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Female Creepypasta x Male Bloodborne Reader (Discontinued) by GreedyGoblin
Female Creepypasta x Male Greedy
I just had an idea to search if there was any of.. this.. Creepypasta x Bloodborne I mean, I've seen a couple Creepypasta x Dark Souls, but no "x Bloodborne"...
You Can't Hide My Love (Yandere Jess the Killer x Male singer reader) by SuperCoolGirl14
You Can't Hide My Love (Yandere SuperCoolGirl15
You are a famous singer you travel the world and you also love reading Creepypasta but one day you made a very stupid wish that came true and you remember what your mom...
Neglected Reader X Female Creepypasta  by AgentKansas632
Neglected Reader X Female Agent Kansas632
You're a child that is abused and neglected by your family. Having enough, you run away and into Slenderwoman's forest where you meet a new family
My Kind Of Hell! (Male!Reader x Fem!Creepypasta) by NiceGameEh
My Kind Of Hell! (Male!Reader x LANzero
Y/N is a young guy, only 17. He attends school in a small town on the edge of a large forest. As long as he's been there, people have told him to steer clear of it. Peop...
female creepypastas x Spider-Man Oc by JamesHall137
female creepypastas x Spider-Man Ocby James Hall
James Parker a very nice boy of 15 he is also Spider-Man while he was fighting a the sinister six a building fell killing mj/harry/and aunt may.he is mad but his mentor...
Decayed Hope     (An Abused and Neglected Male Reader X Fem! Creepypasta Fanfic) by Plunia
Decayed Hope (An Abused and Jade
This is a way for me to start writing and let my emotions to flow. I hope you enjoy as this is my first story. Have a nice day/night! (this story has been discontinued...
Titanfall male reader x fem! creepypasta by TheRealPapaScorch
Titanfall male reader x fem! N0VA
(Y/N) is a soldier in the militia, son of the legendary Captain Lastimosa, veteran of the Titan Wars. Before his training is complete however, he sees his father die in...
Your crazy and i'm INSANE! (fem creepypasta x deku) by andraspendragon
Your crazy and i'm INSANE! (fem justandras
After being bullied by "kachan" and abused by his sister izumi and his mother and father forgot him and he ran out to the forrest and saw a tall white figure t...
Siren head male x female creepasta(slow Update ) by MrYoutuberkiller
Siren head male x female Apophis
siren head stands a 40 feet tall its arms are the same length as its body the only thing metal is its head the skin of this beast is dried making it look similar to rust...
Fem Creepypasta X Hardcore Henry Male Reader by Man0Steel177
Fem Creepypasta X Hardcore Henry Man0Steel177
Ok, warnings first, i do NOT own Hardcore Henry nor do i own the creepypasta's in this story, i merely own the story. I also do not own the art. one more thing, this has...
Male Survivor Reader X Female Creepypasta Book 3 by TheChainsOfDespair
Male Survivor Reader X Female Horror-Kun
Yall Have Waited For A Very Very Long Time...It's Finally Back...So Um Yeah. Y/N, had been afraid of the day that would soon arrive. but unexpected circumstances may hav...
(Hiatus Just Because)Not In Japan Anymore (Ken kaneki x fem creepypasta) by julius8787
(Hiatus Just Because)Not In julius8787
yeet I'm bored and this is gonna be an actual attempt at writing a story. I'm using my phone so sorry about anything in advance (I also clearly don't own Tokyo ghoul I d...
Our little pet~ [ fem! Creepypastas x male kitsune reader ] by Wafflez4LifeAndBread
Our little pet~ [ fem! blazerodRaven ☠
Taro is a 10 year old boy, different or should I say unique. He isn't like a normal human he is a nearly extinct type of species called "kitsune" they come eve...
Male reader x (one) Female Creepypasta by novaerbenn
Male reader x (one) Female novaerbenn
I've been reading all the Fem Creepypasta x Reader stories and I have to say I'm disappointed, so I thought 'why the hell shouldn't I show these idiots how to do it' als...
Spider-Man: Collision Course (ImLazaruZ Edition) by ImLazaruZ
Spider-Man: Collision Course ( Yeah, I’m Him
(Takes place after the events of Nina's Plan.) After Ben and his team defeat Nina and Martin li....peter and the girls finally decide to relax...but when an otherworldly...
Michael Myers x Fem Creepypasta  by Ricky3546
Michael Myers x Fem Creepypasta by Ricky3546
It been years since Micheal disappeared. No sign or sight of him. Until one day on next Halloween. He is in different town. He start killing as he do. But something that...
the operator (femcreepy pasta fanfic by Lazy_Zone0304
the operator (femcreepy pasta Lazy_Zone0304
synthavo just appeared. no past. no life. nothing. once found by slendawomen he is trained to use his powers and how to make proxies. how long will it take him to become...
I Might Just Go Berserk (Female Creepypasta x Male Reader) by NeganDragoSmith
I Might Just Go Berserk (Female C7r0llo
There is nothing for me to say, the title explains everything you need to know.
RWBY: Ex-Aid Reader x Ruby Rose - CREEPYPASTA: The Quest for the PROXY Gauntlet by HyperKabuto264
RWBY: Ex-Aid Reader x Ruby Shadow 264
This is the Follow up series to RWBY: (Genius Gamer Shadow) Ex-Aid Reader x Ruby Rose. This will be the time where Shadow journeys to other realms or worlds for the firs...
Luctor Et Emergo (OC X Fem Creepypasta) by Conqueror_Blight
Luctor Et Emergo (OC X Fem Conqueror_TheBlight_Pestilence
A quiet boy well a quiet young man who seamed to have his hole life together. At least to those looking in but that's not entirely true though. It's only one life of a d...