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Singers love by Nalufanlover1122222
Singers loveby Nalufanlover1122222
What will happen when two new students arrive at Fairy Tail High and they turn out to be Lucy and Gray Heartfilia the famous singers in the world! Will the others use th...
[𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙨] gruvia textfic 🌊 quaranthings by froggie_c
[𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙨] gruvia textfic 🌊 🐸
chuyện cách ly. 📌 credit: 📌 wattpad của tác giả : @ uwucliffe
Love Me | Natsu x Reader  by SABERT00TH
Love Me | Natsu x Reader by ☆
"Okay here it is. Your choice. It' s simple. Her or me. And I'm sure she's really great. But Natsu, I love you, in a really, really big - pretend to like your taste...
Fire, Blood and Stars by natsu_uzamaki
Fire, Blood and Starsby The Owl
Natsu is raised by Fire Dragon Igneel, and Blood Dragon Sanguinia. He has some knowledge of other forms, but his affinity is to blood and fire. He is super powerful, but...
Road Trip by Kookie_Cooky
Road Tripby Joy
The gang (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Juvia, Gajeel, Levy, Jellal, Erza, Laxus, and Mira) were curious about their school's holy land which is the Tenrou Island during Gildarts'...
The protectors of Familys/stars by Alay90
The protectors of Familys/starsby Megan
A long long time ago there were the guardians of the stars they were very strong ,they protected humans and gods for a very long time that was before one of the humans k...
Stolen Story (Sisters Rewritten) by -Rianthy-
Stolen Story (Sisters Rewritten)by ´★ ´★
This isn't the same story. It's stolen. It's the same story. Yet why is it all so different? Lucy isn't herself.
Fairy Tail Next Generation: Lost Fairies by Light_Gold321
Fairy Tail Next Generation: Lost Anonymous
It's a new generation of Fairy Tail, as all the kids of the strongest mages that we all love and know, causes havoc, chaos and maybe a lot of expenses. Anyway, even if i...
Fairy Tail: Phoenix Rescurrtion by amey78
Fairy Tail: Phoenix Rescurrtionby amey78
Two years ago, they thought there was no more Phoenix Tear after their dear friends died. But they were wrong. Team Natsu returns from their 100 Year Quest and learned...
In-Between by Emeraldlily16
In-Betweenby Emeraldlily16
For centuries when people die they either go to Heaven or Hell but what happens to those who die with unfinished business? They go to the In-Between, a state of limbo th...
Sweet Raindrops, Suppai kori by skeetelligent
Sweet Raindrops, Suppai koriby skeetelligent
"Everyone deserves a friend." Gray, my darling you are worth so much more. In the Fairy Tail association was known for its second chances as well as it's rathe...
˚✰˚Bad boys pet˚✰˚ by GodnessofDepression
˚✰˚Bad boys pet˚✰˚by ✰𝐙𝐎𝔼𝐘✰
Natsu dragneel is the heartthrob and badboy of the school,the type to get into fights, to wear leather jackets and to ride on a motorcycle...
Invisible {Fairy Tail Fan-fiction} by CantCatch-Me
Invisible {Fairy Tail Fan-fiction}by CantCatch-Me
Fairy Tail- A school for talented Artists and Athletes. Fairy Tail provides three majors; Sports, Art and Music. For the sports major you have to pick one main sport (us...
Ruthless Winds and Raging Seas  by Fantasyandromance516
Ruthless Winds and Raging Seas by Fantasyandromance516
Fairy Tail is the wackiest pirate crew in the seven seas. With their fearless Captain Natsu Dragneel leading them, they set out in search of the most sought after item i...
Dear Himiki (2020 Rewrite) by FairyTailMirajane7
Dear Himiki (2020 Rewrite)by Rose
- Sequel to "Dreams" A ZerLu story - REWRITTEN & CONTINUED VERSION OF THE ORIGINAL "Dear Himiki" BOOK! "Dear Himiki, You're worth so much more t...
Little Fairies (On going) by AngelaRose206
Little Fairies (On going)by AngelaRose206
What happens when Natsu, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Gajeel and Laxus turns to cute-adorable-little babies!!? Was it all a coincidence or....planned? Join Lucy, Juvia, Jellal, Ro...
Fairy Tail Next Gen: Rise of the Aces by AnimeYoshi
Fairy Tail Next Gen: Rise of the Three Sword OnePiece
Follow the children of Fairy Tail's strongest team as they fight to protect their guild and become the strongest wizards in history. Along the way they will discover sec...