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cigarettes ; muke by mops_ashtona
cigarettes ; mukeby ashton's pug
luke hemmings i michael clifford nienawidzili się od zawsze. byli uzależnieni od papierosów i przegapili moment, w których uzależnili się od siebie, ale uzależnienia...
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Jet Black Heart (Jean x Reader Oneshot) by SodaChuggingGremlin
Jet Black Heart (Jean x Reader SodaChuggingGremlin
|¤| A short fanfic that I dedicate to my friend @BrooklinStorms. |¤| ° You are a shy/sassy recruit at the Scouting Legion along with Eren and his gang of friends, includ...
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Jet Black Heart-Kidnapped by 5SOS by RuhAmah_Jose
Jet Black Heart-Kidnapped by 5SOSby ...
Patience Hope Chris. The weird and crazy,awkward teenager,shy at first but once you get to know her, there's no other like her. Her twin,compeletly opposite. The outgoin...
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JET BLACK HEART by colemanhell
JET BLACK HEARTby black lives matter
ripped out of their chests, calmly resting in his bloodstained hands, he swore he could feel them pumping still. HIGHEST RANKING : #669 in Fanfiction ...
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MaĐ Hater by fleurneptune
MaĐ Haterby fleurneptune
This is a story of a girl who struggled in every single second in her life , who fought every single battle against her Demons all by herself True , in a moment she los...
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//After Midnight//Cake by blahblahcth
//After Midnight//Cakeby blahblahcth
"This is out on the beyond, it's abnormal. I'm sorry to tell you; but we're done." "I just don't want you to leave me, that's it. Though maybe there's not...
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Jet Black Heart (Michael clifford) by BigCatsCats
Jet Black Heart (Michael clifford)by mgcblackdyee
This is about sad michael. i suck at fanfics but hey i tried but this will be finished sooner or later. and the girl is named hailey get it?
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Jet black heart. by besidelucas
Jet black Little•wolf
"Lei era cambiata. Lui l'aveva cambiata. Era un amore folle, il loro. Quell'amore era come un'ancora, ti salva, ma quando affonda ti porta con sè, nell'abisso. Ma l...
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Sounds Good Feels Good lyrics by Calums-kinda-hot-tho
Sounds Good Feels Good lyricsby Gracie Mendes
Heres the lyrics to Sounds Good Feels Good.Hope you like it! im as lazy as my hamster so i will update whenever i feel like it! bye babes❤️
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Jet Black Heart [Luke Hemmings and Lauren Jauregui] // AU Lukeren by markyeon77
Jet Black Heart [Luke Hemmings Lukeren77
Everybody's got a demon Either wide awake or dreaming But I could never make it OK Because I've got a heart But there is hurricane underneath it That seem to be keeping...
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5 second of summer lyrics by daisiefaith
5 second of summer lyricsby daisiefaith
5sos song lyrics
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Real Bands Save Fans by CliffordSmash
Real Bands Save Fansby CliffordSmash
Story about fangirl who tries to meet her idols 5 seconds of summer. What happens when her dream comes true? You are my world and I'm just a fan to you
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BLURBS by blxrred
blurbs that i wrote and want you guys to see, then tell me if you want me to make into an actual fan fiction.
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5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds Good Feels Good 2015 by randomlyricsx
5 Seconds of Summer - Sounds randomlyricsx
Released: October 23, 2015 Track listing 1. Money 2. She's Kinda Hot 3. Hey Everybody! 4. Permanent Vacation 5. Jet Black Heart 6. Catch Fire 7. Waste the Night 8. Vapor...
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Jet Black Heart//A.I. by The_1975sause
Jet Black Heart// #GLA
My name is Ashton Irwin, and this is my story of how I got what my friends would call a "Jet Black" Heart. but, perhaps this "Jet Black" heart just...
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everything in this story is about 5sos and after the stuff willl probs be from google so sorry! okay byeeeee
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Jet black heart// M.C. by LetsPllayTitanic
Jet black heart// Hannah Irwin
Just a boy with a jet black heart and a girl with a broken one.
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Jet Black Heart [m.c] by all_time_muke_
Jet Black Heart [m.c]by Mia
"Cause I've got a jet black heart, and there's a hurricane underneath it trying to keep us apart."
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Jet Black Book by WriteWithAPoisonPen
Jet Black Bookby WriteWithAPoisonPen
A book of our stories This book is dedicated to 4 incredible man children and everyone out there that just feels like a reject, cause you're not alone
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Denying the Heart by beachchiller
Denying the Heartby C
It all started with one lyric.
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