? or is it about the dead end of their life? you'll find out soon, this is my group up coming story for our YouTube channel www.yo...
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صَمتُ المَدينَة by littilfanoflove
صَمتُ المَدينَةby Billa-sorrsin
في حادثه غريبه .. يختفي بها سكان العالم في غمضة عين .. ويبقى فيها فتاة وحيده .. فتاة واحده .. تجول حول العالم لترى سبب اختفاء الناس .. و هل هناك غيرها ؟؟ اكان المسبب شخص...
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jhop is luv jhop is live by jxhopxisxmyxhop12
jhop is luv jhop is liveby jxhopxisxmyxhop12
jhop is so kawaai XD i heart him he iz my bias so i write a stories abutt him fall in luv with me enjoy bon appetite
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⸝⸝'GAME OF LOVE'⸝⸝ by jshoseok
⸝⸝'GAME OF LOVE'⸝⸝by whnd
GAME OF LOVE is One Shot of BTS Is all about angst, love, emo things.
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Make It Right -Min Yoongi [Wattys2019] by Dara-Dreaming
Make It Right -Min Yoongi [Wattys2...by DARA-DREAMINGA
Cuando la recién graduada, desempleada y torpe Maya es mandada a Corea para fingir ser una publicista , no espera tener que trabajar con el arrogante, terco y muy malh...
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a new idol. A kpop idol. by DannickyaJoyce
a new idol. A kpop idol.by Dannickya Joyce
Bad at description sorry but I promise you it's..........interesting None of the pic, videos, companies or BTS or there manager I own so please enjoy btw this is my firs...
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