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Grant/Barry/Sebastian Imagines by Maddy303
Grant/Barry/Sebastian Imaginesby Maddy303
a lot of this is Sebastian, and for that i will not apologize but grant and Barry are in there but i swear it does have a little bit of something for everyone it also ha...
  • grantgustin
  • gustin
  • barryallen
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Pokèmon: The Anglos Region by PatrickSeager
Pokèmon: The Anglos Regionby Patrick Seager
Jett is a member of prestigious family of trainers. They train the pokèmon that nobody else is capable of. He's charged by the local pokèmon professor to take and experi...
  • anglos
  • luna
  • jett
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UNITE: A CASOM AND TAOSA Story CrossOver by dalematian
It's been a year since the 23rd Linus Cup, Gin and his group members are already having the time of their life. They're about to have a vacation on the outside world, wh...
  • special
  • charm
  • newstory
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Their story (Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler) by datwhay
Their story (Maddie and datwhay
(Warning) they are not related in this story Maddie is a shy girl who's loves her little brother... Mackenzie is the bad girl who is kept under control by her older sist...
  • ziegler
  • hiliker
  • mackenzieziegler
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Impossible by GoSophitz
Impossibleby CatLife
I sat wondering about what my life would be like if I lived a normal life. School, sports, and friends were all foreign to me. I wouldn't have to constantly be fighting...
  • non-realistic
  • fiction
  • blaze
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The Moon's Shadow by gaiaskye1
The Moon's Shadowby gaiaskye
Silence. I could hear my heart beating in my chest, thumping loudly in my ears. My icy eyes were met with a pair of black ones staring back at me. I inhaled sharply, tea...
  • war
  • healer
  • love
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The Murder Of Ronald Anderson by hollyyhunterr
The Murder Of Ronald Andersonby Holly Bakker
On August 17th, 2019, a sixteen year old boy by the name of Ronald Anderson was shot in his garage. Five children from Coronac High are the suspects; in the eyes of Ron...
  • grade10
  • homosexual
  • lost
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Beyond my Beating Heart by alliexwrites
Beyond my Beating Heartby allie walker
For as long as she can remember, Juniper Calvin has always been an outcast. Diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of fifteen was hard enough living with it by herself...
  • love
  • voices
  • inspiration
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Double Edged Sword -Two Sides of the Same Coin Spinoff- by messhallpinboard
Double Edged Sword -Two Sides of messhallpinboard
Double Edged Sword A Two Sides of the Same Coin Spinoff For context , read the first part, Two Sides of the Same Coin - this is a spin-off mini fic of what happens afte...
  • lucas
  • jett
  • fanfiction
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Two Sides of the Same Coin by messhallpinboard
Two Sides of the Same Coinby messhallpinboard
Two different people, two different universes, two different worlds. Yet some things still stay the same. Detroit Become Human AU of two OCs that don't belong to me. Jus...
  • mystery
  • eric
  • wattys2019
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Escuela Musical♥ by Raepau
Escuela Musical♥by ๖ۣۜℜαveήfⁱre
Hola! Soy _____ Roth, como amo la música entre a una escuela de esta, pero pasan cosas realmente raras... ¡NO Robar!
  • turner
  • lennon
  • oliver
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Things i love about Jerry Baynard by spencergilpin
Things i love about Jerry Baynardby Trash🌹💛
Things i love about Jerry Baynard.
  • montaz
  • jett
  • aymeric
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Me by NovaandFault
Meby Nova_the_proxy
My older me was not working. I had to recreate it.
  • serial
  • jett
  • kzatle
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Jett and Lucas Stories by messhallpinboard
Jett and Lucas Storiesby messhallpinboard
Stories featuring Jett and Lucas - showing their friendship.
  • jett
  • zayrenvie
  • lucas
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It was just a Bet by HunterOfArtemis055
It was just a Betby madison spires
A nerd, and a popular guy. Allie was the nerd that only had 1 friend, Madison. Jett was the captain of the varsity baseball team, the most popular guy In school. His fri...
  • madi
  • highschool
  • camren
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Fallen For You by barry_allen_7
Fallen For Youby barry_allen_7
Grant has just proposed, how hard can it be to plan a wedding?
  • grantandjett
  • fallenforyou
  • jett
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Mobile Legends: The Love Begins by preciouskyutako
Mobile Legends: The Love Beginsby Precious Tredente
I wrote this Story Just FOR FUN not for argument. I'm a gamer but not now. But I'm still a Fan of Moba. Please, if youre not interested in this story stop reading I dont...
  • ariela
  • jett
  • mlbb
Up On The Rooftop by JazmineBunni12
Up On The Rooftopby 💕bøøt💕
Contains: My Oc's (duh it's a story w/ them-) Suicide Fluff anD A wHOlE lOT oF sADNeSs Based on the song My R(?) What my Oc's look like: Clover- https://jasminebunny12.d...
  • fluff
  • rose
  • opal
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A Different Kind of Haven by oliverj8
A Different Kind of Havenby oliverj8
  • hugh
  • story
  • drama
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In Love With A Vampire? Not To Mention He Kidnapped Me. by CatLover8888
In Love With A Vampire? Not To Alex
Arrow Jakal is an average teen. She has a hard time trusting people, and doesn't connect with the people who attend her school. Her relationship with her adoptive parent...
  • story
  • jett
  • love
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