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Jesstra Oneshots by Masterofair
Jesstra Oneshotsby Asher.Draws
I felt there was a lack of Jesstra content in the community so I decided to make this. Honestly I think Jesstra is the least popular of the four main Jesse ships. Let's...
Reconciliation Is a Dance by nebulardrip
Reconciliation Is a Danceby nebulardrip
Post- Season 2. Romeo expressed his desire to make up for everything he's done and wants to make it up to Xara and everyone else he hurt. Upon meeting her again, Xara is...
Multi-Ship Drabbles; REQUESTS CLOSED by Golden_Infinity_luv
Multi-Ship Drabbles; REQUESTS Golden_Infinity_luv
Basically what the title said 😂 If you'd like to turn a drabble in this book into a story of your own, leave a comment on the chapter to claim it. First come first serv...
Mcsm Season 3 - Battered and Bruised by stillblockingthis
Mcsm Season 3 - Battered and Romeo
When all seems calm in Beacontown, another problem arises... Here's my season three AU! :)
Lost (Lukas x F Jesse x Aiden) an MCSM Fan Fiction by Cr1m50n_F1r3
Lost (Lukas x F Jesse x Aiden) Ayano Aishi <3
He sat there in silence. He didn't know what to do or say. His guilt was slowly consuming him. "It's over." "Let's not make this even more complicated.&q...
(dark, depressing) MCSM ONE SHOTS!🖤 by theMoon-liesStill
(dark, depressing) MCSM ONE Saturn 💫
Angst, comfort, and love! MCSM ships!🖤 ***************************************************** Inspiration based updates ✔️ 500+ words per chapter ✔️ Clean ✔️ Sensitive t...
Ask Jesse by FemaleJesseMCSM
Ask Jesseby Jesse
So, Radar said I should do this... So, I'm gonna do it. You can ask me pretty much anything
Thing change (Jesstra MCSM)  by Ashhasnolife
Thing change (Jesstra MCSM) by Ashhasnolife
So this story is simple:Petra,l stays behind when the Admin makes the icy palace thing And when "Jesse" returns she acts a bit...odd This will be Jesse's reac...
MCSM 31 Day One-Shot Challenge: April 2019 by Fantasizing_Fangirl
MCSM 31 Day One-Shot Challenge: CJ
Hello! For this month, I will write a short MCSM story every day, according to one of the 31 prompts! This book has been put on hold and been transferred to a challenge...
Mcsm Oneshots/Preferences  by Invader_man
Mcsm Oneshots/Preferences by Kenzie the great
Hello there! This is about Mcsm Oneshots and Preferences, requests are available if you would like to requests things. I will do lemons, fluff, lime and angst. Enjoy!
this is a permit that says i can do whatever i want by KingofFevers
this is a permit that says i can Mason
aka aidesse is here to ass your kick Enjoy the memes
The New Character by bellakimtheytb1308
The New Characterby Sanipy [Le Han] 《WATTPAD》
This is a story of how did I became a person that protects the entire universe (Yes, thats why you shouldn't read it- it's rlly childish so-)
Two For One Burger King Meal [Limited Time Only!] by eMo_PuPz
Two For One Burger King Meal [ NEXILOO
You can now get the two for one burger king meal for now only a dollar! Only availaabkel at limited stores. IKBFCDBGVFVBGHJUYCVFVBHJ
The Second MCSM Truth or Dare by MCSMlover15
The Second MCSM Truth or Dareby JessetheMinecrafter
As it says the second book of my minecraft story mode dares. Please read book one before going to read this ine. And, I will not be able to write everyday like in book o...