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A Window To Love by heartbeat2761
A Window To Loveby heartbeat2761
When Jess needs new windows fitting it's fair to say that she didn't realise there would be a lot more come from it than just a week with a few grubby men changing some...
Channing: "I'm going to love you in the most normal way I can and in the weirdest way I can." Jessie: "Why the weirdest way?" Channing: "Because...
TOUCH (A Jaylos Fanfic) by capricornbaby23
TOUCH (A Jaylos Fanfic)by keke.
Jay and Carlos are attached at the hip, and can't stop loving each other. -REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN- (CONTAINS: VIOLENCE🔫, LANGUAGE🔇, SCIENTIFICAL EVENTS🔬🔭, NUDITY🍆...
Hit Music High (Girls Aloud Fanfic) by AmethystHazelEyes
Hit Music High (Girls Aloud Fanfic)by AmethystHazelEyes
Welcome to Hit Music High School. Where many teenage hopefuls work for a successful career in music along with a recording contract with "Hit", the record labe...
Adopted by Jessie J by Leedaa
Adopted by Jessie Jby Christiana
When Veronica is left in a orphanage after her parents died and at the age of 4, she doesn't know that life as an orphan would be sad. Not having a mommy and a daddy can...
Not So Different At All Normani/You (COMPLETED) by Beautiful_Soul16
Not So Different At All Normani/ 😇
As Fifth Harmony's Tour comes to an end, Their manager Mark and SYCO records decides since the girls will mostly be recording their next album for a while, it's time for...
The Killer Secret | Trilogy to Killer Life by breezybizzle
The Killer Secret | Trilogy to Christopher
Where everything comes to a end. This is the final ever part from the three book series. Read to find out how everything comes to an end.
Killer Life | Sequel to Killer by breezybizzle
Killer Life | Sequel to Killerby Christopher
You thought it was over? That was just the beginning. Things are about to get more tensed and more on edge than ever before. Will everyone find out about Chris' secret o...
I'm Yours (The Voice UK/Danny O'Donoghue Fanfic) by ABSISEVIL
I'm Yours (The Voice UK/Danny O' ABSISEVIL
Abi has joined The Voice UK as a 5th coach for the second season. She is sat right in between Tom Jones and Danny O'Donoghue. To start with her and Danny's hate and misu...
The Life Normani/You (COMPLETED) by Beautiful_Soul16
The Life Normani/You (COMPLETED)by 😇
Sequel to Not So Different At All *set 10 years later *Your 28, she's 27
My Heart Beats For You (O'J Fan Fiction) by isthatsammi
My Heart Beats For You (O'J Fan isthatsammi
The Voice Series 2 is back and Danny confesses his love for Jessie, but does she love him back? Obstacles put a hold on their relationship, will they get round them or d...
Me and you, you and I. by hxrizon
Me and you, you and Serena
Tessie and Jessie have been dating a while everything is jolly until one huge thing happens causing Jessie and Tess to go separate ways. Tess does everything to get the...
What Is Love? - Danny O'donoghue and Jessie J Fan-Fiction. by __Lozza
What Is Love? - Danny O'donoghue ♠️LOZZA♣️
A twisted love story that starts while they are young but can never quite end let alone begin. Will their love ever blossom or is it doomed from the start? Danny o'donog...
Let love take over by whydoyouwanttoknow
Let love take overby whydoyouwanttoknow
The sequel to when love takes over, (Danny o'donoghue and Jessie J fan fiction) Danny and Jessie haven't seen each other since they broke up at the award show, but wi...
Nobody's Perfect (Jessie J Fan Fiction) by awholelotoflesbian
Nobody's Perfect (Jessie J Fan Megan
So Angela gets a new job, moves to London and meets Jessie J. What will be the one thing that makes them inseparable? And will it be broken by another girl?
My Janitor [Jessie J] *COMPLETED* (UNDER EDITING) by Panda_Cape0o0
My Janitor [Jessie J] *COMPLETED* Unicorns♏️
This is kind of a TeacherxStudent story, but the "Teacher" is a "Janitor". Sydney Tenner is a teen gymnast, along with her twin sister, Delilah. As s...