unexpected love ➳ tenny by Kookies_Waifu
unexpected love ➳ tennyby ღ 𝓱𝔀𝓪.𝓶𝓲𝓷 ღ
Ten's stuck on a balcony, until he literally jumps for the guy next door.
  • jhonny
  • nct127
  • ten
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The groupchat nobody wanted (nct group chat fic) by Marsonthemoo0n
The groupchat nobody wanted (nct g...by JisungStepOnMe
basically mark makes this group chat and forces everyone to talk and love eachother like a "true family" but it all goes down hill WARNING THIS BOOK IS KINDA O...
  • crack
  • crackfic
  • kun
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| The Curtis Sister (An Outsiders FanFiction) | by _TheOutsidersAuthor_
| The Curtis Sister (An Outsiders...by _TheOutsidersAuthor_
Kidnapped, Getting jumped by Socs, and being diagnosed with epilepsy? What is something Courtney hasn't gone through? Courtney is Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy's 14 year o...
  • ponyboy
  • steve
  • epilepsy
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dairy king | renjun & jeno by nctampons
dairy king | renjun & jenoby 🍚
renjun: don't text me I lost my phone
  • nctdream
  • haechan
  • nct
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Dallas kid sister ( outsider fan fiction by the_potato_who_flew
Dallas kid sister ( outsider fan f...by the_potato_who_flew
Dallas kid sister comes to town and she is not happy at all
  • dallas
  • jhonnycakes
  • random
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Someone like you || WinWin by -jiminly
Someone like you || WinWinby 🌙
"How I wish this world had someone like you" -WinWin At a crossroad where many decisions are made and untold stories are written. What would their story be li...
  • nctdream
  • jisung
  • kpop
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One Kiss||JohnTen by JohnTenUlt
One Kiss||JohnTenby Chittaphone Call
Johnny ends up in the right place and the right time
  • teail
  • taeyong
  • kpop
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Relájate papá by galaxy_forevah
Relájate papáby Galaxy
Tener un bebé para muchos es una bendición. Steve y Tony son un matrimonio hermoso que espera la llegada de la cigüeña a su casa. O quizás una doble cigüeña, desatando...
  • steve
  • mpreg
  • pepper
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El Campamento º Team 19 º by AldiHope17
El Campamento º Team 19 ºby Sana Minatozaki
Un Team 19 se va de campamento aqui pasan un monton de cosas. Este imagina esta dedicado a mi hermanita Mira Gei 2.0 y bueno espero lo disfruten. ||HISTORIA ORIGINAL|| ...
  • jhonny
  • bruno
  • maxi
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IMAGINE WITH NCT by rubyyjane_
Cuma imagine,jangan baper ah--
  • jaehyun
  • yuta
  • nct
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Nct One shots by Kookiejin0204
Nct One shotsby Kookiejin0204
Nct one shots So far Done by other only Requests will be taken so please dm because I have no proper ideas Idol x Y/n Idol x Idol (in nct) #nct *Achievements* 2nd in Jh...
  • renjun
  • kpop
  • yuta
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I Promise You Don't Have To Be Afraid *Hannie* by Janethekiller1225
I Promise You Don't Have To Be Afr...by Janethekiller1225
Annie and her friends were at school one day. One of the popular girls, Brynn, aka Kenzie's bff brother decided to come to the school. Even though Mackenzie and her &quo...
  • hayley
  • katiedonnelly
  • hannie
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NCT Chatrooms  by Sxmmy_xoxo
NCT Chatrooms by Sxmmy_xoxo
~ This is a spam sort of book ~ I need ideas ~ there will be ships in this book ~all 18 of them are in this book -Enjoy-
  • markhyuck
  • renle
  • chenle
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walking the flames by AliveAndBurning1985
walking the flamesby AliveAndBurning1985
A Hollywood undead based fanfic
  • three
  • fanfiction
  • murlow
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Head Over Heels  by D-doyepeach
Head Over Heels by DAR-KROUS
" Aku tak perlu membuat mu jatuh hati, tatap mata ku, kamu akan jatuh hati pada ku " - Ten
  • bxb
  • ten
  • jhonten
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  • renjun
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Warewolves Brought Us Back Together (VenturianTale) by KittyOfTheDeep
Warewolves Brought Us Back Togethe...by *Depressed Whale Noises*
Ghost retired okay?! He though his life of paranormal investigating was over until Toast's southern butler told him something he couldn't help but leap into action about...
  • jhonny
  • ghostadventures
  • venturiantale
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NCT FLUFF/SMUT IMAGINES ALL AU!  by _youdontknowme15_
NCT FLUFF/SMUT IMAGINES ALL AU! by _youdontknowme15_
HEY Y'ALL! READ THE WHOLE THING. IT'S IMPORTANT!! Ok so.This is my dummy account which I'll be using to write fanfics. Why a different account you ask? Because I like to...
  • haechan
  • jaemin
  • chenle
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adult diapers//Haechan fanfic by bangyonggukbang
adult diapers//Haechan fanficby Kyn
Haechan goes shopping because he needed more school supplies for his freshman year in college and finds a girl asking an employee for adult diapers, what can you get be...
  • jisung
  • ten
  • chenle
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Conoce a los personajes de la academia sing by ladyyumi88
Conoce a los personajes de la acad...by ladyyumi88
aqui mostrare imagenes que hice yo misma de los persoanjes de la academia sing espero que os guste mucho.
  • jhonny
  • bustermoon
  • ash
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