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atlas | t. yagi  by samseaa
atlas | t. yagi by bros.. it story time
Atlas too, held the weight of the world on his shoulders. ••••••••• Toshinori Yagi X Reader [SOULMATE!AU]
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Hamilton Memes by LaurensDeLafayette
Hamilton Memesby 🐢 HIATUS 🐢
Just a normie . . .
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mumbles┊author's book   by ouikawa
mumbles┊author's book by val.
My head could be a vessel for your own mind, all you gotta do is talk.
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Artbook  by Anu-Chan_Offc
Artbook by Eijiro Kirishima
you see da title dont you? >:V
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yikes by calqlate
yikesby ˗ˏˋ qq ˎˊ˗
❝ suck my left toe at thirteen degrees! ❞ mayhaps reading chronicles of my dumb ass will make you feel better about yourself. ··· © calqlate 2018 personal.
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Cascare nei tuoi occhi || Bernardeschi by Gobs36
Cascare nei tuoi occhi || Bernarde...by Gobs36
I suoi occhi,i suoi dannatissimi occhi mi avevano stregata. Chi l'avrebbe mai detto che un incidente mi avrebbe potuto far conoscere l'uomo della mia vita? "Vaffanc...
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Kuroshitsuji Headcanons by Eskedare-Presents
Kuroshitsuji Headcanonsby Eskedare-Presents
Just short little headcanons I wanted to blurt out. :D
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xoxo.  by teethmeat
xoxo. by Yana
Heaven is so far when you're floating like a star.
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Gayer Than You Think by iridescent-memes
Gayer Than You Thinkby it's trashcan not trashcan't
This is a Hetalia Snapchat chat thingy. Hope you like it, it's gonna get hella gay here. Here is this hell-hole gonna roll bro. So the OTPs are gonna chat, it's gonna be...
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Crossover Truth or Dares!  by JelpurtiyRosa2359
Crossover Truth or Dares! by CrossilinX67
Including: Villianous, Road rovers, fnaf nightgaurds, mha, Rick and Morty, Dhmis, Camp camp, Eddsworld, Superjail, Tawog, DDLC, Cuphead, Sonic X, Earth chan & friends, U...
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I just needed to get this out of my head by Cartoon_falls
I just needed to get this out of m...by Cartoon_falls
the is just some stupid theory I have about the musical Dear Evan Hansen that just won't get out of my head. So I decide to just put it here where probably no one will s...
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creepypasta husband scenarios by bloodyluna2018
creepypasta husband scenariosby bloodyluna2018
hey I'm making one because why the fuck not?!
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ryn's rambles || spam by lunaryn-
ryn's rambles || spamby 𝓇𝓎𝓃 ☀️🌻💛🐝
this is a spam book lmao most of this was written 2+ years ago and i hate it so please dont judge me too bad luv you yes u 😤😤💞
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Ask Mike and the crew! by Mike_Rebornica_AU
Ask Mike and the crew!by Mike D. Schmidt
Me: SUP FUCKBOYS!? So, you wanna know what it's like to be me? Make sure your prepared because this is a big shit storm right here! Between being forced to cosplay as tu...
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literal pile of shit by xuxilies
literal pile of shitby :^)
hit the dab, hit the yeet, beat my meat, go to sleep. dream, dream, dream, dream, dream, dream. eat her ass, im sans. and i hit that fornite dance. dream, dream, dream...
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My life AF by scootingbeans
My life AFby scootingbeans
As you could probably guess, this is my life put into a book. Maybe someone can learn from the stupid things i do...but then again i said maybe.. :))))
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Drown Me by NorwegianPrince
Drown Meby Lukas Bondevik
Norway has been sick for a while now, and to calm his nerves, he decides to visit the Northern Sea. Catch is though, he never returns.
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