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Off Limits | Dean Winchester by BooksAreMyLife321
Off Limits | Dean Winchesterby Fangirl Of All Fandoms
"No Dean! I already told you! She's off limits." ~ Grace Moore is saddened after the death of her sister Jessica. Unlike her twin, she knows about the supernat...
  • deanwinchesterlovestory
  • bobbysinger
  • deanwinchester
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Dead Girl's Walking (Dean Winchester) by fandoms_forever32
Dead Girl's Walking (Dean Belle
Rory Moore is special, she always was even when she was little, but she thought what she saw was her being just a kid. She sees dead people, and when her sister dies, sh...
  • jessicamoore
  • creatures
  • hurt
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Family Portrait by DanielleShep
Family Portraitby Danielle
This is a rewriting of my story Dorks and Motorcycles because a friend asked me to finish writing it and I had deleted it. So I'm rewriting it and making it better becau...
  • gay
  • punk
  • jessicamoore
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CRASH AND BURN [A Supernatural Story] by premieredimension
CRASH AND BURN [A Supernatural Dem :)
"What would I do without you?" "Crash and burn." -----------------> -Dem xxxx I do not own Supernatural nor the characters. The fanart on...
  • supernatural
  • safereading
  • jessicamoore
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SAMANTHA ▹ supernatural by fandomlover727
SAMANTHA ▹ supernaturalby fandomlover727
SAMANTHA| "you're my brother and i'd die for you". in which samantha winchester and her older brother's lives consisted of 'saving people, hunting things, the...
  • demon
  • samwinchester
  • fanfiction
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truth || dean winchester  by olethrus
truth || dean winchester by πόρνη
❝ i don't know what you want from me! ❞ ❝ how about the truth? ❞ [supernatural] [season one-four] [female oc x dean winchester]
  • angel
  • hunter
  • werewolf
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Pain of the Past by kaikowrites
Pain of the Pastby はたけ•カイコ
After Sam and Dean Winchester finish yet another case, they head back to the Men of Letters bunker in Kansas. But when they notice someone stumbling down the side of the...
  • demons
  • samwinchester
  • supernatural
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Who Said The Apocalypse Was A Bad Thing? by fangirlingxevrything
Who Said The Apocalypse Was A destiel trash uwu
It's 2021 and Dean is finally free from Michael's grasp. It's been 15 years since he said "yes" to the son-of-a-bitch who imprisoned and killed him inside his...
  • balthazar
  • lucifer
  • gabriel
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The Bad Girl's Good Boy by FunkyFaith22
The Bad Girl's Good Boyby Faith Lininger
Annabeth Chase-Winchester used to be the girl who always wore glasses, carried textbooks 24/7, and had no social life, until a betrayal flipped the switch. She went from...
  • frankzhang
  • destiel
  • leovaldez
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Rebirth \\A Supernatural Spinoff// [2018 Watty Award Winner] by arrow_to_the_heart
Rebirth \\A Supernatural prim/sammy/miss barnes
Jessica Moore. Jo Harvelle. Meg Masters. Charlie Bradbury. Four women from four different walks of life. They all share one thing in common: they were at one time assoc...
  • joharvelle
  • spinoff
  • supernaturalfanfiction
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Don't Tell Sammy Until Prom! (High school Destiel AU) by Apollo_Roxy
Don't Tell Sammy Until Prom! ( Apollo_Roxy
Dean and Cas have been in a relationship, secret relationship, for about a year and a half now. Sam has yet to figure that out, he just thinks they are really close frie...
  • castiel
  • prom
  • highschool
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Oneshots  by Sam_computer_water
Oneshots by Sam_computer_water
I write a lot of oneshots so now they'll be posted in the same thing Oh n the idea with this book of oneshots is that most of them will be either inspired by or based of...
  • fiction
  • songfic
  • destiel
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A Warrior and a Pariah by 1198991k
A Warrior and a Pariahby 1198991k
Sequel to A Gypsy and an Angel. Sam, Jess, Dean, and Cas have managed to survive this time, but they need a new plan. The war for the world is starting. Are they ready...
  • samwinchester
  • supernatural
  • destiel
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Crash and Burn (Book One) by declove3103
Crash and Burn (Book One)by Charmed_Wolf
Paige Travis is a 20-year-old college student majoring in creative writing and loves the TV show "Supernatural." For her, it's a way to escape from the reality...
  • deanwinchester
  • paige
  • jessicassister
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Sam's not the Only One by SemperFi93
Sam's not the Only Oneby Lucifer Ate My Baby
When they bring Cas back home, after rescuing him from the Djinn, they ask him what his perfect wish was. This is crap.
  • marywinchester
  • castiel
  • deanwinchester
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A Twist In My Story by Mythology1323
A Twist In My Storyby Mythology1323
Castiel has been through a lot in life. He's lost people close to him. One day he's given a chance to change that. Will he take it? Will everything turn out like he hope...
  • castiel
  • deanandcas
  • alternateuniverse
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Crash and Burn by Fee-Fa
Crash and Burnby Fee-Fa / Kee-Ka
Crash and burn. It was their catch phrase, their signature line. Sam would come back from a hard day and Jess would bring him cookies and they would smile at each other...
  • jessicamoore
  • sorrynotsorry
  • jessmoore
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Home | Samjess by sam-obsessed
Home | Samjessby sam-obsessed
Sam relives some memories of his old girlfriend, and one true love, Jessica Moore.
  • samwinchester
  • stanfordsam
  • crying
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Soulmates  ~  { Destiel } by MintWritings
Soulmates ~ { Destiel }by Mint
Everyone was born with a soulmate. Everyone was born with the ability to communicate with their soulmate through writing on their skin. Everyone, except Dean Winchester...
  • amelianovak
  • hunting
  • destiel
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accidents don't just happen accidently (Destiel high school) by deanmon15
accidents don't just happen deanmon15
Castiel is a shy 16-year-old boy, who likes to draw and cook. His best friend, Dean Winchester is also 16 but is not shy at all and likes just have fun, play footbal...
  • lisa
  • destielfluff
  • willaddmoretags
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