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BTS FF | The  Vampires'  Journey by Namjesusmahlayp
BTS FF | The Vampires' Journeyby Ysabelle/Sab
" w-who are you??" I said as I stumbled along the depths of darkness . " baby you don't really need to know" he said as he licked his lips with blood...
The Forgotten [j.jk] ✔️ by behindthesheetz
The Forgotten [j.jk] ✔️by BehindTheSheetz
"Remember me?" Jungkook said "No" I said . . . . Min Yu Na lost her memory. Will she remember her past? . . Read to find out what's next [COMPLETED...
Newborn || A BTS OT7 FANFIC 15+ ⚠️💦 by sugaaxisxmyxbias
Newborn || A BTS OT7 FANFIC 15+ ⚠️...by 🏳️‍🌈
You're a horny newborn vampire in a house with 7 other horny vampires. All stories and chapter my own ideas. © SUGAAXISXMYXBIAS 2021
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Death the kid meets his twin sister by death_the_girl110011
Death the kid meets his twin sisterby death_the_girl110011
This is not a hetalia book it's a soul eater so... Enjoy!
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Scars [Myg] by slutk00k
Scars [Myg]by niel
Him: Why do you have that? Me: have what? Him: that scar Me: its not scar, its art.
BTS oneshots by jaysjungwon
BTS oneshotsby mal✨
The description of the story is in the title.
Taehyung's Sister | BTS x Reader by IWillFindIt
Taehyung's Sister | BTS x Readerby IWillFindIt
Taehyung has just moved out to live with BTS whilst you're still stuck at home. He invites you over to his new place and your meeting the members for the first time. Wil...
Lie °p.jm° by chimchimmybangtan
Lie °p.jm°by chimchimmybangtan
This random boy added me on snapchat the other day. I dont know how he got my Snapchat but he is so hot. -ajadean03 Ive been noticing Aja snap chatting Jimin a lot her...
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baby | 김남준  by MarcellaSalim
baby | 김남준 by Marcella Salim
"Why are you doing this to me? I thought that i could trust you but your are betraying me, WHY??" ...
happy pill |pjm| by -sugasgums
happy pill |pjm|by ponyo loves ham
everyone loves jimin except her
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Run BTS! by NurHeida
Run BTS!by NurHeida
Mengisahkan perjalanan dua orang gadis kembar yang bertemu dengan idol mereka setelah di khianati pasangan masing-masing?
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oneshot/twoshot by artteleon
oneshot/twoshotby L
isinya oneshot bangtan, sstt ada yang berbau dewasa. -n a n o n a n o k.
"The Whiteface of Death - 1" -J.JK FF. by JenBTae
"The Whiteface of Death - 1" -J.JK...by 얀비-Jen
In the secluded town of Agana, where you and your friends (BTS and Rose) live, also lives a demon. It is said that the Whiteface of Death returns to get its fill, every...
Your Day | jhk by Carbuncle_
Your Day | jhkby Clairity
Moving to a new school can be stressful, especially for your wallet. But you managed and now you're sitting right next to the cutest guy you have ever seen. One problem...
Lost Girl- BTS by coffee_potter
Lost Girl- BTSby fancy_u
Prólogo: "Teve uma época, em que eu estava sozinha. Sem ter um lugar para ir, ou chamar de casa. Meu único amigo era um homem na lua, que às vezes ia embora também...
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My Nerd Alpha |VKOOK by cottonyoonmin
My Nerd Alpha |VKOOKby cottonyoonmin
"you are my mate Jungkook.." "I already have one. Now if you have finished spating your bullshit I am leaving."