~I'll Be There~ by BiTurtlePoet
~I'll Be There~by Michael
Michael has been in love with Jeremy for 12 years. His seen and been there through everything. Jeremy on the other hand doesn't know how to come out he knows himself th...
  • bmc
  • jenna
  • riends
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➰Let Go➰ Jack Dylan Grazer by wevealwaysfloated
➰Let Go➰ Jack Dylan Grazerby 🤠Beep Beep Richie🤠
➰You are the blood that I bleed, we've got the whole world under our feet, but when you're tired and you're falling asleep, I don't want to let go➰
  • finn
  • chosenjacobs
  • jackdgrazer
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MintyFrosty's One-Shot Book by MintyFrosty
MintyFrosty's One-Shot Bookby MintyFrosty
A One-Shot Book that ranges from Super Mario Bros to Detroit: Become Human! You can request stories or just read them! Pick what you like! There's something for everyone...
  • mario
  • roman
  • logan
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Gabriella Gilbert Three || Vampire Diaries by Skyrocknrolla
Gabriella Gilbert Three || 💎 Skylar 💎
*Must've read the first two books before reading this book. This is the third and final book in the Gabriella Gilbert trilogy* Gabriella Gilbert is known for many things...
  • vampire
  • vampirediaries
  • bennett
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The Squip Sqad by aritiger0
The Squip Sqadby Dragon Girl
Oneshots with the one and only Squip Squad! Lots of angst and fluff, or at least attempts at them. SHIPS: Boyf riends RichJake PinkBerry More bout it in the first chapte...
  • jakedillinger
  • squipsquad
  • jake
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Ready player romance (Michael x Jeremy fanfic) by BrittanySieja
Ready player romance (Michael x Brittany
Michael tugging me away from the couch backing me out into a corner kissing my lips softly. "Jeremy is this what you want?" I answered "But what about Chr...
  • michaelxjeremy
  • bemorechill
  • jeremyxmichael
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The Girl That I'd Kinda Be Into (Christine x Reader) by AlexTheCinnaBun
The Girl That I'd Kinda Be Into ( Alexa
Jeremy, Michael and Y/N have been best friends for 7 years, and they were now entering their Junior year of high school! Until Y/N meets Christine. AAAAA A A A A A A A...
  • christinexreader
  • jeremy
  • bemorechill
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IT Imagines (requests open) by trash_66666
IT Imagines (requests open)by ✨loser✨
Includes all the kids from IT 💕🎈 Requests are open!
  • fanfiction
  • imagines
  • loserclub
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Druga szansa (Code Lyoko) by JubiNeko
Druga szansa (Code Lyoko)by jubi neko
UWAGA! Ta książka to druga część mojej książki o Lyoko, jak nie czytałeś to przeczytaj! Nathaniel Black ma wiele tajemnic, nie tylko związane z Lyoko, ale z i jego rodz...
  • aelita
  • tajemnica
  • yumi
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Technical Difficulties | Jeremy x oc SQUIP fanfic by krisismouse
Technical Difficulties | Jeremy krisismouse
It's been 3 years since the SQUIP accident, Jeremy has been healing and getting adjusted to his new life. Everything's going well, that is until the SQUIP makes a return...
  • transjeremy
  • squip
  • thesquip
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Code Lyoko: Finding Answers by LifeIsPerfect
Code Lyoko: Finding Answersby L.I.P
Jenny (Wilhemina) was abducted by X.A.N.A but what why did X.A.N.A do that? Will the Lyoko gang find Jenny and will Jenny and Aelita finally uncover the truths of thei...
  • family
  • monsters
  • teenage
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River Gilbert, the strange Gilbert, the wild Gilbert, the unwanted Gilbert. Youngest sister of Jeremy, and Elena. River's not all she thinks she is.
  • jeremy
  • ştefan
  • parker
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IT characters x reader request are open by lailabell3
IT characters x reader request lailabell3
You saw that title
  • henrybowers
  • losersclub
  • wyatt
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bloodshed | tvd fanfic by xxmims1
bloodshed | tvd fanficby xxmims1
the life of an 158 year old vampire. eternity for this girl is just... eternity. - i do not own any of the characters in the vampire diaries, only the ones in the prol...
  • gilbert
  • tvdfanfic
  • niklaus
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Almost cool // Be more chill by Chibi_Prima
Almost cool // Be more chillby Your Supreme Leader Prima
Jeremy Heere, a tall boy who's reached his senior year of high school, nearing the promise land of college, where he can finally be cool. So for now he's almost cool. Th...
  • gay
  • redemption
  • boyxboy
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Desperate Love | k. parker by PeasantSociety
Desperate Love | k. parkerby La-hey Isaac
Kallea Petrova has searched many years for her sister. While doing so, she has found love, and lost it. She later found love once again, and this time: she's not letting...
  • desperate
  • mikaelson
  • salvatore
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[FNAF]Phần 1-Những trái tim cơ khí by scorpius16
[FNAF]Phần 1-Những trái tim cơ khíby Purple Guy
Ôi... Thật hoài niệm với những ngày tháng hoàng kim của tiệm "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza"khi vẫn còn đang trong thời kì đỉnh cao của nó...Họ vẫn còn nhớ như in cái...
  • author
  • michael
  • jeremy
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Invisible Magic  by AHopeMoore
Invisible Magic by Amanda Hope
When Jayden and Emma Hunter are awaken one night by their parents, and then carted off to their grandmother's farm in the middle of nowhere, they begin to grow frightene...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • fear
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Dusty Paths (Jeremy Fitzgerald x Zena Willams) by cheesemd
Dusty Paths (Jeremy Fitzgerald x That guy who still likes old...
A young girl named Zena Willams meets her old friend from middle school, Jeremy Fitzgerald. Tthey meet again in the most odd way. But when a change of fate leads them to...
  • love
  • jeremy
  • fnaf
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Be More Chill Oneshot book by CortlynCourage
Be More Chill Oneshot bookby Cortlyn
Might be some TWs oof
  • riends
  • michael
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