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The Jezebels of Bedlam. by ElishaEnchanted
The Jezebels of L. E. Glazebrook
Bedlam is the hottest nightclub in town and it just happens to be situated across the road from the brothel, Jezebel's. Du Malum, a corporate giant, owns both establishm...
  • elves
  • light
  • portalfantasy
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Devil in Disguise |K.M| by -diegohargreeves
Devil in Disguise |K.M|by -diegohargreeves
TVD/TO/SPN Crossover Supernatural Season 4 TVD Season 1 Kol Mikaelson x OC
  • lilith
  • elijahmikaelson
  • jezebel
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Jezebel by Precious_Nkem
Jezebelby Precious Nkem
From the very moment Jezebel set her gaze upon king Ahab, she wanted him... and his kingdom. The darkness was merely a means to an end and the gods a stepping stone to h...
  • death
  • evil
  • bible
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Twin Magic by loverice
Twin Magicby LoveRice
Life for 15 year old Jezebel is relatively normal until she and her twin get into a massive argument in the middle of a lightning storm. Rain pours down and lightning st...
  • james
  • miles
  • lightning
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Black Water by Ezmeralde
Black Waterby Eirinn
Where can I begin to explain how my senior year at my high school turned into a full blown war? I'm Alison Lowerly. Call me Ali; I'm a 17 Year old water elemental. That...
  • air
  • sprit
  • hate
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The Beautiful Lie (undergoing changes) by roguewriter_92
The Beautiful Lie (undergoing Melanie ;P
  • sebastian
  • scarlet
  • rogue
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I tried to kill myself..A vampire saved me...I didn't want to be saved by twilightkk
I tried to kill myself..A Kyrra
  • sloth
  • selena
  • blood
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Lockwood:Town of the Supernatural by Geek_warrior
Lockwood:Town of the Supernaturalby Jamie-Leigh
Lockwood is a small town in which Jezabel lives with her parents being the only child. However, Jezebel's life was turned upside down, discovering the world of Supernatu...
  • supernatural
  • darkness
  • evil
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The Devil Went Down To Georgia  -Under Editing- by BeautyinInsanity
The Devil Went Down To Georgia Britt
After the initial fear had left my body, the thought that I was being stalked by Lucifer, the devil himself, all of sudden made me burst into hysterical giggling.
  • lucifer
  • fan
  • fiction
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The Sacrifice by CharlieCheshire
The Sacrificeby CharlieCheshire
What do you get the cosmic entity who has it all? More importantly... what do you use to bargain with it?
  • demon
  • jezebel
  • sacrifice
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Are Godless Parents Better Than Christian Parents? by RajRichard
Are Godless Parents Better Than Rajkumar Richard
A few studies revealed that godless parents are better than Christian parents. An op-ed piece used these studies to ridicule Christians. What's the truth? How do we resp...
  • christianparents
  • parenting
  • rajsreflections
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The Rabbit by Emio03
The Rabbitby Emio03
In a world where the Royals control everything, Jezebel and Seven find themselves having to steal and kill to survive. As they prepare for another heist, Jezebel fears t...
  • food
  • sister
  • stealing
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The Whitlock Siblings by pandaphant
The Whitlock Siblingsby Anastasia Skyy
Jezebel Whitlock has spent the last century or so thinking her twin brother was dead. Jasper Whitlock has thought the same thing. Jezebel runs away the night of Jasper's...
  • date
  • jasper
  • cullens
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My life by Lexiwritter
My lifeby Lexiwritter
Your pretty got good friends the perfect boyfriend and a great life will all that take a wrong turn
  • romance-friendship
  • romance
  • jezabel
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The Sacrifice by redtulips1201
The Sacrificeby redtulips1201
What happens when Jezebel, a human slave that escapes from an evil pack only to fall into the hands if another. The Alpha of which is claiming them to be twin flames, so...
  • quinn
  • amiela
  • love
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Until Words Do Us Part|| h.s au by MieczyslawStilinskii
Until Words Do Us Part|| h.s auby MieczyslawStilinskii
Nineteen. A year out of high school, a year deep in college. Jezebel Domingo's major is anthropology. She meets him. 23, art major, beautiful. His name is H.
  • hurt
  • zaynmalik
  • love
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Love's Curse by Faerychick2468
Love's Curseby Faerychick2468
Love. The one thing that everyone strives for. The one thing that kills, causes wars, induces idiocy, but most of all changes lives. Kendra, a princess of Camelot and s...
  • friends
  • jezebel
  • sad
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Counting Heartbeats by Sarah_Fay
Counting Heartbeatsby Sarah Fay
Liliya Sinclaire, a sixteen-year-old from the small city of Rathford, has never really had it easy. Being born was hard, living was hard, figuring out who she is was har...
  • stars
  • jezebel
  • snow
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Do You Remember Sunday At All? (ATL fanfic) by Alexisaraven
Do You Remember Sunday At All? ( Alex I'M PUNK ROCK.
"i didn't mean to be gone so long." the crowd cheered, they loved them, i would be as well but my throat was sore. "jez, look at them. You finally get to...
  • gaskarth
  • jack
  • riandawson
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