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Joker The New King by RereAU
Joker The New Kingby 𝘙𝘦𝘳𝘦
In a world where power is the only thing that matters, Joker climbed up rank out of hatred. Living as a cripple was proven impossible, and he had enough of it. But he di...
The Weight on our shoulders by triplejacks3002
The Weight on our shouldersby JULIUS BIGHORO
Shout-out u/AnimeStuuf For the cover
irReplaceable (an unOrdinary fanfiction) by atotalfailure
irReplaceable (an unOrdinary atotalfailure
At Agwin High, power means everything. John has the most power of anyone at Agwin, yet he frames himself as a cripple. One day however, his power is discovered by the s...
NIGHTMARE - unOrdinary by annalycheee
NIGHTMARE - unOrdinaryby anna
Nothing's changed. The hierarchy, intact. Seraphina still trusts him. He's still a "cripple". But for how long exactly? John wakes up from the worst nightmare...
A Couple Steps Back by UnOrdinary_Ships
A Couple Steps Backby UnOrdinary_Ships
【 He thought he lost everything after his Joker and King phase. Through all that he had done, he had no clue as to how Seraphina, his best friend, whose relationship had...
Unordinary Group Chat! by ILoveWriting186
Unordinary Group Chat!by ILoveWriting186
Seraphina is a goddess, John is (questionably) trying to be better, Remi and Blyke are giving him a second chance, Elaine is dumb while Isen is weird as always... and Ar...
Sunlight In the Darkness by EmDoesntSleep
Sunlight In the Darknessby EmDoesntSleep
John never had it easy. Hell, his parents were murdered right in front of him when he was only five years old. They just never woke up no matter how many times he shook...
what if... by kodaxgamer12
what Me commit die
what if in 211 sera pushed john out of blyke's attack? will john save her or will he let her fall? jeraphina blykex zekexdeath
the shit that goes on at wellston | chatfic by theparkedcar
the shit that goes on at theparkedcar
"'ASSLO.'" Remi makes a group chat, but whoooo the UnO cast is NOT easy to deal with. Crack ensues. Achievements: #1 in Jeraphina #1 in Blemi #1 in Asslo #1 in...
THUNDERSTORM (RemiXM!Reader) [COMPLETE] by CloudsOfMidnight
THUNDERSTORM (RemiXM!Reader) [ Krow
(Y/N), after hours of studying, finally got into Wellston Private Highschool. He wasn't all that overjoyed, he knew this place would be the same as it was back in New Bo...
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wellston but hell | unOrdinary Chatfic by CloudsOfMidnight
wellston but hell | unOrdinary Krow
____________________________________________ Note: Contains spoilers for the webtoon, unOrdinary, authored and illustrated by "uru-chan". _____________________...
UnOrdinary x Miraculous AU: EVIL WILL RISE by Zoom9351
UnOrdinary x Miraculous AU: EVIL Zoom935 1
This takes place in a Alternate Universe. And is part of the UnOrdinary Reborn Multiverse. There is no miraculous. Marinette is just your average teenager who enjoys ba...
No More Secrets by staidforsooth
No More Secretsby staidforsooth
In Episode 62, when William asked Sera who was stronger, what if John had arrived home a few minutes later? How would this change the story?
[Indefinite Hiatus] Law And EMBER by SereneMoondancer
[Indefinite Hiatus] Law And EMBERby I think I ate a goldfish [Ind...
"Oh, would you look at that?" The ravenette said, chuckling a bit. "If it isn't our beloved Seraphina; Officer of the Wellston Police Department." ...
Unordinary Crack Chat  by OrangeJuice457
Unordinary Crack Chat by T C
uh I'm bad a descriptions so This takes place after chapter 234 Also doc is back Ships ________ Jeraphina Blemi Arlaine Isceile I own none of the characters
UnOrdinary Incorrect Quotes by Skylar_Fallen
UnOrdinary Incorrect Quotesby ꧁Sky꧂
The title explains all. :D Also, this might contain ships. Contains swearing! I don't own unOrdinary, Uru-chan does. The incorrect quotes I get are from a generator
Always Led Back to You, an UnOrdinary fanfiction by karin-ochibi-chan
Always Led Back to You, an karin-ochibi-chan
John Doe/Seraphina Starts chapter 211, but there are FASTPASS SPOILERS for 212-214 Seraphina has reached her limit and knows she can't sit by and watch John destroy him...
unORDINARY Jera One-shots by BlueSandshrew1
unORDINARY Jera One-shotsby BlueSandshrew1
(Mostly) Jeraphina One-shots. Some will be romantic and others will be more friendship based. If the chapter title doesn't specify a ship assume it's Jeraphina. I hope y...
unOrdinary: Champions by CyberLink963
unOrdinary: Championsby Cyber
The world of unOrdinary is crazy enough..... John Doe has just recently turned his actions around and Seraphina finally did get her ability back with suspicions but over...
Unordinary chat by Il0veficti0nalmen4
Unordinary chatby iloveyourmom<3
this is a unOrdinary fan fiction all the characters in the story belong to Uru-chan. ❗️𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜❗️this story includes ships and some cussing.