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korean names。ff by JEONKWK
korean names。ffby JEONKWK
some korean names for you to use in your fanfictions or for anything really highest ranking: #37 in names 。written by JEONKWK
teddy bear。jjk by JEONKWK
teddy bear。jjkby JEONKWK
he got jealous of her teddy bear highest ranking: #13 in teddybear 。written by JEONKWK
roses & letters。kth by JEONKWK
roses & letters。kthby JEONKWK
he sends her roses & letters everyday highest ranking: 。written by JEONKWK
seasons。pjm by JEONKWK
seasons。pjmby JEONKWK
"i feel lonely without you, every day, all four seasons" highest ranking: #48 in seasons 。written by JEONKWK